But do you know that in fact, whether it is CCNA certification or CCNP certification, in most cases, you only need to memorize the question bank to pass. Generally speaking, the pass rate of CCNA is as high as 100%, and CCNP can generally reach more than 80%. Of course, through a level of training and learning, and on the basis of a solid mastery of technology, to prepare for the exam, the pass rate will naturally still sit firmly at 100%.

The pass rate of the question bank is 100%, and the pass rate of training is also 100%. The biggest difference between the two is that the system training and learning process and the question bank are It is completely different, and the value of the final certificate is also completely different. Although the pass rate of the Cisco Network Engineer CCNP exam is very high, I hope that everyone will try to learn through systematic learning, and wait until the knowledge is integrated before taking the exam. The pass rate is higher, and the knowledge learned will become the nutrient for your growth. It will also be of greater help to your future work and study. For example, Sibo's CCNP pass rate is as high as 100%.

As everyone knows, compared with CCNA certification and CCNP certification, the gold content of CCIE certification is much higher. The difficulty of the corresponding CCIE exam is also different from that of CCNA and CCNP. Relatively speaking, the difficulty will be much higher. Even if you pass the written test through the recitation library, the LAB cannot be passed by recitation, because you must have good operational skills, which can only be achieved through a long period of time. Therefore, the pass rate of CCIE certification Will be much lower than CCNA certification and CCNP certification.

So, the pass rate is directly proportional to your effort. If you want to improve your chances of passing, you should work hard.

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