In fact, one purpose of most people taking the CCIE certificate is to pass it.

Use the value of the CCIE certificate

To get yourself a satisfactory job.

As a CCIE,

The monthly salary of 20K is very small,

7K-15K is a lot,

Why how about this?

Why are the same CCIEs?

Our treatment is different,

CCIE is actually It’s like a prescription,

itself is golden light,

but with different people,

different use,

The value realized is different.

We know that, in fact, the process of finding a job is a process of trying to sell yourself out. A salesperson needs to follow two principles: First, you must firmly believe that your product has a huge impact on customers. Second, find a person who has a real need for your product. Here, the product is yourself, and the salesman is also yourself. You must know yourself and the enemy in order to survive the battle.

Many people have participated in the CCIE training and obtained the CCIE certification in order to find a better job.

So how can we find a better job?

How to find a job?

What is the direction of career and job search?

If you want to sell something, of course you need to find someone you want to buy. If you go to a monk to sell combs, no matter if you are 10 yuan a hand, or 1,000 yuan a hand, he will not buy it, because the comb is useless to him. After understanding this truth, then you have grasped the essence of "sell yourself"!

The first is to find a company that wants you,

The second is to find an affordable company.

1. Network equipment manufacturers (vendors)

These companies have made a fortune with the development of the Internet, Cisco, Huawei, Nortel, Alcatel, Lucent, Juniper, 3COM, Ericsson, extreme, foundry, intel, etc. These names shine in front of us like gold, and each brand is invaluable.

Of course, the CCIE learns mainly from Cisco, so Cisco will definitely not refuse. But will other companies accept it? Will do! There are four reasons!

One is that the CCIE itself has a good technical background, and the network technology is generally standard technology, and each manufacturer is the same, and the configuration is similar! A good technician is easy to learn by analogy;

The second is that some manufacturers’ products are similar to Cisco’s. These manufacturers often adopt a follow-up strategy;

The third The reason is that other companies generally use CCIE to speak out;

The fourth Cisco is the leader in the network industry. Cisco has developed a lot of network-related protocols. Cicso has always been a leader in the network. Place, so we learn Cisco’s technology, which is relatively more valuable.

Second, integrators, agents

Integrators: Integrate products/services of many brands or manufacturers, Provide a complete system/scheme to Party A’s customers, be responsible for the overall system/scheme operation, and assume after-sales responsibilities.

Agents: Mainly to maintain and broaden channels. Acting for the products/services of manufacturers requires certain functions of funds, logistics and services.

With the CCIE certificate, we can go to some of the more famous integrators, agents, etc., such as Cisco’s general agent, or the gold generation, in integrators, agents, I can contact various Such related engineering projects, large projects or small projects.

In agents, integrators can learn a lot of practical knowledge. They are all real guns and live ammunition to do projects, which can help us accumulate rich project work experience, and the technical level requirements of our engineers are also Very high, preferably a CCIE level. Having a CCIE level will help us deal with various incurable diseases when doing projects.

Among integrators and agents, there is also a need for CCIE certificates, such as the general agent and the gold generation. As a Cisco gold generation, you must have a corresponding number of CCIE engineers before you can undertake the project , Go to bid, etc. In system integration projects, many owners propose that contractors must have CCIE certified experts to be qualified to undertake the project. In order to allow customers to obtain expert-level technical support, Cisco has stipulated in its certification agency system that gold and silver certified agents must have a certain number of CCIEs, so in integrators, agents, if you have a CCIE certificate, It is very good for both individuals and companies.

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