Many of my friends know that there are more people taking the ccie test than hcie. There are currently less than 10,000 people who have obtained the hcie certificate. Looking at ccie again, according to the data, as of March 2020, the number of ccie has reached more than 60,000.
What caused this phenomenon? In this way, analyze the difference between the two, and the following editor will answer it for everyone.

First of all, in terms of difficulty, because there are many factors in deciding whether to pass the interview, including technical background, expression skills, logical ability, etc., and the HCIE interview covers a wide range of modules, which test candidates for HCIE-related The integration of knowledge points. In general, the difficulty of the interview directly determines that HCIE is more difficult than CCIE. This has also led many candidates to choose to take the CCIE.

Secondly, the two are different in development time. It has been nearly 20 years since Cisco's CCIE has entered our country. The penetration rate and recognition rate have reached a certain level, so there will naturally be more people taking the test. Although Huawei certification is an emerging IT certification in my country in recent years, it is still in the promotion stage after all, and it takes time to develop more talents.
CCIE is the highest level certification of Cisco, and HCIE is the highest level certification of Huawei. In terms of gold content, the levels of both are very high. However, the status of CCIE in the world is still much higher than that of HCIE. This has also led to many friends who want to develop abroad to choose to obtain the CCIE certificate.

What everyone needs to know is that, in terms of the market, although CCIE has gradually increased its number of personnel in recent years, the level of technical personnel has become uneven, but its status is still abroad. It is still very high. Therefore, the CCIE market is geared towards the entire international market, while the HCIE certification is different. At present, more domestic personnel are applying for Huawei certification, while there are almost none in foreign countries.

However, with the continuous enhancement of Huawei's technical strength and market growth in recent years, more and more companies, including foreign companies, have begun to choose to abandon Cisco products and use Huawei products< /p>

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