If you are preparing to take the Cisco CCIE certification exam, for this certification, then you need to take the written test and the computer-based test.

These two projects are the most expensive, in essence Or is Cisco’s computer-based exam, which is what we usually call lab exams.

Cisco’s computer-based exams cost 1,800 US dollars each time

2 Is it worth taking the Cisco CCIE?

Because Cisco is still the first choice for people in the computer industry or as a network engineer for certification in the whole world.

So if your customers are European and American companies in the future Or the world’s top 500, to a large extent, they will also choose Cisco equipment, not necessarily Huawei

If your customers are mainly Huawei equipment, then it is very likely that they have also chosen Huawei equipment. However, Huawei equipment and Cisco equipment are the same in many technical content.

So if you want to become a network engineer, in fact, if you take the Cisco-certified senior network engineer CCIE, you still have to take the Huawei test. The two senior network engineers hcie, in fact, have the same gold content, and both can make you an engineer with a good technical level in this industry.

3 If you finish the Cisco CCIE exam, will it be easy to find a job?

At present, if you have passed the exam for senior network engineer, it should be easy to find a job whether it is Cisco certification or Huawei certification, but everyone’s background is different, and the salary you find in the end High and low are different, this is the main one

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