Here is a little bit about CCNP security. Let's focus on CCNP security. This certification is designed for the security ninjas of the world, Cisco, Wanted you to be able to to say I can walk in, And I can lock down your network in such a way that it it takes care of almost all of the security attacks that are Out there now I'm hesitant,100% of the time unless you unplug it from everything lock it behind A iron door and say nobody can ever go in there. You know it's always a balance of usability versus security, So there's security is always something that's evolving and changing as new types of attacks come out.

So the person that is looking for a CCNP security is somebody that is dedicated to the security field. You know this is you're either working at an organization that is large enough to have a full time security person that is, Investigating security incidents always going through and finding new ways to secure the network or probably more likely, You're working for a consulting group where your Job is to do security, Auditing, You're, Going in and auditing networks, Making sure that t pass security checks. You might even work for government agencies. You there's a lot of different places where CCNP security will come in, And that being said for, For you and - and you know, If you're interested in in CCNP security, This is one that there will always be a job for security is a never-ending field just because It's always evolving, Always changing, Probably at a pace faster than almost any other, Just because there's a million motivated people trying to break into networks in new ways, New methods every single time.

With that being said, You've got to be kind of, And I say this - I'm trying to think of a good way to put this a special person to get into Z, Z and V security, Or to be a full-time security auditor, In that there there's there's just A whole new level of awareness you need to be at on locking down networks. Let me let me just tell you from my perspective. I am NOT a good security Auditor, Even though I have a CCNP security certification. I just I I'm one of those. You know life is good.

People are nice people. You know, I know I'm gonna. I need to lock this down, So the most obvious attacks are not gonna get through, But you know when, When I, When I see somebody I'm like he looks like a good guy and someone's like he's wearing dark sunglasses, Has a rifle and is pointing it In your direction I'm like well, Maybe he's maybe he's trying to . I don't know I help out in some way. You know it's just the kind of mindset I have.

So if you have that mindset - probably not a good security auditor, You want to be somebody who is like t're out to kill me who I don't know everybody everybody, Including my family, Is out to get me so so those that kind of mindset is is kind Of how you have to approach this, And t always say the best security person is a hacker, And I will absolutely say that's true, Because when you are kind of a white hat, Gray, Hat sort of hacker person, Where you're looking at how to break into things. If that interests, You, Then then you're knowing what people are going to do to break in your own network, So you kind of balance both worlds in that sense. So that's the kind of person that you are now. Let's talk about the path to get there, Cisco, Ccnp security and everything always begins with an original cisco CCNA and there's my little faded background here.

That's the CCNA routing and switching that starts every cisco certification track from there. You can move into CCNA security. Now the CCNA, Routing and switching is a prereq to the CCNA security, So you've got to have that get certified in CCNA security focuses on. I guess you could call them the big mountains of security as it relates to Cisco, Routers and switches.

CCNP 300-730 Exam Dumps

So when you're in there you're gonna, You know really get into access lists. You'Re gonna get into SNMP monitoring to see when security attacks are happening. You'Re gonna get into preventing common layer, 2 attacks, DHCP snooping. You know, Site-to-site VPN s again. T kind of the the overview, Just just like all CCNA certifications are meant to do.

You'Re gonna be doing a lot of big-picture overview, But you're also going to be using tools like the Cisco SDM to deploy a lot of what you do, SDM being the graphic interface graphic interface . So so the ccnp security then takes all that away. The first exam that, I would say you should, And probably most people go for, Is secure, Which takes the CCNA security and builds upon it. Now, Your SDM is virtually gone. Your everything command line, Your doing advanced zone based firewalls, IPS implementation.

You know implementing all kinds of VPNs using command line on the iOS, Where you know it's gonna be a lot of the similar topics of CCNA security, But you're really going to know how it works, Not just that you can get it working by doing next. Next finish in the SDM, This is, You know, All command line, All the time getting things going on routers and switches from there. That's where you move into and what I would I would suggest this flow right here.

You move into the a sI firewall with the firewall certification again now, Focusing on Cisco's dedicated firewall platform, The a SA and everything that it is able to do from you know again it's a lot of similar technologies. Vpns, You know firewall capabilities inspections at the you know: layer, Selves, An applicant application layer, Inspection all that kind of stuff, Focusing on the a sI platform. A lot of you know I would say, Between these two you're. Getting probably I'm like I'm like 50% of what you need for security because it's two exams? No, It's even more than that, I would say, Probably about 70 to 75% of what you do day to day, Maybe even more in those two exams. So really big ones right there, These two really a little more specialized VPN technology being VPNs virtual private networks that run the world today from site to site to remote access to SSL VPN s. You know everything in anything about VPNs, Really focusing again on the a sa platform, So it's enhancing what you do in the firewall series and moving into pure VPN technology, So you you're gonna get a lot of above and beyond.

Just you know. Next next finish again high-level view here, Deep view here: IPS being a world in itself. All I will say all of these.

Well, No, These to talk about IPS, You and you configure IPS in a basic sense, But if you've dealt with IPS before you know that that alone can be a full-time job, It's using signatures and in heuristics you know, Methods that it can use to investigate packets. As it's going through, Where it can detect zero-day attacks because it sees you know, Fifteen packets in a row - and it goes wait, A sec - that's not normal. I shouldn't see fifteen ping packets in a row that have this code inside that's, Even though I don't know what that is.

That's just not normal, I'm gonna block it and I'm gonna notify an administrator. So IPS is, I always you know, Compare it to mission impossible. This is your your mission, Impossible. Laser trip wire sensors that you put all around the network to see just weird things that a normal virus checker a normal firewall, Would typically mess.

So you put all those together in a certification series and you have your C CSP certification. Now I also want to talk about how how difficult are these exams well on a scale of one to ten, And I - and I say this in every one of the certification articles I've recorded so far, Ten being like this is impossible you're, You know brace yourself Kind of thing I put the CCNP, The normal ccnp certification exams between an 80 and 85. I would actually put the security exams at seven point nine and t just so. You know that the CCNP voice - I kind of dropped back a little further to the six sixes just because I I didn't think t were as real world, But I was really impressed when I went through the CCNP security Cisco put some time. Some effort in these exams to where there is a lot of simulations, There's a lot of real-world technology, But keep in mind you are gonna, See you know a little less.

I guess mean teeth behind it, Like the CC. The the real ccnp routing and switching has. I shouldn't say real, But CCNP riding and switching has just because t t have so much demand for that, So that the pool of questions is bigger. All of that, But I would say the CCNP security, Pretty real world, Pretty difficult exams and the way and the way I come up with these ratings by the way is when I leave the exam, I think, Walking out of there do, I feel like I Was tested as in if I didn't know what I was doing, I would not have passed that exam or do I feel like I could have studied for that just by memorizing a book of multiple-choice questions, And maybe I wouldn't really know fully what I was doing. I just I'm good at multiple-choice, ccnp security.

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