The Cisco CCNA certification is by far Cisco's most popular certification, And it's not too hard to see why the majority of businesses around the world have some type of Cisco equipment inside of them, And t gets to a point. You know here and there where t need to make a change, And I will say for the majority of businesses in the world that maybe once a year you know once a quarter. I mean it's not too often that you need to modify Cisco devices again for the majority of businesses that are out there, And so t initially start having them and t go oh well. Who knows how to work with that? No hands go up and go .

Well, Let's hire a consultant, And then the bill comes in for $10000 to to make a NAT change on the route and t go , Bad idea to hire the consultant to that. How about how about we get somebody who knows a little bit about Cisco on staff and that's where the CCNA comes in CCNA really tackles almost every mountain of technology that cisco has on grab my mic pen here when you, When you think about Cisco, I mean You'Ve got the mountain of technology of routing and the mountain of technology of switching, And you know security and quality of service. I mean there's all kinds of different topics that are that are inside of here.

I'll do routes which in t chute, Because that's part of the ccnp and CCNA literally just goes up drip, Drop and clips off the tip of each one of those mountains. To give people a really good idea of how those work, So the typical person that would want a CCNA is usually on staff at an organization t usually have some other skills to keep them busy. Not that cisco can't keep you busy all the time, But like I mentioned, I mean these are changes that sometimes happen once a quarter once a year twice a year kind of thing. So so this is usually somebody who's experienced in Microsoft, Which will keep you really busy. You know doing all kinds of things and then t also know some cisco.

So there are two roads to get your CCNA and - and this is probably the number one question people ask me - t say , So I can take two exams right, Icnd1 or inter connecting Cisco Network Devices one and two, And that will give me my CCNA or I can take the all-in-one certification exam, The CCNA and just get it in one shot so which path should I take? And of course everybody leans towards this one, Because who wants to take two exams when you could take one well, The good news is Cisco. First off took away the monetary benefit it used to be cheaper to take the all-in-one exam. I think it was $150 or something like that, And then these used to be $100 each now. It's all evened out.

These two exams are $125 per attempt each and then this one is $250. The reason I say, I'm glad Cisco made that change. It was because you ended up having people going for the CCNA that just didn't belong, Taking the all-in-one exam t're just trying to save a buck, And t end up missing it and then spending more buy time. It's said and done so the difference. And what would I recommend? Well, The to exam path is made for the normal person, So you have a Microsoft job or you're you're trying to get into the Cisco world.

You want to see. What's up, Go the two exam pass. First off the two exam path is a little easier and I don't say that because I'm saying all the questions are easier, But just because it really divides and conquers the knowledge. I seen d1 focusing a lot on the fundamentals of networking things like IP addressing subnetting. What's a switch what's a router, What's the OSI model, Blah blah blah blah? You know it's kind of if you were to compare this to to net net plus, Which is the CompTIA flavor of this, The the vendor in specific version, You'd find a lot of similarities.

Other than the fact that we don't talk about deck net and token ring anymore, Those are done, Whereas net plus man, You get versed in that technology, So icnd1 is really kind of the foundation, The generals of it. So you can focus your knowledge there get some Cisco configuration and not that exam out icnd2 really being focused on . Now you got the concepts.

Let's do it. It's all command line. There's no! and here you've got the SDM, The SDM, The GUI graphic interface for a Cisco device.

Why would you use that icnd2? It's gone as in everything as command-line interface case I mean you even see some of the same concepts like you talked about NAT and you learn about NAT Nicene d1 and are tested on it, But you're tested on it from the SDM perspective where you go next. Next finish, And that is running and you go wow, That's fantastic! What where is down here? You know, You know, NAT is running and you know why it's running, And then you also know why it's not working. If well, Hopefully you do if you go that route. So, That's that's, Really the divide and conquer approach, Whereas the CCNA, The all-in-one certification, Exam you're, Going to get the same questions so first off. I want to make sure you know that these all pull from essentially the same pool.

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You take these exams enough, And you know if you take these two and then take this one you're like wow this, It's one of the same questions that are on there, So it's not like t choose really hard ones. The difference is it's a very compressed exam as in time is your issue on icnd1 and icnd2. You got to know your stuff granted, But in CCNA the all-in-one exam you got to know your stuff and you got to know it fast. So let me let me first off back off and say time is always an issue, Because all of these are timed exams.

It's just a little tighter when you get to CCNA. Now, Don't don't think of this. I mean these exams are typically 40 to 50 questions per exam, You're not going to get to the CCNA and t're like .

You got the same amount of time, But now you got 80 to 100 questions go haha, You know go. You have to go through. No, It's still, It's still gonna be.

You know, 50 ish questions that you have on the CCNA, But t're tough. I mean that there really are. Let me put it this way. A couple years ago I took the I wrote, I should say the CCNA practice questions exam cram.

This is totally not a shameless plug seriously. I'll explain why in a moment, But so I wrote this book and in the the publisher sent me to take all three of these exams - just just go at it and I decided I was you know, I'm a CCIE at this point, So I thought well, I've Just squeezed the CCNA during lunch, You know I was like you know an hour. T give me an hour and a half to take the exam. I should be able to. I mean come on.

I should be able to pull it off right. I remember getting to 60 minutes and I had I had actually a class. I was teaching - and I just said I'll just you know kind of take my lunch break in and do this and I got to an hour and I still had ten questions left and you don't want to be well I'll, Personalize it. I didn't want to be stupid and just be like see, See see because I was saying I can't walk out and miss this exam. So so I will tell you with with all the experience I have going through the entire Cisco certification track to the end.

I took the CCNA and it takes time. I mean it just there's a lot of variable length. Subnet 'uncle, I mean things that just eat up time, T're there. So so you really have that impact.

So so that being said, Cisco geared the CCNA, The all-in-one exam for the people that are recertifying, You know t had a CCNA. It expired. Let's try and get a new one that that's why it's there, But t put the dangling carrot that well, If you pass in you don't have a cert, Then then you get it too. So so that being said, That's that's my advice on the to test path.

If you're brand new, If or if you're you know, You got some experience, You're just getting into Cisco go the to exam path. I know it's another exam, But you know you'll. Thank me in the end. So oh and you also get a CCENT. Everybody wants.

One of those not really but but it's a stepping stone you get it's kind of like you know when you go and t're like here's, A lollipop you're like thanks man, That's kind of what you get when you get icing to UM t're, Like you're, You're. Now, Cisco certified nobody wants to say what it stands for. I'm, I'm a cisco certified entry-level network man h. What do you say? entry, Entry level, Oh , So so it's kind of like .

You know there's your lollipop, But everybody still really looks for the CCNA. So . Let me talk about difficulty, You know when you go to college or maybe, If you, If you have going to college or even high school, T say. , That's! A weed out class I told I totally think these are kind of weed out tests as in these are tough.

I mean t really, T really are difficult exams and also you know you could blank it and say all the Cisco exams are tough, But I mean Cisco knows the CCNA is super popular and t also know if you can create an exam where people just you Know do brain dump say t kind of get the answers in there. Let's see you CNA, You know that t need to make this thing mean and have teeth and t did so you're going to see simulations are going to see, Drag and drop. I mean I, I loved this, This exam in that when you, When you get through this exam, Whether you pass or you fail, It nicer hope you pass, But you know, Even if you don't you're gonna.

Thank that was a fair test. I really needed to know my stuff to pass that exam and that's a good feeling, Because not not all Cisco exams are that way, And I've taken a lot of exams and tests. There's some exams where, Even if you pass you're like that, Was just I mean it's just a stupid exam. You know it's kind of like t're, You know I'll take a Microsoft test. I took a quote quite some time ago.

I got to a question t're like what registry key would you adjust for something, And I and I thought, Good grief who who memorizes registry keys? Why would you do this to yourself, You know, And so so those kind of exams where, Even if you pass you're like I memorize the facts. The CCNA really is not that way, But it is tough. I mean it's very real-world. I like it. For that reason, I'm so last thing I'll mention on CCNA and then I'll.

Let you let you go as if you couldn't you could close your web browser, So so the CCNA there's no no resource. I mean there. There is just resources of plenty. I mean I told you, This is Cisco's top certification. You can search online for all kinds of resources, And now let me tell you why I say this was not a shameless plug.

This book that I wrote again a couple years ago has been by far the best-selling book I ever wrote. I mean any take any book, I've ever written, Cisco, Press books and I throw them all side. This Dwarfs the amount of sales I've had in that, But that being said, I literally get.

I mean I tell people, I'm like guess what my royalties are in this book and t go like a dollar a book right, I'm like haha, You know it. It boils down to I mean if you flip me, A dime I'd, Be like man. That's that's about the same as buying this book, So it just to give you an idea, My wife and I we get royalty checks on that book about once a quarter and it we get the envelope and I you know I come in.

It really is for to look around. You can't find 500 good practice, Questions for the CCNA and CCNP exam 4 for 1999. With free super shipper savings, But anyhow, So that that's a great resource for you, You know, Of course, The CBT nugget series huge recommendation on that, Of course, And you know, Go to ciscocom forward, Slash certification and jump into their certification community. Everybody is giving advice on the CCNA, So I strongly suggest any one of those without all being said.

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