There are four jobs opportunities that you can get once you get your cisco Ccna 200 301 certification. So that way, Once you get your cisco ccna, You know what are the jobs that you can apply to the ones that you can get and how much this job can pay you that way, You see the big picture you know and what's going on right now Out there in the it market and for you to see what can be possible for you, Because let me tell you something: if you end up getting your cisco ccna the right way, You can get a good job in iet and not an entry-level job. Like most people do when t go through and start their iet career now, This can help you as well. Let's say that you have a job right now in it, And you want to upgrade that job to a better one by getting your cisco ccna. This will help you on.

How can you do that move up in your it career and for you not to move sideways, Like many people do now. Another thing that you're gonna learn in this article is: who is that you need to listen to and who not? Because, Obviously, You need advice, Guidance and what to do what not to do in order for you to be able to get to a hyping job and iet sooner than later right. So why not listen to those that can help you to get there, Because, Let me tell you something: it matters a lot, Because many people go through their it career. The way I used to because I didn't run it better and listening to the wrong people.

You know, I'm being all over the place and that's obviously not effective , But you will know better once you go through this entire article now. The other thing that I'm going to talk about too is really quick about the cisco ccna, Because it's easy to say right, Get your cisco, Ccna and then voila. You have the job, That's not how it works, And maybe now you have the cisco ccna and you may have to go back and go through a few things that you didn't have any idea or maybe go back and go through it the right way. Now, If you are studying the cisco ccna right now, This can help, And this is something that I'm gonna go through - really quick at the end of the article , Because let me tell you something: there are things you have to do here before you start the Process to study the cisco ccna now how you go and get the cisco ccna matters a lot, The way that you learn the topics that way that you go through the articles you go through that way that you do the labs that way that you process information.

That's a few things again that you have to do that. Most people never do t have no idea; t don't know what t don't know right. So t have no idea now, There's other things too, That you have to do after you get your cisco ccna. So now you have it that's great, But how are you going to differentiate yourself from everyone else that way you get a job and not other candidates. You see so again I'm going to go through that really quick, But there is a article you can go in the description because I go through detail about this process.

Very detailed and that'll be rich. In that description you can go and read that article after you go through this article. So let's talk about the jobs, So you can get an analyst admin and support positions. You need to focus on that. So I have the ccna and I end up getting my cisco ccna the right way, The right way, If now you're not going to be able to do this.

If you do this the right way, You can get an analyst admin or support position now, You're, Probably thinking what does that mean? What means that you can get a network analyst position, A network admin position. You know a network support position or it can be probably a system, Admin system, Analyst or system support position. You know the other one enact, Support and not analyst or maybe an id a specialist position. Now, Probably in this position it specialists there are jobs out there. T are entry-level jobs and there are other ones the same right: the opposition id specialists. T are not entry-level jobs.

You know an entry-level job is gonna. Pay you about forty to fifty-five thousand dollars. You know a good job in 19, Not an entry-level job will pay. You about 60 to 75k, , And you can look at two jobs same title right, Id specialist.

The difference is on the job description and I'm telling you there are a few out there or many that are entry-level, But the same thing right. We have more two. T are not entry-level jobs, , T are good jobs for you to start your it career.

Now, These jobs will pay you between 60 to 75 000. And this can happen to you, Even though you are probably completely new, And I think and just imagine that, Because I have a students, T're able to do this in four five six months and t were completely new in iet. Many of them didn't have a bachelor's degree, A background in 19, Four or five months later t have a job, A good job in iet, Not an entry level job earning this much I had a student too. T are able to earn 30 to 35 dollars an hour first job in iet, And it took four five six months to get there.

That means this can happen to you. So let's go through some of the jobs. One of them is an act. Admin 65 to 73 annually a year and that's good 65, 000 up to 73 thousand dollars, That's good! Being your first job at nit: , Another one network systems, Administrator 65 up to 95 000 a year. Now I need you to right now: , Just hang out with me for another two minutes, Because I'm gonna answer, I know a question or two things, Thoughts that are going through your mind right now and I'm gonna answer them because I know there's something going through Your mind and I'm gonna answer that right now: , But let's keep going so not analysts, 60 to 80, 000, , Now a not operator 27 up to 32 dollars an hour and again I seen this happen to many of my students.

So that means it can happen to you. You just need to go through your iet career. The right way in this case get your cisco ccna the right way, Another way that most people cannot go through it and you're going to know more about this throughout the article. Now that the last one I'm going to go through really quick system, Admin 30 up to 40 dollars an hour - and this can happen to you and you're getting this and your first job in nit - and I know you probably, This is what just going through Your mind right now this is not true.

This is not what I get when I go and talk to people in the it community. This is not true, You know you are lying, You are a liar. This cannot happen to us. Most people go and get an entry-level job, That's more like a mid-level. You know, Probably in the next year, Maybe in the next two years I can get any of those jobs, But I need to start with an entry-level job.

Most people do that and that's right. You'Re totally right and that you're totally right and that most people do that, But why it has to be you why you have to include yourself with most people. I went through this process myself and I admit it.

I didn't know any better. I end up getting not just one. I end up getting three jobs and ninety all three jobs, Entry-level jobs. I when I got my first job and I t entry-level job.

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I moved out from that job to another one, Because the other job paid me a lot more, But I didn't move up. I moved sideways, Entry-level job, More advanced entry-level job and from that job. My third job, An entry-level job at two as well, And I didn't know any better now. Looking back, I would not do that because once again now I know what to do what not to do - and I help many students to do this.

So I'm only asking you to do this and that's for you to have that a space of a possibility that maybe this can is real. Maybe this can happen to me. You know I remember I used to have this coach.

I have a few, But this one in particular is like just be open to the possibility that you got the wrong information on how to be successful and how to get the results. You want for yourself for your family, Just open to that possibility that you end up getting the wrong information. You end up getting the advice that guidance of people t didn't have what you wanted. Think about that.

I was so close mind back then right now, No and I'm very careful who I listen to and that's one thing that I want to talk about because again, Your first job at nit can be a network, A system and not admin. Analyst support position, A job that can pay. You really well, And I want to make sure that you believe that, Because I have done it with many students, So that means that can happen to you. Let everyone else get entry-level jobs. You do not need an entry-level job now, When you listen to someone.

Do t have the high-paying job that you want really ask yourself this, The people you listen to. Do t have a high paying job in 19. Now here's the question. If I come up to you - and I ask you, What's a high paying job in it, What would you say what's a high-paying job in id, How much a high-paying it engineer earns will be the number for you, Because you see some people come to me And be like you know, 100k, You know because that's going on the sixth figure.

You know that's a hype in japan, 19. I'm like no that's a good job kind of, But a really good one is the one. That's gonna pay you more than a hundred and thirty thousand dollars. That's a high paying job in it.

So my question to you: when, When you get any advice, Any guidance is that guidance advice coming from someone that has a high paying job and id, Because that the advice I got back then in my it career it wasn't. It was from other people that were in the same boat on the same boat. You see, But we don't question that so my question to you, Who that you listen to have a high paying job in 19. Now, What does that mean right? You probably listen to people that earn about seventy thousand dollars, That's not even close to a high paying job in 19, Not even close! Why not listen to someone that earns 130 or more? Why not listen to them, Because, Obviously, That's a big difference.

70. 130! That's! How much 60 thousand dollars a difference, So obviously this person do not think like this person. There is a reason why this person earned this much and not this and I get it I know what's going on, I know, What's going through your mind, That's because this person right individual, Maybe you know two three years into his it career this one. Probably over seven ten years yep, I can agree with that, But that t're not that t're, Not everyone that way, Not everyone.

That way, And I have students earning this much less than three years. I don't know if you're listening less than three years got here and don't have a bachelor's degree by the way less than three years got to this income. How many do you know really? Really, How many do you know t have a high paying job in iet? More than 130, In less than three years you see because that's the next question how long it took them to get there.

You know jorge, I do know a few people. You know I have a few people that give me some advice and guidance, And I know t are engineers senior level engineers. So I know t're earning really. You know good money, T have the income . Now the question is how long it took them to get there.

How long you see you never ask those questions and right now now you know better so next time right that you ask for any advice, Any guidance have this in mind number one: do t have a high income? Do t have my dream job number two, How long it took them to get there and that's an easy question: how long it took for you to get the job that you have right, Because what would you rather have as advice guidance right? Because now you have two, You have two individuals earning this, Much probably more, The two, But the advice, Guidance. If you have to choose one which one will you choose this one, It took more than seven years to get there nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that, But why not that guy that took less than three years and I have students this much, Some of them more less than three years so will you already have the advice, Guidance from them or for someone that took about seven plus years to Get there you see so be careful who you listen to be careful who you listen to if the only thing you get out of this article is this for you to have more awareness and who you listen to and for you, The next time question, And I Just let it like gather that information, You know, Let it in like. No, I'm not gonna, Let it in until I go through this filter process of.

Is this person earns like a high income, The income? I want yes or no? Yes, ! So how long it took for this person to get there, I'm telling you it makes a huge difference because a lot of the information you have it's wrong, I'm sorry! But it's wrong! I bender! I talk to people. This is what I do on top of me, Because I still work a full-time job, So, On top of me, Have a full-time job. I connect with people. I talk to people just like you, People t're, Going through it.

People are barely getting started. People t're in their first job second job, Because I'm here to help you to get to a high paying job in it that you can earn about this much sooner than later. So next time, Like my coach, Said, Income and lifestyle the next time you listen to someone, You need to make sure t have the income and the lifestyle you want. If not, You are completely wasting your time and I'm sorry to be bold and that direct to you, Because I want to help you and that's the only way. That's my way of doing it.

That's my way of doing it. So the next time you're going to listen to someone right, You better see the income and the lifestyle t want. If not walk away.

You know if you want to know so, If you want to get to someone that earns more than 300 000 a year. Listen to someone else not me, Because I haven't got to more than 320k compared to last year, And this is obviously my full-time job in combining these. What I do with network engineer academy, You know I wouldn't be able to teach you how to earn half a million dollars, Because I haven't got there in one year I haven't, But once I get there, I can probably come up with some other ways and how Can you get there right? That makes sense the same thing with lifestyle? There are many people that work in it.

T have a high paying jobs high, Paying jobs, But t're not happy t're, Not happy. You look at them like wow high paying job. You know wow. My dream job but t're not happy, So obviously you don't want to go through their advice, And this is why this is what you need to like. Listen like you, Don't want to borrow their beliefs, Their worldview because eventually you're going to get the reality, Who's who sit down with you who youtuber, Let's say right or someone else went through it went through this with you, That's all about.

, This is the next technical topic you need to learn. Let me teach you another lab. You know about this one topic or this other topic, Or you know this is the next iet certification that you need to get, And all this be s, Because that's really what that is t give you so much information that you do not need right now. Why not focus on only the things that will get you from point a where you are right now to point b where you want to get to? No, You end up being all over the place, You're confused with all this, Giving you all these youtubers. You know I'm real, I'm not here to you know, So you can like me that much I'm here to like wipe that crap out of you, So you can get the results.

You want right and many people go through their it career, Their life with the beliefs that will view and the relative someone else that don't have what you want and you don't notice this unconsciously, You go through life and you borrow adopt beliefs of someone else and Those beliefs create the stories that you're telling yourself. This is bs. This is a scam. This is not true.

I know you need to go through this and, Like really like, You see other people in your that's so blind, Like you see other people that are a lot more successful than you, T took less than the plan that you, The society, Sold you compared to all And you see that results and you're still blind about not seeing them and be like? no! That's that's! ! That's that's bs! That doesn't happen! ! No! No! No! No come on like really come on. ! So don't go through your it career and personal life, But adapting believe the people that don't have what you want their worldview. The reality when this change in me completely changed my life, And this is something obviously, I teach inside network engineer academy through that membership or through the coaching program, Because obviously my main objective is for you to create the life you want for yourself and for your Family, It can do that. It did that for me, You know I t changed my life financially and when that happens, You're able to create a life.

You always want it and why not have that? Sooner than later, While you go through the struggle to the stress and all these base and entry-level jobs, And within years and years and years, And to eventually get what you want, No that's not how it works. So if you want a job first job in it, T pay you 60, 70, 60, 80 and unless again about this, Much get your cisco ccna the right way, And this is going through the right way. Who told you right what youtuber told you that you need to learn that how to learn go through that process and learning how to learn? Who told you about storytelling, Who told you about marketing positioning and a lot more? There is a article I have go in the description and I go through more in detail about this. These are high paid skills. I call t will allow you for you to differentiate yourself from everyone else, Because I'm telling you right now to overcrowded it, Even though there are a ton of jobs, And this is the other light, T tell you.

My god, There are thousands of thousands of jobs out there in it for those that want to become cyber security cloud network engineering, Devops, A ton of them. So how is that that we have thousands of thousands? We also have thousands of people unable to get a job in 19. Explain that to me you see, No one is coming up to you being real, Like no one. T feature this bs and I don't care again if you don't like me that much because, At the end of the day, Your what you think of me, It's not gonna, Affect my life and my bank account I'm here to help you it's up to you.

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