In this article, I'm gonna Reveal to you the most effective way and how you need to study your cisco ccna 200 301 in order for you to pass the test. The first time - and I know you're - probably going through some article tutorials right now or you're - probably going through the cisco ccna book - or maybe you are doing some hands-on. You know some labs and some of the topics about the cisco ccna. What would you say and bear with me here? ? What would you say you see because the answer that I often get is you know jorge I'm going through this article, So I'm going through this book or doing this lapse, Because, Obviously I want to study the topics for me to get my cisco ccna certification and I'm like no you're lying to me. That's not the main reason and why you are taking the time to study.

You know the topics for the ccna, What you really want, If you look at it at the big picture, Is getting a job an id, And that can be probably for you to get your first job in it or maybe you already have one, But you want To go to the next level, And that means you want to upgrade that job that you have now in it2 a better one and that's the reason why you are taking the time you know to go through the articles or go through the book or doing basically, Some of the labs that will help you for you to know the topics about the cisco ccna right. So that's the reason why I'm doing this article, Because the advice and guidance that I'm gonna give you will help you not only for you to pass that cisco ccna exam. The first try, But also for you to be able to get that job and what that means is - and I really need you to listen to this, , That it matters like it matters a lot how you go and approach studying the topics for the cisco ccna. So I really hope that you're gonna take notes about the advice and guidance that I'm gonna give you, Because by the way, This is something that I go through myself and every certifications and every certification that I go through so again take some notes so number one And this will be focused obviously on the cisco, Ccna. .

So again it matters a lot how you learn the topics. So this is one thing that I tell everyone and I advise everyone to do take a week. You know, Or take probably two weeks and study, How the mind process information, How the mind learns, Because that's gonna help you a lot and how you're gonna end up and learn and process everything that you're gonna learn related to that cisco ccna, Because that's gonna help. You not only for you to be able to understand a lot better what you are going through and obviously too, For you to be able to recall. You know to remember what you are learning and, Obviously for you to be able to really associate listen for you to associate everything that you are learning in a big picture. That way, You are able to communicate that a lot better when you go through that job interview process, Because, Obviously you don't want to sound like everyone else, You know you're going to end up going through a job interview process and more likely you're going to end Up talking to maybe one three, Maybe five people right and t're gonna ask you questions and some of those questions will be what technical questions right and you don't wanna sound or say the same things that the other five ten candidates right are saying.

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No, You wanna sound different and you want to communicate a lot better, And this will help you so just take a week take two weeks. You know and learn how the mind learns: the process of learning how to learn. That's one thing that, Obviously we teach network engineer academy. So that's one thing: , Now! Second, What's the second thing? Don'T get a book? That's the second! Don'T get a book! That's the second thing! I tell people if you're going through your ccna, Don't get a book. That's not gonna help you as much as doing the other things that I'm gonna tell you in the next few minutes. You know I've been going through a book before and me going through different ways and how to study a topic, A new, A new topic.

For me, You know, I tried different things and obviously it can down to or you can down it comes down to what I'm telling you right now and that's exactly what I go through. That's exactly the advice and guidance that I tell my students. So no don't get a book.

Trust me on this. It's not going to help you! You know it's going to basically take you more time and dra and hold you back and you've been able to get your cisco ccna sooner than later. ! So don't book! Now, Let's say that you are new and 19, So I'm going to advise you for you to take a week, Maybe two weeks and go through that cantia network plus topics, I'm not asking you for you to take the exam, I'm not asking you for you to Get that network plus certification, The only thing I'm asking you is for you to study that topics.

That way, You have a more a bigger understanding about how one computer you know communicates with another computer, An obviously for you to know some of the network devices. You know like a router, A switch, A firewall, You know a proxy server. You know for you to have the understanding about network security. You know about cloud computing, You know about virtualization again, Just for you to have that big picture, And once you have them probably you do now. Yes, Now go after that, Cisco ccna. So the first thing that you need to do is you need to have a plan based on , The first thing and this plan is, I need to go through two vendors, Not one.

I believe one can be us network, Engineer academy, But make sure you take the time to go through two. That way, You have two trainers. Not just one two trainers teaching you the same topics their own way, And I know maybe one trainer is gonna, Say one thing that the other trainer won't say and one thing that I'm gonna ask.

You is look for those that you connect to trainers and the ones that will teach you the technical topics through a storytelling, Because that's what we do not just based on a technical definition, Because once again remember it matters how you learn the information. So again, Right: two vendors. So once you do that, Then you go and take time to do research, Research and what and some of the topics that you still have questions and some of the topics that you still need to kind of go through and understand. A lot more, But first you go through two vendors and by the way this is not for you to , I'm going through this vendor. First, , So I'm gonna go through the articles and then I'm gonna do lamps and I'm gonna do research and then I'm gonna do more labs and then I'm gonna go back to some of those articles and then I'm gonna do more research.

No, You don't do that because once again now you are all over the place. You have to be very specific and how you go and learn the topics, And this is how it works. And again, This will help you for you to get your cisco ccna sooner than later. So again you go through two vendors, , On articles, Article tutorials and make sure you take the time to go through all of them without doing some research or without taking a lot of time to do lot. Don'T do that and I'm gonna tell you why in just a minute? so again you go through the articles based on two vendors: two resources: .

Now the second thing is research. You take the time to do research and by the way I have a article under description and on that article. I walk you through on the seventh week, Not three months, Not 10 months, No and seven weeks, A very detailed process step by step and how you get your cisco cna. And I go through many things that I'm telling you right now in detail and how you want the seven weeks and being able to accomplish that.

So that's something! That's an interest for you that link it's in the description. Now going back! So what you do after research, Because, By the way, When you do research, You have to do it in a very specific way. That way, You really take advantage of going through some of the topics that you want to go through, Based on the research that you're gonna do. Now, What's the next thing you do after you do some research you take time only and only to do labs.

That's it. This is not. , I'm gonna go back to some of the articles. Let me do more research about this.

No, When you get to the point that now you're gonna do labs, That's the only thing you do labs now. I really need you to listen to this, Because this is what's gonna, Take and how you learn the information and for you to get a job, Not just like get the ccna and doing the labs through scenarios and doing the labs through stories. If you don't do that, It's not going to help you as much probably you're, Going to end up getting your cisco ccna. Yes, But you may not end up getting the job. That's the reason why, Right now, You see a lot of people in the iet community, T just t have their cisco ccna, But t don't have a job in it and that once t do, You know it's not like a high-paying job and jess you're doing the Right things with the cisco ccna and studying the topics, The right way, You'll be able to communicate a lot better. Once you go through that job interview process that way, You'll be able to position yourself with you know I have the value that you are looking for.

I have the value based on what you need based on this position, That I'm applying to right so again, The way that you communicate matters and you doing laps through a scenarios that you create through stories. That's going to help you a lot now. What's the last thing, You do questions, That's the last thing. You do questions and I have a article too and that, On the description on this article there are, There is a very specific way and how to go through questions.

You know we all go through. You know we all go through questions right in order for us to say like do we got this? You know that way. We are more confident, I'm going and taking the test. You know what many people do is memorize questions.

Don'T do that if you end up memorizing questions, I'm telling you you may end up getting your cisco ccna, But you will not get the job, So it matters how you go and learn how you go and study the questions, And I have a article also on That description and how you need to study the questions about the ccna . So it's something that I know will help you a lot. But that's basically, You know my advice and how to approach on how to be more effective and how you're going to study the topics for the cisco ccna. If you have any questions, I'm going to make sure that I'm going to answer those questions myself.

So take the time and the comments for you to ask me any question, Because obviously I really want to help you and don't forget to subscribe and share this article, Because I know this information will help someone else. So do that and I will talk to you in the next article you

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