1. What is CCNA certification

CCNA Cisco certified network engineer is an entry-level certification, and it is more suitable for network engineers to learn the basics, routing, and switching content of the network engineer industry.

2. What is the CCENT you look down on?

For overseas, there are also Cisco Certified Network Assistant Engineers, CCENT1, CCENT2, who have passed these two courses in exchange for CCNA certification, which is more basic than CCNA (in fact, it is to disassemble the CCNA knowledge points)

3. Look up what CCNP is?

Go up to have CCNP certification, Cisco certified senior network engineer, in-depth understanding of the principle and bottom layer of the network on the basis of CCNA.

4. What is the use of CCNA?

CCNA is necessary to learn skills, after all, to lay the foundation, the understanding of the network will be clearer, such as OSI seven layers, IP addresses, routing basics...

OSI seven The layer feels useless when you are learning, but after you really learn the network, the physical layer hardware devices (HUB, SWTICH, ROUTER, network cable, etc.) of the first layer, the MAC address table of the second layer, vlan trunk, and network management can be contacted. Devices, etc., Layer 3 routing, tunneling, and Layer 3 switching all require OSI foundation.

IP address, class A, B, C, classless, classless, route summary, address planning, etc., all need to use a lot of basic IP content.

Routing basics, the most classic three routing principles, the more you go to the back, the easier it is to forget.

CCNA is very necessary as a basic link for getting started. It can only be said that understanding is the main thing, and you can ping in the simulator to pass the test.

5. Suggestions

It is recommended that novices or veterans who have not learned it, start to toss with CCNA first.

Choose Cisco's CCNA. Cisco has a long history and is more classic. Although it is rarely used in the current network, it cannot stand the classic. The theoretical content is common.

It is recommended to install a GNS simulator, use the CCNA study guide, capture packets with wireshark, and do more experiments and more thinking.


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