As we all know, in the communications industry, there are many certifications. A few years ago, the most authoritative certification system was Cisco, including CCNA, CCNP, CCIE... In recent years, the domestic Huawei certification system has also advanced by leaps and bounds, including HCNA, HCNP, HCIE, etc. In fact, the development of Huawei's certification system also shows that Huawei's position in the world's communications industry is improving day by day. Compared with Cisco certification and Huawei certification system, Cisco's examination fee is a little higher, but Cisco's application scope is wider. And I believe that many big brothers who have taken or studied these two certifications know that the Cisco simulator is much easier to use than the eNSP simulator, and the commands are simple. For example, Cisco's show is equivalent to Huawei's display... but both are Much the same. Let's talk about the gold content of communication certification now.

Huawei certification has been widely recognized in China's communications industry, and of course, Huawei is also gradually recognized worldwide. But it does not mean that if you have obtained the certification system of Huawei or Cisco, you can be recognized by the communication industry. I am currently working in the railway industry. Everyone knows that the railway industry is a very old industry. Its requirements for communication are stability rather than speed, so many equipment and technologies are very outdated. requirements are lower.

Now the public network communication industry's recognition of the certification system is gradually decreasing, because any certification system can be obtained with a few months' effort, so more people value experience and experience. Education. Because academic qualifications require more than ten years of continuous efforts to obtain, and experience requires experience to precipitate. Therefore, the gold content of the certification system is gradually weakening, but those who want to devote themselves to the communication industry should try to obtain as many certification systems as possible.

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