CCIE DC is the direction of CCIE data center. If it is useful, the answer is naturally yes.

Let’s look at market demand first. Under the current trend of digitalization in today’s society, a large number of innovations have emerged in the network field, including software-defined networking, network function virtualization, model-driven programming, and coverage Network, open API, cloud management, orchestration and analysis etc. In order to realize the potential of these innovations in improving operational efficiency and supporting digital applications, all walks of life urgently need expert talents who master data center technology.

Next, let’s take a look at the knowledge contained in the data center outline.

In September 2012, Cisco released its sixth CCIE direction-DC CCIE. It can be said that this certification is already quite familiar

and his focus is also Hot technology in data center construction in recent years. After learning CCIE DC, you can grasp: data center-level network solutions. And master a variety of network technologies, including the traditional large two-layer technology FabricPath,

Overlay-type large two-layer technology VXLAN, VXLAN-based EVPN technology, and OTV technology for data center interconnection

etc. You can also be familiar with the advanced features of NEXUS switches. You can also master data center-level storage network solutions, virtualization and automation solutions, data center-level unified computing solutions, and so on.

Of course, certification in this direction is actually not as difficult as imagined, and it is even simpler than the second and third layer network applications of many enterprises.

The reason is network foundation. The core part of the architecture requires more stable operation, simpler requirements, more mature technology, higher compatibility, and fewer features. Therefore, data center technology is more operational and technically better than other types of networks.

Is the CCIEDC certificate useful? In general, getting CCIE DC will help you better get a higher salary in the industry,

allow you to have a better development space in this industry, and you will not be trapped by some old technologies If you can’t walk, all you are exposed to are cutting-edge technologies. When you are at a level, the stage you face is completely different. Before the development of the Cisco data center

< p>There is no doubt about the way in the industry.

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