Today we're talking about the CCNA 200 301 exam. What's going on EveDumps, I want to start out with is the CCNA? That's the Cisco Certified Network Associate now. I know we're skipping the CCENT right now, But we will be covering the cset in another article. The CCNA is a mid-level certification from Cisco. The CCNA has many different areas within the actual certification line, And we are gonna cover a lot of those but we're gonna kind of give you a little background and how much the CCNA cost where you could take it and what it actually pays. So how much does a CCNA cost it's about 300 US dollars as of today, So that could change at any time, But as of today, The cost for any of the CCNA s is $300.

If you are wondering where you can take the CCNA exam, You can go to the Pearson VUE website. That will take you to the Pearson website, Where you can look at the different exam. Centers I'll, Give you more information, And then you can actually sign up from there to take a CCNA exam. The CCNA is good for three years, So that means when you're 3 years runs up from the time that you got certified that CCNA you have to renew it, But you don't necessarily have to renew the same exam. You could advanced and you could take another CCNA like CCNA, Wireless or CCNA routing and switching for instance, And that will renew your previous CCNA exam.

So that's something that you should keep in mind as you are looking into taking different CCNA exams. You do have to renew at some point, So one of the biggest questions that I always get is how much different jobs, Certifications degrees will end up paying you, And just so I can be clear that is going to vary based on location and what the job Actually wants to pay for you having a CCNA certification, So there's there is actually a few variables that need to be taken into place here. So I'm gonna give you kind of a overview of what some salary expectations could be, But again it could vary.

So don't take my word as this is concrete. This is the the most accurate advice that I can give you based on what I've researched so far. So there actually is a big difference here, Because if you are a female who is holding your CCNA, You actually make more money based on research that I've looked up. The average salary for a female CCNA is between fifty five thousand and ninety thousand dollars per year. Average male salary is fifty three thousand two, Eighty nine thousand dollars a year, So those are kind of just a general range of different salaries that you can find with a CCNA.

There are other factors that come into place with the salary range based on experience. Maybe other certifications maybe a degree, So don't think that, Just because you get a CCNA that you are immediately going to make like eighty thousand dollars a year, That's highly unlikely, Although it could happen highly unlikely. So that's why I put there: are you guaranteed to make that much? No, You are not guaranteed to make that much money. You can but again location experience, Degrees, A lot of variables that are taken into place here so make sure that you pay attention to that. So the highest populated areas of CCNA holders are New York, City, Chicago and Atlanta, Meaning there's a very large market of IT. Professionals who hold their CCNA s in those areas - and here I listed the CCNA median salary as of 2018, And it shows different cities and the average that t're being paid based on those locations.

That's an average does not mean that you are entitled to seventy. Six thousand dollars per year in New York City, For instance, So salary estimates based on experience, And you could see here less than one year you're looking at about forty five thousand dollars a year, One to four years, Fifty three thousand five to nine years 67 thousand. I will put a link in the description to these show notes, So you can look at all this even further and I will mention that again later on in this article and salary estimate by job titles.

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So if you are a network engineer, Sixty-six thousand dollars per year is the median salary for that specific job. Title senior network engineer eighty nine thousand dollars per year based on that job title again, That's a median! The the website that I use to get all this information will be able to show you the website where, Where did? Did I get all this information? First of all, I need a great question. -, Yes answer so again, These are just estimates based on job titles, And this was pulled from a lot of different people who hold their CCNA s. A lot of the information that I've tamed from this article was from InfoSec Institute com, So you can head over there I'll put a link in the description as well, So you can see that t actually pulled a lot of different people to get some of This information, So now let's talk about the CCNA exams, Because there are a few of them.

There is not a single CCNA exam that you can go and take that will get you certified. There are multiple CCNA exams that you can go take that will get you certified to start it off. We'Re gonna talk about CCNA cloud. The cloud is the 210 for 51 and 210 for 55 cloud fundamentals and cloud administration, So you could take one of those exam and you will have a CCNA cloud.

There's a CCNA collaboration, The 210 0-60 and the 210 0 65. That's cisco collaboration devices and article network devices. The article network devices is the CI VND one and the CIB NT 2.

So there are actually two exams for that. Specific certification line, There's a CCNA cyber ops, The 2 10 to 50 and the 210 to 55. That's the cyber security fundamentals and cyber security operations.

I am looking at a screen I do have to cheat. I don't know these off of the top of my head up. I apologize there's also the CCNA data center, Which is the 200 150 and the 200 155 is the data center networking and data center networking technologies there's also the CCNA Industrial, Which is the 200 601 managing industrial networking for manufacturing with Cisco technologies.

That specific certification really ties into your industrial environments, Which, In a manufacturing environment, There is a lot in play with how your network works. There are a lot of wireless devices that talk back to a lot of the different systems to manage inventory and things like that. So this one is actually kind of a big deal if you are in an industrial role in networking, There's a CCNA security, Which is the 210 to 60. It's network security, That's a big one. That is definitely gonna, Be really popular right now. There's a CCNA service provider: 6:48 75 in the 648 78 service, 6:48 75 in the 648 78 service provider, Next generation networks.

So there's actually two exams there: the SPN g1 and the SP ng -. There's the CCNA Wireless, So the CCNA Wireless is the 200 - 355 wireless network fundamentals, So that is also kind of a big one. As far as Cisco certifications go because everybody is using Wireless, So specializing in something like the CCNA Wireless is definitely a good idea and it's a good idea just to get those kind of that fundamental knowledge of the excellent wireless side of networking, Because there are definitely Differences between how a wireless network can operate and a hardwired network and operate, And to top this list off, There's the CCNA routing and switching this could be considered the default CCNA exam as it's been around forever.

Obviously, Cisco's kind of changed things around a little bit, But this would be considered kind of the default CCNA certification that you can go and take - and you may have heard these terms before the icnd1 and the icnd2. Those are two of the exams that you could take to get a CCNA as well, That those are all tied into this routing and switching exam and there's also the 200s 125, Which is networking devices accelerated again. The CCNA, Routing and switching is kind of considered the default CCNA certification, So this was just kind of a rough overview of the CCNA.

How much it cost where you can go. Take it and kind of an overview of the different exams that you could find as well in future articles. We will talk more in depth on each different CCNA, So we can go more in depth in CCNA Wireless, The CCNA routing and switching and things like that. But for right now we're just kind of covering the basics that you might want to know about the different certifications and giving you kind of the fundamental information about these exams.

I'm going to put a link to these show notes in the description which has a lot more information in it and a few different links, And things like that. So that way you can go out and you could look at more information research on your own. In the show notes, Link you're also going to find a CCNA course outline, Which is kind of going to give you the different information within the different courses on the specifics that t are looking for, That you need to know so go check out those links. So you can get more information and stay up to date and, If you're looking to get your CCNA, I wish you good luck and I hope you that test.

If you are looking for different study resources, I will put a link in the description below for SkillSoft Pluralsight. It pro TV and CBT Nuggets. Those are all really great resources that you can use to study your CCNA exams.

So I hope you enjoyed this article. I hope you enjoyed the new series that we're trying to put together here, Because we're trying to give you the most information that we can and we're starting at the very beginning, And we are going to be working our way towards all the more advanced things that You could find in the IT world we are trying our hardest to be that resource for you to give you the information that you are looking for on IT careers. That's what this channel is all about, Trying to help you out the best that I possibly can, If you can leave some feedback in the comments below. I would greatly appreciate that I love hearing your feedback, Whether it is good or bad.

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