With the vigorous development of the "Internet +" era, the importance of the network industry has become more and more prominent. The number of fresh graduates in network-related majors has risen sharply each year, and the employment situation is severe. Based on this social status, more and more graduates choose vocational skills training-certified network engineers. The mainstream includes the following:

Cisco Certified Network Engineer

The Cisco Certified Network Engineer Certificate (CCIE) is a representative of the network engineering series of certificates. It focuses on routing and switching technology and WAN switching solutions. It first appeared in In 1993, CCNA was the first step in Cisco's professional certification, that is, the primary certificate. In 2009, this level of certification had a trend of rotten streets, with low gold content; to the intermediate CCNP, I have to say Cisco here. A small means of binding: if you want to get the CCNP certification, you must first get the CCNA certification (it is a bundle, because the cost of any one of the exams is not a small amount, it may be that the poverty of the editor limits imagination); The level of certification is the Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE). This certification is the most respected network interconnection professional certification in the industry. For those who study network technology, it is most recommended to directly take the CCIE (Yes, you are not mistaken, CCIE) Can be taken directly, what the hell is CCNA, what is CCNP).

For those who have passed the Cisco certification, the basic average return is a 10%-20% increase in salary, as well as more company training opportunities and satisfactory positions.

Huawei Certified Network Engineer

Huawei certification is based on years of ICT talent training experience and understanding of industry development, based on the personal career development life cycle of talents in the ICT industry chain, and level It is equipped with Huawei’s “cloud-pipe-end” fusion technology and launched a certification system covering the fields of IP, IT, CT and ICT integration technology; it is the only certification system in the entire ICT technology field.

The editor’s personal opinion is that it’s impossible for a mobile phone brand to dominate. The same is true for network equipment. The advantage of Huawei certification is that it has a large domestic market share. Most governments and state-owned enterprises will adopt Huawei, which is more economical in comparison. However, in terms of network technology alone, Cisco is indeed more stable than Huawei. Everyone can feel that the learning system and technical content of Cisco certification should be more complete and comprehensive.

Linux Operation and Maintenance/System Engineer

Linux operating system is a clone system developed based on UNIX operating system, which was born on October 5, 1991. In the future, with the help of the Internet and the joint efforts of computer enthusiasts all over the world, it has become the most widely used UNIX operating system in the world today, and the number of users is still growing rapidly.

Linux is a free operating system, users can obtain it for free through the Internet or other channels, and can modify its source code arbitrarily. This is something other operating systems cannot do. It is precisely because of this that countless programmers from all over the world have participated in the modification and writing of Linux, and programmers can change it according to their own interests and inspiration. This allows Linux to absorb the essence of countless programmers and continue to grow.

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