I will be talking about the method that I use to achieve my CCNA certification, And hopefully it will help someone to achieve their CCNA in 2022. So the first thing you need to do is you need to set it your goal for 2022. Now we're talking here about the CCNA certification.

You need to write that goal down a piece of paper. I will come back to that piece of paper and a pen. The second thing you need to do is to find the right resources to study for your exam. I used, For example, EveDumps a great resource. T just released their new CCNA certification and there are many other online resources you can find. You can also support your studying with a physical book, So you can read more details in the book and also you see packet, Tracer and gns3 to practice the labs on the networking labs and the course.

The third thing you need to do is you need to set your weekly schedule and daily schedule that you can keep focused on your study, And I will show you on my screen how I set my daily schedule. We can schedule to stay focused on my studying and focus, I'm dedicating the specific time for my study so on an empty Excel document. You can put the days of the week on the top and the time of the day on the left side. Here let's say you can study CCNA for an hour every morning and the morning it's quiet, Usually I can focus better in the morning, So it's very recommended to study in the morning. If you can't do it in the morning, Any other time of the day is .

Now, Let's say you need an hour to drive to work and get ready. So let's say this is an hour to go to work and then, For example, I use my first half an hour. It's work to practice my Python programming skills and then here I work at the lunch at lunch. I don't need one hour to eat my food, So I split the lunch in half. I exercise the first half an hour and then I eat lunch.

You can eat lunch and read a book whatever you need to do. For example, Bunch of greed so now you're doing, For example, One two three four productive things and one half a day only and then you continue work until the end of the day. Whatever your whatever your schedule is here, Is there's a blank spot. You can.

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You can say this is for going back home and eating supper. You can do another CCNA session study session here and then the rest of the time is family time. Until you go to sleep, It's very important to have some family time as well, That you can balance between your studying working that family.

Now, Let's say you can do this on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday and let's say once day you start work later on at 9 o'clock, Or so let's say this is once t start here, And this is a Friday. Let's say on Wednesday after work, You can't study anymore, So you want to spend this whole time with family because you can wait, But in the morning in the morning you can do two hours of CCNA before you go to work. For example, On Saturday and Sunday you can at 9:30 or 10:00, Am, For example, Whatever you you can. We can do two hours of studying and Sunday two hours of study.

Now you have 2. 4. 6. 7.

8. 9. 10. This is 10 hours of studying other than those and after noon, But, For example, You can only study in the morning plus those on the weekend.

This is 10 hours of CCNA study sessions only dedicate for CCNA. There shouldn't be anything else going on except studying for CCNA, And this is how - and you can set your schedule whenever. However, You feel like whatever your daily things you want to do, You can set them here it.

Let's say you want to study here. Some Linux also on Friday, Some Linux. So this is, Let's say two hours of Linux.

In the afternoon two hours a week of Linux, 10 hours of CCNA half an hour, That's two hours and a half of Python. You can set your daily schedule as such, So you can keep focusing and finish your studying. So after you set your goal and you find the resources you need to use and you set your schedule, The poor thing you need to do is put away any distractions or anything that wastes your time on the site, While you're studying things such as logging out Of your social media accounts, Putting away the phone or putting it on silent, Keeping the article games away. Anything that distracts you from the study session. You have to put it away and focus on that on studying.

Only the first thing I like to do is on the piece of paper that I wrote my goal down and talk. I write those tasks down as a question format. I asked my quest as post questions to myself on a daily basis, Either in the morning or the evening. Questions such as that I studied today did I exercise.

Did I read five pages? Did I meditate or pray things that I wanna do daily? I asked them to myself so that I can keep myself accountable because, Let's face it following this schedule, Had a percent is very hard and we're not. The goal here is not to be perfect. The goal here is to form the habit of doing it, But things need to do on a daily basis. It's gonna be hard. The first one week, The first two weeks, But once you get used to it once you start doing those things on a daily basis, And you see it start seeing progress, You will keep going step by step until you finish. That course, Until you prepare for the exam and then the past exam and achieve your certification or any goal, You want to achieve.

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