What is the average salary for the CCNP exam in 2022? What is the average salary for the CCNP exam? First of all, we must have a clear understanding. CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Engineer) belongs to the intermediate certification level of Cisco, compared with the expert level of CCIE. Certification, the gold content of CCNP is much worse, because although the number of subjects in the CCNP exam is large, they are all theoretical exams and no LAB exams. Moreover, there are question bank services for theoretical exams, such as the Cisco certification exam question bank of EveDumps, which has been stable in the industry and can help pass the exam. In this way, it is easier to obtain the CCNP certificate, and the corresponding salary that can be obtained is definitely less than that of CCIE.

As mentioned earlier, graduates with ccie certificates can get an annual salary of 70,000-100,000 in first-tier cities, and about 60,000-90,000 in second-tier cities. Then CCNP will be a lower grade accordingly, you can refer to the salary level of the city to estimate.

Because if you take the CCNP certificate first and then the ccie certification, it will save more than 350 US dollars, nearly 2500 yuan, so it is definitely more worthwhile to take the CCIE exam directly!


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