So I want to talk about what Cisco continued education program is, And then I want to talk about the mindset that I have because, As asked of me personally, The mindset that I have around certification renewal so so first off the continuing education program. Let me let me jump to that just type it in Google you'll land on this page high level view Cisco, Will recertify you if you have existing certifications just by attending classes. So if you scroll down a little bit on this page, You know t go through a whole bunch of things when, Where how it cetera et cetera, This is the core right here.

What you need to do, One agree to the terms and conditions: earn 100 credits by RIT by completing the pre-approved education offerings and then pay your fee, Which is, If you scroll the bottom, About 300 bucks to participate in this program. So so my initial thing was like: how long do you have to achieve the these? You know continuing education credits and the answer is three years, So you know because the certification is renew every three years, So you just got to keep on hundred credits within three years, And I looked at this and I was like.

You know because I you know I kind of hesitated when I saw , Ten credits. That's a lot! That's like it feels like a lot denim have to go to until I actually doable it'll bit deeper into the program itself and I started looking at the catalog. So if you attend the full week class, You know, For example, In a specialist certification, You could get 40 credits and I'm like , That that feels a little more realistic. It's just just attending old and by the way a lot of people go.

I can go to Cisco, Live and get all these things. Well but t cap you. T say you can get a maximum of 70 credits at Cisco live, Which is great, But you got to do a little bit beyond that, So so big picture. Let me let me come back and tell you my thoughts after understanding it a little more big picture on continuing education. Is I get it and I and I love it if you're already attending those classes for something else, I'm a big believer in knowledge. For knowledge sake is worth meaning, There's a lot of people that just sit there most their day and just look at new postings and blogs and attend classes, And you know you call them the eternal student somebody who's who's, Always learning, But never really producing results.

300-710 Exam Questions

so I would say it's not really for me because a lot of times I don't I don't if I attend something. It's because I'm really hungry about it. I want to learn it and I'm not thinking. , What does this go to my continuing education program? you mean so I'm gonna go learn. You know something I would really hate, Because I just want the anyway that big-picture mindset.

I know, There's a lot more. We can talk about that, But I want to keep this short. So let me talk about my recertification mindset in general recertifying for me, And I'm gonna apply it to me and I'd love to hear your thoughts if it's different it kind of faded away. Once I achieved the CCIE meaning once you reach that that peak level certification, Maintaining all the other ones we're kind of like I don't really care. You know like when you say your CCIE.

Nobody is like. , But did you get the ccnp? What about the CCNA, What it like? It's just! Whoa, Wow! that's that's great! And so so I'm certified in a whole bunch of what I would call hodgepodge things because there's times where I'm teaching a class or I'm putting some training together and I'm like. , I want to go take that exam, So I can make sure that I'm teaching to a lot of what t're gonna be asking, But that's about it. I don't. I don't really go through and maintain all the the the specifics of certifications and I think that's true for most people that I know is certifications and I'll, Say education in general get you to where you need to be, And then you kind of launch into whatever You want to launch into like you're, Not gonna, Stop learning. Let me let me say that, Because you're in technology and that, If you stop you're gonna, Be outdated and wondering what happened to you.

So you're always learning, But you start going after the things. You'Re. Really interested in or there's a project that I'm working on, I got to learn this technology and it may or may not align with with getting certified in that. So so you, You use certifications to get you where you need to be, And then you, If you're gonna, Recertify like for instance, The only reason I recertify my CCIE is because by golly I think of all the blood, Sweat and tears.

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