If I start in CCIE like what is CCNA, Why should I do this certification? What are the opportunities after getting CCNA certification and how much every I get after cesI starting with the first question? What is he seeing so CC and his ten posts? This was certified. That associated CCNA is a category of technical certification offered by Cisco for early Caelian.

Ccna is the second level of radiation and one step of cisco certified entry networking technician. The topics which are covered means is, In our network fundamentals, Lan, Switching technologies, Routing technologies, Van technologies, Infrastructure services, Infrastructure security and infrastructure management. Next is wide 16.

So here I am going to tell you six major benefit of CCNE. First is knowledge along with your CCNA certification, You will increase your knowledge in Cisco Networking and why don't you understanding of the concept how it works? This is basically providing you in-depth knowledge that you can use in your career. When you become CCNA certified. You will understand the concept busy and fundamentals of negative.

This alone can open those up opportunities in your kidney. Even a fresh graduate but see see in the certified is more likely to higher than average IT guy with no certification, That's how it works. Now.

Second, Is salary increase, One of the benefit of being CC and a certified is salary increase either on the same company? You are it or a next company you are going into once. You are CCNA certified. You can raise and negotiate a higher salary and a usual IT guy applying on the same position. Third, One is promotion.

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Aside from salary increase, You can easily get promoted once you become CCNA 35. This is because, In some position, Certification are really needed and even required. The climbing of the label being CCNA certified, Can really speed up your career and take one step forward. Next benefit is, Am prevented, Another good benefit of being CC and certified, Or any others is for certification - is that you will be finished by your employer. You may ask why? Because employer will get huge discount on Cisco products if t have cisco certified employee? How good is that you will be changed by companies using Cisco devices and offer you the job in front of you and mind you come face using Cisco products? Are those large companies who can afford the technology see once you ask? Is he a certified? You have the chance to work with the advanced and we just come in the world next, Dissatisfaction, Of course, Being CCNA certified will give you satisfaction and appreciation of your IT career.

He will become more inspired to learn more and to remove this will step up to advance your career and last one is respect. Getting CCNA certificates commands a certain amount of respect from your colleagues and employee. Some of colleagues would have also tried to get certified, But could not get certified so this achievement of yours result of that cutting. Now I'm going to the next question. What is next of the cesium? Now we will look at different opportunities available after getting CCNA certification.

Now you have basically two option: one is to do job and second is to apply for the next level of circulation, But before applying for the next level of certification, Cisco commands to have one or two years of experience, So in the job you can join as A tech support representative network support, Engineer at work, Administrator, IT manager all system administrator and after getting some experience, You can apply for the next level of certification. Cisco, Basically provides certification in five levels. First, One is a and relevant. Second, One is on associate level. Third, One is a professional level. Fourth, One is the expert level and the last and final is the architect level CCE and distant for cisco.

Certified entry networking technician: CCN s10 for cisco certified network, Associate ccnv, Stanford, Cisco, Certified network professional CC any stand for cisco, Certified network engineer and CC a stand for Cisco Certified our label. Next, One is the salary that is basically depend on your skill, But and on an average CCNA we'll get the salary of $70000 per year. Here you can also see the salary of different approach. Like the CC NPM forget the eighty two thousand dollar per year old CC, Vpm work at the eighty-five thousand dollar per year, And so on.

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