The CCIE LAB exam will take a total of 8 hours.

TS module: the time can be used up to 2.5H, and it can be ended early;

DIAG module: the time is fixed at 0.5H, and the module cannot be ended early;

CFG module: If TS uses up 2.5H, CFG will have 5H remaining;

How should the time of each module be allocated?


TS 1.5H, DIAG 0.5H, CFG 6H

TS 2H, DIAG 0.5H, CFG 5.5H

TS 2.5H, DIAG 0.5H, CFG 5H

CCIE LAB scores of each module, all modules are required to be >=80% to get CCIE certificate

TS: total score of 24 points , requires >=20 points to get the CCIE certificate

DIAG: The total score is 6 points, and it requires >=4 points to get the CCIE certificate

CFG: The total score is 70 points , requires >=56 points to get the CCIE certificate


TS24 points, DIAG 6 points, CFG 50 points, the result is fail

TS 20 points, 4 points for DIAG, 56 points for CFG, the result is pass

So what is PASS?

PASS means that all three modules of ccie lab have passed but still failed.

In fact, it literally means that every module has passed, but the total score has not reached more than 80% To sum up for PASS?

There is a pass line for the three parts, and the pass will be displayed after the three parts are added up, but the three parts add up to calculate a score that needs to be greater than a specific value before passing.

It is only when two conditions are met:
1. All three parts pass
2. The total score is greater than a certain value


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