Now. Why should you stop buying certification books? I mean a certification books, they'r Pretty expensive right, I mean the CCNA book.

That's expired, T're gonna want to sit for the new exam and t're gonna want to get that new exam book. So just stop don't buy another certification book now now hold on. I know what you're thinking, Let me pump the brakes for a second Chuck. You always tell us to get certification books and you're right you're right. So let me let me backtrack a little bit.

I love certification books. I mean I really do I use them for every certification. In fact, I always tell people there are three things you need to successfully prepare for your certification exam, No matter what it is: CCNA, +, Security +.

I need a great article course whether it's EveDumpsor a unity course. Then you need a good lab . You gotta be able to practice this stuff, Whether using packet, Tracer, Gns3 or a physical lab. You got to have a good lab to reinforce those topics and then you need a good certification book. So now you're telling us that certification books are awesome, But you're telling us not to buy them. How does that work? so I got you here now.

I found this tool about six months ago. I should have found it five years ago. It's called SafarI Books Online. Now this thing it's like the Netflix for certification books. What is SafarI Books Online? Let me show you it's a subscription service. Let's go to real quick now before I even get into how cool this is.

Let me show you the price just so you got this down 400 for a year, I'm not paying that but $39. For my that's about the price of one CCNA book, But instead of getting one book you get all the books, Can I just show you real quick how many CCNA books I have. Let me let me take you through a few here. Let me search for CCNA and hold on.

Let me change the books I'll get to the media part in a second, No, Not articles books. So the 31 days before your CCNA, That's an awesome book highly recommend that comes with it. You can use it whenever you want see seen a quick reference if you need the heck. Baby, Have cyber ops.

Cyber ops is is huge right now, Buzzword, Right now. Look how many pages we got here. Even my buddy Anthony squares stuff isn't here, Look at that now. I know this is a popular one. What about lammle he's the awesome trainer whoo look at that todd! Lammle is here too .

What, If you're, Not doing your CCNA or what? If you just finished you moving on well, , What about CC and P? Do t have CCP books, ? And let me let me jump into one of the books just so you got a feel for what it looks like, Let's jump into the 31 days of four years, CCNA thing here book and just take a look at how it feels start reading now and there You have it, I mean I'm in the book, I'm a table of contents and there you have it. I mean it's right there. You can highlight.

200-901 Exam Questions

Add a note. I mean it's, It's all there. No, What? If what, If you're studying through your A+, We got that what about security plus you got that network plus kappa 2 and then whatever else your heart desires really, Like you know, One of my favorites python. I just talked about raspberry pI's, Look at that.

T have all kinds of stuff on kalI linux. Now let me jump into the media part. So if you saw what I did earlier at searching for CCNA and I specified books, But but look t have some article training that comes with it too. That's also part of that $40 a month, So I always recommend buying a book. But if you can just pay $39 a month for all the books and also some pretty good article train to supplement what you already have that's a killer value, I didn't hesitate to buy this and not, And also the other cool part, Is that it's an app On your phone too, So you can save all of these offline and just jump into them and there it all is see. I know it's not that much different from like buying a digital copy like on Kindle or something, But but when you have all the books on your phone, Whenever you need them, You can't beat that so.

Have you ever found yourself like wondering? What's the best CCNA book or what's the best CCP book like what which one's the best to prepare and you'll do your research, You know and you'll have to pick one right, Because the books are not cheap with SafarI Books Online pick all of them. If you want, You have unlimited books, You can grab all the books I so wish. I would have found this resource a lot sooner. So that's why I'm telling you about this.

I think it's awesome. I never want to buy another certification book again because I don't have to worry about. You know, Throwing my books in my backpack. I'Ve got it all in my lap, Or even even my cell phone here, You can download them offline and you've got your resources. It's it's killer, Man and I know I know like the some people, Like the feel of a physical book, You like to hold it in your hand, And you like to smell the pages or something I don't know, And you like to use physical, Highlighters and Tabs and things like that, , Fine - I get it but come on we're in the digital age.

Now use an iPad use, A user phone use a laptop. I love physical books too, I'm in the same camp but the convenience and the value of SafarI Books Online. I'm sorry, I can't buy another book. I can't I just can't do it.

So if I peaked your interest link below check it out SafarI books online, I think t do a 7-day free trial, So just try it out and, Like I said, I've been using this for the last six months. I'm a paying user of this. I haven't bought a certification book since so again check it out, Link below or you can go to, Network Chuck com forward, Slash books where I list all my favorite books, Which really is all on this website. That's it go there. Well, Anyways ! That's about it! I wanted to include this quick tip this week about a wonderful tool that I wished I would have known about ages ago, And I wanted to put that in your hands because it's it's awesome, Especially if you're just always going always learning like you, Should be, And Always trying to get that next certification, This this thing's, Great and plus, If you're like, If you're an admin or an engineer at a company odds, Are you're not only gonna, Be doing routing and switching things or you're not only going to be doing windows things or A plus or security plus stuff, You might have to open a book just to find out information on it on a task.

Now that you have known about the fact, you must be attracted to achieving it. If you wish to have it, you must have to do lots and lots of studies, unless you have a good and reliable 200-901 Exam Questions provider like that of the EveDumps.


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