Is the gold content of Cisco certification increasing or decreasing in 2022?

Whether to take the Cisco certification test, more and more people are asking such questions. In the final analysis, it is still questioning the gold content of Cisco certification. As time goes by, more and more people have obtained Cisco certification. Many people will have such a concept. If there are too many, will the gold content of Cisco certification be reduced?

So, will the gold content of Cisco certification increase or decrease in 2022?

Depends on which level of certification you choose

To talk about the gold content of Cisco certification in 2022, it also depends on which certification you get. We all know that Cisco certification is divided into CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. No matter when the three are, CCIE has the highest gold content. Therefore, even in 2022, if you take the CCIE exam, you will still have gold content. CCIE is very helpful for individuals to find a job and negotiate salary. In this regard, you can go to some recruitment websites. Among the recruitment conditions for many network engineer-related positions, CCIE has priority in admission. Therefore, everyone can take the CCIE exam. One is that it has a high degree of industry recognition. CCIE is considered to be the top network engineer certificate in the global Internet field with high gold content. In addition, the CCIE exam is also relatively difficult. The exam is divided into a written exam and a Lab experiment. In the Lab experiment, comprehensive abilities are assessed. The CCIE certification pass rate announced by Cisco's official website is about 30%. For those who pass the CCIE exam, they can get a unique CCIE number in the world and keep it forever.

Cisco certification system is constantly innovating

To say that the gold content of Cisco certification will not decline over time, which is mainly due to the Cisco certification system For example, in February and March of last year, Cisco upgraded its own certification system. In this upgrade, there have been many changes. For example, the direction of routing and switching has withdrawn from the historical stage and was replaced by the direction of EI. Among them, 60% of the basic routing content is retained, and the remaining 40% are relatively fashionable technologies. In addition to the first time, the assessment method of CCNP has also been changed. One core exam + one optional exam is more flexible. At the same time, make candidates more selective, become talents in different directions and so on. The innovation of the Cisco certification system responds to the current technical needs, ensuring that the technical capabilities of each Cisco certified network engineer can adapt to the needs of the current Internet and remain competitive in the ever-changing Internet world.

After all, there are not a few companies that use Cisco equipment, especially for some foreign companies, and if you want to go abroad for development, you can also aim at Cisco certification, especially the expert-level CCIE in Cisco certification. Of course, if you are interested, it is also very good to have dual CCE. In 2022, the gold content of Cisco certification is still very high. It is recommended that you choose CCIE for learning.


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