So you were like me: you wanted a ccna career path with no experience. Don'T worry, Because I started as a delivery driver working for a pizza company and in one year's time, When I decided I wanted this path. I started working for a very large computer networking organization. You would know them t make t're well known for their certificates, Their industry standard . There's that's my experience from delivery driver to starting to get experience in this big mega corporation, Where I can actually have some practical experience. I'll tell you insider tips on how to go from zero.

It experience and get and start to get practical experience in it. I know like a lot a lot of the studies and a lot of times can be wasted because there's so much focus there's so much places where you can focus in this, So you're seeing a career path with, And especially if you have no experience. You'll, Be distracted by shiny objects that you'll see in job posts, So I'll, Give you the secret sauce and how you can focus your time. Your studies in the right way in in what recruiters want, Because a lot of times recruiters want you to have five thousand years of experience for an entry-level job. I'll show you how you can get started within the first month: so I'm jess, I'm with gig mocha here at this channel, We're dedicated to providing real practical solutions in the world of it. So the first thing you can do is a volunteer to get experience.

So when I got started, I went on craigslist so in my local ads and I found a small business, A one-person business who had contractors here and there, But I told him I got a phone call with him said: I'll work for you for free. If you just teach me computer networking this it world, So that's how I got started. I was able to install hardware, Understand the processes of mostly networking technologies from hardware perspectives, So I equipped cables ethernet cables. I was able to install routers and switches into organizations.

Small businesses - I was also there - was also some project management side of things where I had to go out on site cable management issues from a network closet space, So that really helped solidify what I was learning from a hardware perspective and it also amplified like my Desire to keep pushing forward in my ccna studies, So another way you can volunteer is if you have friends and family who have like computer networking issues, Maybe t might not have cisco related stuff, But the concepts with computer networking is very valuable, Because what you're Learning is applied in the when your learning is applied to the real world. It really solidifies these concepts and helps when you scale these ideas through larger networking problems, Because the concepts are basically the same: how packets, How information is moved from one area to another.

It's very similar from a small office home office to a very large industry, A very large enterprise kind of organization. So if you had friends or family or even small business, Small businesses, Church mosques, Organizations like this in your area, See if you can volunteer and just ask I'm trying to move up in my networking career and my ccna career path, And this is the Way that you can gain experience so go ahead and go out there and see what you can do as far as volunteering goes. It doesn't have to take up all of your time, But you know if you could spend a few hours or a week. It could even be a weekend game but eventually it'd be kind of interesting if you could actually make make it into a free to an actual side hustle. But the point is volunteer, Get experience if you get paid for it great.

If not that's fine too. The point is experience because you're still learning so while you're doing that, You need to spend time on actual cc and age studies you'll be tempted to skip the labs, Do not skip the labs. The labs are where the the bread and butter happens without to actually like gaining experience, Because you'll learn quite a bit of the concepts that you need to doing.

The networking specific interviews so make sure you do. The labs know how to apply the labs into know how to apply the theory into the labs like take a course, And if t talk about labs just do them. So I noticed on cbt nuggets t go through the ccma course and meanwhile t'll have articles where you can actually pull up a lab. You don't necessarily have to use gns3 or viral. I know that's like wow, That's a very uncommon advice, Just because it takes up a lot of time to spin these things up and if you're not familiar with a virtual environment or like a how to set up a virtual world.

350-801 Exam Questions

It's going to take up a lot of your time and can be quite detrimental in your quick wins earlier on in your it career. You want quick wins, Because these quick wins, Allow you to slingshot and feel more confident in taking the next step up. The the point of this is. Without it you you want to get experience as soon as possible, So you do these things that will give you the eighty percent of the outcome, With twenty percent of the effort. So just do the labs that you find that on cbt nuggets. I I really actually recommend them, Because the the labs are built into like a web-based interface, So you can just go and type in your command.

Make sure you take notes, So you can review them. And then the next thing you can do is start interviewing. Like it's your job, So maybe set a goal for yourself and if you look for entry-level job positions, Network, Technician, Network, Junior network administrator, Anything with like junior networks ex start interviewing for these things, Even even field technicians that have networking rules in them like if It says cc or cisco, Routers and switches in a field technician role. Anything entry level start interviewing for these jobs try to hit like maybe two or three interviews per week and during these interviews start realizing. What questions are these recruiters asking now? This is this? Is the secret sauce because this is actually where you'll understand where the market what the market actually needs? So I know you'll look through the job descriptions and it shows you so many things that you might not know.

But when the recruiters ask you, Questions, Write the write them down and spend time studying now a good question. I asked the recruiters after the interview when t usually say: do you have any questions for me? Ask them what ask them, What kind of? What kind of skill sets do you think would help me become more of a your ideal candidate. So these these kinds of questions help you understand like how to iterate your study techniques. So if t say we need someone who under has a basic cca knowledge of the ports knowing ports.

So go back in your studies and memorize like what ports you. What ports? You need to know like port 80, Like port 443, Just basic ports like what computer port it is like. Http, Http and 443 is http with secure, Socket layer, Just these random things and have a basic idea of what t do. Um in the computer world, That's actually a very common question for entry, Entry-level network technicians or network careers.

So the four things that you need to do is volunteer spend more times with practical ccna study labs do not skip them if you're using cbt nuggets use the guI web-based, Because it saves a lot of time. You don't have to set up gns3, You don't have to set up a virtual environment where you can start labbing. You can just do it directly on the guI if you want to go really hardcore use boson, But that might take a little bit more time. You want to get your job as a job in the networking space a job in the networking space as quickly as possible.

Third thing is interview, Like it's your job fourth thing interview on what the recruiters, What the market really needs,. So if the recruiter says you need to work on this study this and then later on in your next interview. You won't be surprised by this question, So do this pretty consistently, I would say: try to get your first networking job as soon as possible. If you, If you can finish your ccna first, That might be great so while you're starting your ccna within this four month within a four month time frame, I think it's very doable so you're ceasing in the four month time frame get the volunteer and on The fifth month try to land an entry-level job. It doesn't have to pay you much, But it is an entry level job because because in the world of it like you might not start offs, You might start off very small.

But within a year you will see like incredible increases and jumps in your pay scale, Like absolutely phenomenal. If you want more insider tips with me, Click on the link below and sign up for limited coaching I'll go through your linkedin profile I'll help. You set up a plan for your next month or to three months that will get your career moving along, And if you want to know more about my my ccna career path, You can check out a article I created in the link below as well. So until next time .

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