CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional and is considered a certification endorsing IT professional who would possess the know-how and skill to set up, manage, and configure local-area and wide-area networks within an enterprise. CCNP certification would be able to take you through voice, video, wireless, and advanced security issues. Since the training modules and examinations for the CCNP certifications are considered quite rigorous, companies would prefer to have CCNP-certified professionals on their teams, as their expertise will be verified.

Ensuring smooth functioning of network systems would be a necessity for any company, as well as CCNP professionals are believed to be qualified for handling both small and large networks. CCNP certification provides a sigh of relief to the companies, knowing that they have recruited the correct person for the job. Before we would discuss further in detail regarding the salary of the CCNP holder, you must check out the Cisco 350-901 Dumps to achieve success in your very first attempt.

2021 CCNP certified professional median salary by city

In city-wise rankings, San Jose, California, would be in the top position. The city businesses would be able to pay generously for CCNP professionals. As evident from the statistics mentioned by the PayScale below, this city would have the highest median salary for a network administrator with CCNP certification, followed by New York and Washington, D.C.

City CCNP salary data
New York, New York $71,000
Chicago, Illinois $67,000
Atlanta, Georgia $64,000
Houston, Texas $65,000
Dallas, Texas $63,000
Washington, District of Columbia $69,000
San Jose, California $80,000

2021 CCNP certification median salary by experience

From the figures displayed by the PayScale, the Average Salary for a CCNP-certified network administrator is considered to be about $59,762. Still, beginners are at $49,485 and go up to $70,644 as their seniority increases. Salaries might be varying wildly with job roles, with a CCNP-qualified network engineer are going to earn, on an average, $74,191. The salary provided increases as the years of job experience would be relatively higher. It is also considered to be very likely that the candidate will handle the nature of projects could be a decisive factor in the amount of salary paid.


Below mentioned is the salary of a network administrator:
Years of experience National CCNP salary data
Less than one year $49,384
1-4 years $53,672
5-9 years $60,666
10-19 years $65,691
20+ years $70,644

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) average by job

The job titles associated with CCNP commonly are network engineer and network administrator, which are considered entry-level positions. Mid- and senior-level job titles will include senior systems engineer, senior network engineer, computer networking, IT, IT director, IT manager, and network architect.

The position of IT director and network architect are believed to be the high-level titles in the CCNP hierarchy and often come with a six-figure salary depending, of course, on the candidates’ profile. Many CCNP-certified individuals working as IT managers would also be able to draw a six-figure salary.

Job Average salary with CCNP certification
Network engineer $84,339
Sr. network engineer $106,592
Network architect $122,253
Network administrator $70,601
Information technology (IT) manager $94,072
Network security engineer $93,930
Information technology (IT) director $110,804

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