So you just got your CCNA 200 301 certificated. Congratulations! Now. What are you gonna do? I would say the number one post that I reply to on all social media LinkedIn Twitter, Facebook using is people that tagged me in something that say . I just passed my icnd2.

I just passed my CCNA 200 301 exam, I'm there I've arrived and, And to that I say that is fantastic. I took a ton of hard work, Congratulations on arriving and then the next question that I would have is so what are you gonna? Do now, And most people interpret that as what are you going to study next and I'm gonna go hold the phone? I'm not saying that in a matter of fact, I'm I'm saying don't do that before you before you figure out what to study next. I'D want to know what are you planning to do with what you've already achieved, Because the truth is the clock is ticking. I I took I took in high school four years of French.

You know what I remember of it: bonjour je m'appelle Jerome, And that's it. I'Ve forgotten literally every word of French that I learned actually ouI ouI ouI is that's it because, Because I never actually used it and now your clock is ticking on this stuff that you've learned to achieve your CCNA and what I would say is: let's figure Out how to use that before you go on and start trying to cram more more education. In your mind, You have skills right now and you need to start applying those skills so, First off, I want to talk to the folks that have yet to get a job if you have not jumped into a career do that, Even if it's not a hundred Percent directly related to the CCNA, Maybe it's just slightly technical. Do that jump in and get started it's because getting into that will start opening the doors and you'll start seeing the needs that the business has remember.

A business is just a group of people that are doing stuff, I think that's really all the businesses and once you get in the door of that business, Maybe you can use your CCNA to help you get into that door, But you're gonna see all kinds of Needs you're gonna be like oh well. I see that I see that and and most employees most people that Lana is like . That's the thing you know in the no continual there. What no no look at that and be like. That's something that I could do or maybe it's not. Maybe maybe I see a need over there, So so first step is to land a job, And I and I would say my question to you - would be: why haven't you gone after that already like once you get your CCNA go, Find a job.

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It may be. It may it and I'm not trying to sound insulting at all. It may be that you need some of those soft skills.

That's what people call. It is essentially the experience of going through interview after interview communicating selling yourself explaining why you would be a value to this organization why t should pay you a whole bunch of money to come help them do and accomplish whatever mission t're after right. Maybe a lot of the reason that you haven't landed, The place that you need to be is because you just don't have those soft skills, So you don't have the experience to to apply the skills that you have in in said situation, So so jump in.

I you know, If you're not in an employment situation, You're just going after certification, So maybe you're your parents house. Maybe you took some time off, Maybe out this, This nest, Egg of money that you got from somewhere, Somehow you're sitting here at home, Paying for the internet connection to listen to this right. I don't know how you're doing that, But that's where you want me to say: , I need to jump into something using the CCNA that I have achieved. Enough on that, Second piece would be: maybe you already have a job and you just got your CCNA.

What do you do? Well, Don't don't leave, Don't just start posting all over the place. You have the best opportunity where you're at right now go to your manager. Go to you know, Depending on the size of company, That you're in the internal job board and be like . I just got my CCNA, I'm thrilled to start doing some networking for this organization.

I want to start, You know digging and what would I gain? This is where I'm like, I don't know where you work so so how can you apply your CCNA to that now? If you do that and and t're like at and you know no go, That's not what we want, Then you would you know and that that's that's where I'm like. Well I'd. You go after your C sandy to begin with you like it like.

Maybe it would it may, And maybe, If you're reading this and you have yet to start your CCNA, Maybe it would be good to have the conversation with your current employer and be like. So if I get this would would this be valuable? If not, If it's not that's fine, Then you're back in square one. It's just you have something: that's providing income for you, While you're looking for a job right, So so start looking out there and say: , Now I've got this experience. I'Ve got this 8 to 5, But I'm also wanting to find I'm back at square number one. The big thing there the reason.

The reason I'm making this article right now is because a lot of people will become certification. Junkies t'll go after CCNA and then t'll be like . Now I need to go after CCNA security. That's what most people recommend just because it has security buzzword, A lot of people you know and in that and then I'm gonna go after you know, And I'm going after I've got it's the endless quest for education and is it valuable sure sure absolutely more certifications Are better but not necessarily, You might end up investing a lot of time and a lot of expense into stuff that when you actually do get a job you're like I only needed 10% of that right. So so so big picture. I am I'm a big big proponent of find out what it is the world needs.

The employer needs the the technical organization that you're working for needs then use that to to achieve. What's what education? You need to be able to do that, Rather than the other way around, Of getting all this education then being like. So I got this boom, You know and and be like I'll. Take that and that right it's it's so much more efficient to go.

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