I finally passed the CCIE written and lab exam today, got my Cisco CCIE number, and summarized my CCIE preparation process at night, which is mainly divided into five parts:

Why should I take CCIE certification?

How to prepare for the CCIE written and lab exam

CCIE Lab test day

CCIE Lab Workbooks Feedback

CCIE Lab Certification Examination skills


1. Why should I test CCIE?

As for why I should take CCIE certification, it is actually very simple. In July 2015, when I started my internship at the company, I often heard colleagues talk about VLANs, saying that I want to configure vlan. Later, because I need to deploy the VM myself, I have to configure the network and configure the VLAN of the VM. Configure the VM's IP, Gateway, etc., but there will be some inexplicable problems, I don't know how to solve it, I can only find help from my colleagues.

Currently, when I was looking for a job at the university, I had previously read the CCNA study guide, and then I had an understanding of the VLAN and the ping process, but I still don't know what the routing protocol is and how the route is delivered. Later, after getting the offer, the company mainly engaged in the research and development of SDN. SDN is nothing more than simplifying the network. I don't know why the original network should be simplified. Why is the original network complicated and the original network is composed.

In July 2016, I came into contact with a project about the management of BGP routing to a controller. At that time, there were some configurations of BGP, OSPF, and VRF. At that time, I was responsible for how to configure these configurations and configure them for the router. Things don't have to be closed, but the configuration is not very understandable after all. These configurations are the core after all.

In particular, the topology of the entire network and the routing of routes, how to separate the controller plane and the data plane to achieve SDN. In addition, according to colleagues, after taking CCIE, you can have a bonus. Can learn things, but also get bonuses, how can such a good thing be missed. With these questions and the benefits of getting bonuses, CCIE is ready.


2 How to preparing CCIE written exam and lab workbook?

In September 2016, I started to CCIE rs exams with several colleagues. The first one was CCIE RS written exam. At that time, I bought CCIE RS Written Dumps at Evedumps. After I got the dumps, I made an appointment for the afternoon CCIE RS Dumps. After all, about 200 CCIE RS questions & answers. So after the afternoon of work, it began to be a nervous back answer, purely hard. I saw more than 1 o'clock in the evening, and then I saw it early in the morning, and I took the subway to go to the exam at noon. Finally, I passed the CCIE RS written test.

In October 2016, CCIE Lab was started. CCIE Lab material was given by a colleague. At home, I started watching eigrp, ospf, bgp video, and probably watched the video until the end of November. Then I did my own experiments and began to understand the routing protocol, but some CCIE knowledge still does not know. Later, after a colleague's guidance, I began to grab the CCIE Lab version.

In December 2016, it began to knock on CCIE Lab Diag, TS, version, the first is the construction of the environment. The construction of the environment is estimated to have been done for a week, of course, only on the weekend, and usually busy work and fitness at night. Behind the familiar topic, the real hands-on knock, one by one subject understanding, first knock lab1 and knock lab2. But at the time I felt that the efficiency was very low, so I formed a CCIE squad with my colleagues. In the meantime, slowly begin to understand lab1, lab2, ts1, ts2, the most painful is TS, often a CCIE problem can not be done, for a long time, sleep at 1 o'clock at night is normal.



On February 24, 2017, I didn't sleep well the night before, and probably slept for 3-4 hours. First test TS1, the first topic is all me, how can not pass behind, vlan 12 is not configured, and later found that ospf an interface to add cost 10, then diag2, then lab1+, when pumping to lab1+ was a little panic After all, the routing of lab1+ is not very skilled, it has not been knocked too many times, no lab2 is proficient, if it is found, it is difficult to deal with.

And when I practiced lab1+ before, in order to save time, I didn't configure vlan myself, so I paid special attention when configuring vlan. Fortunately, l2 has no problem. It took me 40 minutes, the middle road twists and turns, there will be details below. Process description.


4 CCIE Lab Feedback


TS1 doesn't feel much to say, and it's good to master the common mistakes.

1. SW1, SW2 have no active interfae vlan, active, and then find that the route goes to R8 and then to SW1, then add a cost 10 on the vlan 26 interface of SW2, it is normal, R1 plus a maxium-path 2

2. R17 has more ppp authentication chap callout

3. The e2/0 cost of R21 is 1, no, or 10

4. This question, a little forgotten, it seems that R12 also has an ACL on R13, permit R14 can be.

5. Change the setLocalpref of R21's route-map and change gr 16 to le 32.

6. IPV6, R22 route-map set ipv6 next hop is incorrect

7. DMVPN, found that R17 is open, the R17 configuration is brushed to R18, R19 once again, R15 tun0 close horizontal split, R18 eigrp more eigrp stub summary, no off

8. R3, R5, R6, R4 import export is incorrect, R4, R6 e0/0 adds cost, R7 adds default route, 125 network segment, R3 bgp does not declare 125 network segment

9. R24, R7 dmvpn is not established, and it is found that there is a problem with the ipsec configuration. Then it will pass.

10. R23 configure ip name server, ip http server, ip domain lookup on NAS.



The same needs, but the wrong point is different, the students of the exam should pay attention, especially the last two topics, as well as MPLS VPN, the first question is also an ACL, must understand the routing.


Note: IPV6 has a CCIE prefix, and show run | s CCIE will come out.

- l3-ospf, eigrp, AS12345, AS34567, AS45678, AS65222 ospf or eigrp configuration, relatively short answer

- l3 BGP, configure BGP, mpls, and VPNV4 of AS12345 together, and then configure AS34567. After AS34567 is configured, it is found that the default route of R11 is given by R99, not by eigrp of R9, and eigrp of R9 and R11. Bgp reactivated after a period of time, passive once, this can panic me, it is estimated to be troubled. After looking for 20 minutes, I will calm down and do other things first.

- DMVPN, multicast, etc. Don't forget to add ip multicast-routing. I forgot this time and found it later. DMVPN, mulaticast has no problem.

- R12, R13, R14 ipv4, note declaring e0/0, lo0.

- PE prifix-list, found that R12 trace when routing to R20 does not go, found that R2, R3 to R20 vrf INET has a prefix-list, this should be only for Global ISP, after all, practice Less, hehe. . Then R12 trace R18 is passable.

- tr seems to be from R3, tr is from R2, but I was at R3 at the time, and later made a route-map on R20 to set the weight. The phenomenon came out. This place was not noticed when practicing.

- I will continue to check AS34567 later. I will disable the eigrp and bgp configurations of R8-R11. I checked from l2 and found that the trunk of SW3 was lost. I changed it from the new configuration and shutted it down once and then put eigrp, bgp, Configured, neighbors are built.

- IPV6 is partially configured, and the phenomenon is also there. When the configuration of ssh is done later, and other configurations, it is found that R20 pings from R10, but R8 and R9 can ping. The default route of R11 is bgp. Eigrp, this time is less than half an hour from 4 o'clock, of course, other phenomena have, so I think, if this problem is not fixed, it should not hang it, and calm down to find that R9 does not put R9 The neighbor is active, I don't know if it was troubled or I forgot to write it. There are still 20 minutes, and I am relieved. Never give up!



When you are done with TS, you can save some of the configuration to your test computer, for example, DMVPN, IPSEC, etc.

After finishing DIAG, there will usually be 15 minutes left. This time can't end early. At this time, you can go to the toilet and relax a little. After coming back, I suggest to create a few new txt, because I usually use txt when configuring. I have named l2.txt, ospf-mpls.txt, eigrp.txt, bgp-ce.txt, bgp-pe.txt, dmvpn.txt respectively. I can configure some simple pre-configurations first, especially configuring BGP. When you want to re-use the replace function, the shortcut key ctrl + H, directly replace, and then check.

Be sure to understand how the routing is passed, how the routing is going and how the routing is returned. This is very important! Whether it is lab or TS.

Don't have a chance to be lucky. I have to carefully prepare the various materials of CCIE Lab. I almost hung up this time. Fortunately, there are time in the CCIE lab exam a few days ago, and I have done it several times. If there is an opportunity, it is necessary to form a strong Team, not to be alone, very boring, find a 3 or 4 people to test together, so that they can encourage each other to solve problems. You can


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