The ccna exam and registration process are relatively simple. After taking the Cisco exam in the Pearson vue exam room, a few days later, you will receive an account activation email with the CSCO ID in it. Candidates only need to register in the Cisco Certification Tracking System After you register with the "Cisco Certification Tracking System", Cisco will mail your certificate to you. Some candidates may not know much about the detailed process of registration. Today, I will tell you in detail how to register.

Step 1: Enter the Cisco Certification Tracking System:
Step 2: Click “Get a New ID", skip if you already have an account.
Step 3: Fill in the corresponding information correctly.
Step 4: Enter the mailbox, activate the account, and use the account to log in to the Cisco Certification Tracking System
Step 5: Fill in the first name last name and registration ID (both on the transcript), and click submit after filling in Enter the personal information interface.
Step 6: Check that there is an agreement at the bottom of the screen at the bottom of the page, click verify record and agree to license terms below, and confirm to accept.

Step 7: Click change password on the left side of the webpage to modify the username and password. The username defaults to your Cisco ID, or you can change it to your commonly used username. After modification, click submit to submit.
Step 8: Return to the website and log in with the newly set username and password.
Step 9: After entering the personal information interface, click create shipping label to modify the shipping label.
Step 10: Write the address here, please fill in the details and submit it to ensure that the postman can understand the address and avoid losing the certificate. After filling in the format, click submit.
Step 11: Click the candidate agreement on the left, sign other unsigned agreements, and click the agreement with the words click to respond to sign.
Step 12: After completing the above steps, after a few days, you can check whether the certificate has been mailed in the history on the left side of the webpage.
Step 13: The rest you just need to wait patiently for the certificate. About one and a half or so, the certificate will travel across the ocean from the United States to your hands. However, since the certificate is mailed by ordinary mail, the possibility of lost mail cannot be ruled out.


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