Cisco CCNP certified network engineer

Market prospects:

First, Cisco CCNP network engineers have a high starting salary for employment, and the monthly salary of network engineers with certain work experience is generally 8,000 It is not a dream to have an annual salary of 200,000 for a senior network engineer by 10,000.

Secondly, Cisco CCNP network engineers are in great demand. The annual demand for network engineers in our country exceeds 900,000. The network is developing rapidly, and the training speed of network engineers has not kept up. The supply of network engineers is in short supply, and the salary is naturally good.

Thirdly, Cisco CCNP network engineers have a very large development space. The positions that can be engaged include network security engineers, network administrators, database engineers, etc., with the continuous enrichment of experience and the continuous proficiency of skills, even more Become a project manager.

Enrollment requirements:

1. Starting with zero foundation, I want to be an excellent network engineer

2. I have served as a network manager in the company, I want Transform to a senior Microsoft network engineer

Lecture content:

1. Cisco routing: learn to implement EIGRP network, learn to implement multi-area OSPF network, describe the implementation of integrated IS-IS network, Learn to implement IOS routing features, learn to implement BGP network in service operator network, learn to construct multicast network architecture, learn to implement IPv6 network and OSPFv3 operation, learn to implement MPLS VPN based on frame mode, learn to implement a site-to-site Point IPSec/VPN network, compare the difference and equality between IPSec and GRE

2. Cisco switching: learn to use VLAN to organize departments and users in the campus network, learn to implement 802.1Q, ISL; VTP and EtherChannel, learn Implement the spanning tree protocol in a hierarchical network, learn to use routing to achieve inter-VLAN communication, learn to use gateway redundancy protocols such as HSRP to implement network backup, describe and configure wireless client access, describe the implementation of security in a switched network Features, configuration and implementation of switching network support for voice

3. Network troubleshooting: understand the process of troubleshooting corporate networks, learn and use troubleshooting tools, learn corporate campus network troubleshooting solutions, and learn corporate routing And safe fault solutions, reasonable implementation of enterprise network technology

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