Routing and switching are two important concepts in the network world. Internet access is the data interaction between users and the network, involving routing and data exchange between both parties. Routing is to provide "navigation" for the data to be interacted, so as to guide the data to find a "shortcut" from the complicated paths and reach the destination at the most economical cost. It is with routing that guarantees high-speed access to the Internet. There are two traps in the wireless router settings of a manufacturer, the setting of the user name and its password, and the setting of the router's IP address, which are very easy to ignore without prompting. According to practice, come up with different solutions.

It can be said that routing and switching are relatively basic concepts in the Internet and the basic direction in Cisco certification. For zero-based students, the direction that most of them will choose without hesitation is the direction of routing and switching.

Cisco's cancellation of routing and switching certification is also an inevitable trend. With the development of the Internet and the arrival of the 5G era, when more and more basic talents appear, this basic upgrade is very necessary. The routing and switching direction is replaced by the enterprise infrastructure direction. This enterprise infrastructure direction (Enterprise Infrastructure) retains about 60% of the technologies commonly used in the campus in the network infrastructure in the previous RS, and another 25% of the software. Defined infrastructure with 15% infrastructure automation and programmability. That is, this authentication is an upgrade in the routing and switching direction.

In general, although Cisco has canceled the routing and switching certification in this upgrade, the enterprise infrastructure that replaces this direction can be said to be version 2.0 of the routing and switching direction, which broadens the requirements and makes CCIEs in this direction are more valuable!


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