Cisco Certification

The Cisco Certified Network Engineer Certificate (CCIE) is a representative of the network engineering series of certificates. It uses routing and switching technology, WAN switching solutions The center, including multiple disciplines from network design to network support, provides you with diverse and flexible options to develop your career. It first appeared in 1993 and has five specialized branch areas: routers and switches, global network and its conversion, ISP dial-up, mainframe-specific system network architecture SSA, network integration and design. CCNA is the first step in the Cisco professional certification. The highest level of certification is the Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE), which is the industry's most respected professional certification for network interconnection.

The certificate requires technicians to pass a two-hour computer exam and a two-day test in a Cisco laboratory. In particular, the test assessment requires candidates to have a deep understanding of Cisco's network equipment and general networks.

It costs US$450 to take the Cisco theoretical exam and US$1600 for the laboratory exam. The cost of training courses varies depending on the individual's circumstances. If the self-study level is high, it may only cost about 10,000 yuan. If a large amount of classroom teaching is required, the cost may rise to about 13,000 yuan. It is estimated that the total cost of passing the certification is about 4000 US dollars. For those who have passed the Cisco certification, the basic average return is a salary increase of 10%-20%, as well as more company training opportunities and satisfactory positions.

Huawei certification

Huawei certification is based on years of ICT talent training experience and understanding of industry development, based on the personal career development of talents in the ICT industry chain Life cycle, guided by hierarchical professional technology certification, equipped with Huawei's "cloud-pipe-end" fusion technology, launched a certification system covering the fields of IP, IT, CT and ICT integration technology; it is the only certification in the entire ICT technology field system.

Huawei certification mainly includes six directions: data communication, security, storage, cloud computing, cloud service, and data center! The theoretical exam fee for Huawei certification is 300 US dollars, and the experiment and interview are 1,200 US dollars.

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