2022 CCNA exam registration What are the precautions? CCNA does not have strict application requirements. Anyone over the age of 18 with DOS, Windows and a certain level of English proficiency in-service personnel, students in colleges and universities, and those who require technical knowledge of key network equipment All personnel can sign up for the Cisco certification exam.

CCNA registration related

CCNA registration methods

CCNA registration methods are mainly three. The first is to use the online service of Pearsen VUE to register for the test through the website; the second is to register for the test by calling the customer service center; the third is to directly bring the ID card to the local test center to register. The specific customer service phone number and test center can be registered through Official website or other websites for inquiries. That is the URL we mentioned above.

Exam Time

Candidates can make an appointment for the exam by themselves. The exam time is not fixed and very user-friendly.

Carrying IDs

The ccna exam needs to carry two IDs.
First documents: passport, ID card, military ID card, Hong Kong and Macau pass
Second documents: credit card, driver's license, student ID, medical insurance card, temporary residence permit, work permit

CCNA test preparation

CCNA exam preparation is mainly based on the question bank. The question bank has a total of about 400 questions, including about 385 multiple-choice questions, about 10 drag-and-drop questions, and about 5 experimental questions, including three ACL, EIGRP, VTP. Troubleshooting is a must.

CCNA exam

CCNA exam has a total of 1000 points, 825 points are passed, and the test time is 120 minutes. A total of 50 questions are drawn from the question bank, 45 choices, 2 experiments, and three compulsory experiments. ACL EIGRPVTP troubleshooting, among which experiments account for a large proportion of the test, even if you choose and drag the picture correctly, the experiment will not If you get two questions right, you will probably fail, so the experimental questions are very important, so at least 2.5 questions should be correct for three experiments.

CCNA exam room process

Make an appointment for the exam in advance. After confirmation, go to the exam room in advance on the day of the exam. You can't be late. Don't forget to bring two valid documents. The ID card is required, and the other one Documents can be driver's license, student ID, temporary residence permit, etc. After you arrive at the test room, the invigilator will take a copy of your ID card, sign it on VUE, take a photo, etc. After completing the formalities, you can enter the examination room. Please note that you cannot bring anything with you.


The examination system is divided into two types: VUE and Prometric. The system is different, and the content of the questionnaire at the beginning is slightly different, but don't worry, it is relatively safe to choose B. Finish a point NEXT, until END. Because option B usually means that the test taker is of average level, the selected test questions are not too difficult. Note: One of the surveys asks if you are over 18 years old. Be sure to select 18 years old (YES).

Official exam

Those who take the same subject at the same test center on the same day will generally not change much on the day. During the test, marking and going back are not allowed. Once you click NEXT, you cannot go back to the previous question to modify. There is plenty of time for the exam, and people who take the exam for the first time may be nervous. In fact, as long as you prepare well, the exam time is still enough, and you can rest assured.

Registration after the test

Generally, you will receive an email from CISCO every two or three days after the test. He will provide the URL in the email, and then you have to go to the Internet to register your address information, etc. Because the registration information can be modified within ten days, that is to say, if the time passes, you cannot apply for a paper certificate, so you'd better hurry up and register! After registration, CISCO will process the email, and you can see whether he issued a certificate on the website. Generally, it takes two weeks to process, and four to seven weeks to receive the certificate.


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