When some friends are studying Cisco certification, they want to know what their future work content will be. In fact, this is the same as your learning Cisco certification.

ExamClubs will sort out for everyone, if you learn Cisco certification, what will you do in the future?

One of the most common positions is called network engineer

The position of network engineer is the most common. You can search on the Zhaolian Recruitment platform, generally in first-tier cities, second-tier cities and There will be more such positions in third-tier cities. His work is mainly to design, configure, maintain and debug equipment

So this kind of network engineer usually works in the computer room to maintain the customer’s network. , There are many industries engaged in, some may be securities or energy or public security, or finance or school or enterprise

Because in any industry, as long as it needs informatization, he may have to buy Huawei’s equipment, once he buys this Huawei’s high-end network equipment, he must need a senior network engineer to help enterprises and units carry out the design and configuration of the Internet and maintain this type of work

Second, it may also be called by other names, such as system integration engineer or after-sales engineer

Network engineer may be called differently in other industries, but the job content may be the same

For example, if In the system integration industry, it is very likely that when you search for a job on the Internet, you will need to enter a job title such as a system integration engineer or an after-sales engineer

But in fact, the job of such a job title is almost the same Yes, basically it is for network equipment, whether it is from Cisco or Huawei, or from which manufacturer, system integration, configuration maintenance, and after-sales technical support work

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