CCIE is the highest level certificate that can be directly and independently selected. CCIE is also one of the top ten most difficult certificates in the world. Many large enterprises and foreign companies prefer employees with CCIE certification, so they are also called "stepping stone" by word-of-mouth interviews by online workers. In China, CCIE generally has a good salary package.

However, due to different working cities, personal abilities, and market positions, the salaries are also very different. If you ask 10 IEs randomly, there may be 10 different answers.

Having a CCIE certificate can generally have a salary of 1w+. Annual salary around 20W is the most common state.

Of course, the premise is that people who have 2~3 years of experience, throw away the white part, and take a median salary for reference only, because CCIE also depends on ability and experience, only CCIE certificates are not acceptable.

Now in 2022, CCIE is more inclined to SDN automation. CCIE R&S is also updated to CCIE EI (ccei) If it does not keep pace with the times, it will only become the last stream. If you want a raise, you must first increase your intrinsic value and make yourself worth the price.

ccie, as one of the most valuable certificates in the network engineer field, has always been talked about about the salary and treatment of ccie.

The salary of ccie is different because of the city, company, position, industry, and individual ability.

Assuming that outside factors such as cities and companies are not considered, the biggest salary difference depends on the "ccie" itself!

  • ”paper ccie” with ccie certificate but no ccie practical ability
  • with ccie certificate and ccie business ability
  • Master one Proficiency in one programming language and one foreign language has a speciality ccie

paper introduction to ccie: It is often more common among newcomers in society, and is rich in various training institutions of various sizes. The purpose is simply to obtain a certificate, only Knock some orders, do not delve into the principle behind it, and their skill level is low. Such people are collectively referred to as paper. paperccie can get a salary of about 5k. If you are a paper and take a lower score, the editor thinks that you may not work hard enough.

What is ccie business capability? You can do things as soon as you join the job. It is not limited to operation and maintenance companies. You don’t need to spend time and energy on training. The company will pay 10k+ basic salary for such employees, not counting other benefits.


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