As you can probably see on the title of this article, I ended up getting my cisco Ccnp certification, And I will tell you this. It was not an easy thing for me to do, Even though I've been working in IT for so many years, Even though I teach that topics and the CCNA, Even though I had hints and experience and previous jobs and some projects based on some of the topics, Technology is related to that three exams. Once again, It was not an easy thing for me to do, And this is why I listened because when you want to learn that topics when you want to go to a process and get certified the right way, It takes time most people. As you know, T go on go through a few articles, Memorize the questions and get certified. That's not going to help you for you to get that job that you want for you to get listened the income that you want.

so make note and that so in this article, Obviously I'm gonna tell you exactly what I did. You know how I went through an approach, This process for me to get the CCNP and probably, If you read my previous article, I end up failing one of the exams that route exam and obviously for me, Was like man why you know, Like I put so Much effort in this and for me it was more about that timeline. It was just a few weeks, You know, And I really wanted to go through and get you know that simpie routing and switching you know the previous one another one that's out there, And I know that you probably thinking right now. You know: what's how this is gonna help me.

You know if this is not out there, No more! You know I'm focused more on getting the new CCNP. I got it, But now waited. I went on how I end up approaching this process. So take note. And obviously I'm gonna go through a few things that I already went through and some other articles, But once again take note.

number one obviously learn the topics. Now you don't go and learn the topics of something it's new to you from a book. Don'T do that? if you know how the money works, If you know how the mind learns information, You will know that the book - that's one of the last thing for you to go through when you want to learn something new. So I will tell you how I did at first. Obviously I decided I need to get my CCNP.

You know one, Because obviously I want to get a higher paying job in my IT career. At one point you know, As you probably know, I still have a full-time job. You know and I have a family too and I'm doing the articles doing network engineer Academy. You know doing many calls with my students so you're, Probably thinking . How can you do all of that? You know like really how people do all of that you know being able to have a full-time job. You know other responsibilities and take time for you to study for you to pass a test, How people do that? That's called sacrifices.

My friend sacrifices. Nothing is easy in this life, So just you have to go through a few sacrifices and I will tell you this and write this down. Like write this down.

so listen people go through sacrifices at one point in their life. You and me: every single human goes to sacrifices at one point in their life. Now it's up to you for you to decide for you to go through sacrifices now, So you can have the life that you dream up later, All for you not to do anything about it, But probably at one point your life you're gonna go through some sacrifices That you don't want to go through it's not really up to you put the yahood. You have to pour now for the life that you want just to pay the bills, That's how many people are going through their life right now, So this side makes some sacrifices right now for you to have a better life in the next few months in the Next few years, That's exactly how I went on and me doing this. You know like for the last few months there were no weekends. For me, I was going on this for 12 hours and Saturday.

Imagine that on Sunday you know cuz. I have to do the articles I have to study. I have to do you know my work and my full-time job. You know I have product to spend some time with that family was very difficult thing for me to do, But I went all-in and I went through that and I went on doing that so again you come to the side where you have to go through some Sacrifices and by the way here that retest, You know that I ended up going through in a month now, You're, Probably thinking. How are you able to accomplish that in a month, Corky come and like tell me the truth, What will tell you how it is? so what happened? So I decide? I need to get this done. Obviously, We have a deadline for me to take the three exams.

so let me reverse engineer this process. I know I have some experience. You know I have some knowledge and a lot of that topics, But how can I approach this? I can go based on one exam at the time or I can go through all of the topics.

First, You know and then take the exam one by one, But I have to go to all of the topics first and that's exactly how I end up doing that so how I end up doing that. So I end up going through CBT Nuggets. All of the articles t had about that CCNP of roaring and switching. That was my first resource, And that took me probably about almost three weeks. If I go back and I think about it - was probably about three weeks: , All of the articles, Some of them twice no labs.

I was taking notes. You know up no labs at that point, Then, When I went through that, I'm like , Let me see what the pro side has to offer, Based on the CMP routing and switching so I went through now output, Some of the articles that I need to the More information about so I went, And I did that - that took me about two weeks and then I went on and I gotta II and II. So I went through all of their articles. It took longer to a month, So I went through all of that at this point no lapse.

Yes, I was doing some configurations for no lapse, And this is why, Because once t went through those resources - and I also end up going through some articles with IT Pro to be - I end up going through. Not all of them put some articles out with IT pro TV, So that took about three months. Give it up.

Take it about three months. I'm like , I went through now one resource are you listening when I go in a study, An exam? I never go based on one resource, Not even two, Even though I have experience, I never do that. I know how that mind works.

I know I need this information, Not just for me to pass a test, But it's this information for my IT career and eventually for me to teach this to other people, Because that's one thing that I don't like about many of the trainers. T are really good. So listen t're, Really good because t know their stuff, But some of them don't know how the mind learns information so when t teach it t're, Not teaching it in a way that you can process that information in a way, That's gonna help you for you To remember, In a way that you can create, Listen, A stories in a way that you can connect in a way that you can associate things with things that you probably already know.

300-410 Exam Questions

That's. What's missing and technical educational articles out there and that's where I come in, You know I want to provide that, So you can go through topics and be like wow. I got this. I can even teach it to someone else right away, Even though this topic was completely new to me. But once again for me to be able to get to that level, I have to go through now: 123 resources, Different people, Different ways of teaching - you know want same topics, So I end up doing that.

So what I did next, I ended up doing for a month. More than a month laughs. That's all! I did lapse lapse, Lapse, Laughs! You know I Corrine my own lap and then I put more into it.

You know, Based on the topic that I was hopping, That I was going next and the next and the next. So I creating like a few laps and that took me more than about a month and a half me going through that, And then I did some research online. That's the last thing I do adding went through any book that was enough out there. You know the last thing is for me to go through a book right now with a new CCNP.

Yes, I probably go through a book because it's not too much of resources out there, But the previous CCNP too much of resources no need to me for me. For me to go to the book, So I end up doing a lot of research - about a week two weeks, Just research and a few things that at that point I felt really cute about it. I have just a few questions and different topics, So I went and I did that then I went. I went through some questions. I went through some other labs and I also went and talked to a few people that t recently faraway end up taking the test.

Just for me to get a better idea about the topics you know where the topics that you were able that you were more on the exam that way, I can just make sure that I'm really good at it. So that's exactly what I did so I ended up doing that for about four months and top of that was starting to for my Microsoft certification. So for me this went down by July when I'm like , It's time for me to study. So I went underneath on enough money not running off for the last two months of last year, 2019. It was like all in , So and the first month of this year, 2020, The same thing.

So I'm like , It's time for me to get that three exams. . So at that point I'm like , Let me schedule the first test and as you probably, If you saw my previous article, I fell. I'm like I only have about three weeks and I felt this one exam.

I'm not gonna be able to make this happen. You know my you know. I'm just gonna wait for the new one from like you know. You know, I see the big picture. I need to make this happen.

I need to make this happen, So I'm like , So once again right. I study study, Study, Sacrifice based on time. You know I went on and starting all the way to midnight 1:00 in the morning.

You know I get up. I was going through a few things and my job, Then I was listening into a few things and my commute also from house to work from world to house. Once I get at the house, I was just eating starting doing laps, More laps and starting and more laps and like . I was doing that for so long, But I will tell you this. It was worth it so now. I can finally say that I have my cisco ccnp that something that I really wanted to go for so long, But because I had many things going on.

I couldn't, But you see, That was an excuse, Because if I really wanted to make that happen boom, I will be able to make that happen way before that. But you know that timeline right help me. You know like , This is the last.

T need to take. You know that three accents, Oh and by the way, And that twenty second of Dhamma of that month, You know two days before the last day. That's when I took my last test, You know, And thankfully I passed, I did my research. You know I talked you up again, A few people about how t went on and getting their cesium pin, And once again I went on under learning that topics I went on. Indeed, A lot of hands on. I put a few things that I have gone through.

Based on my experience, Working in, I team my positions, But at the same time you know with everything that I was learning from a lot of people and that's exactly what's gonna allow you for you to really differentiate yourself for most people, Because most people again, As You probably know t may go through a few articles. Let me do maybe a few laps and t go and memorize some questions that a lot of people most of those questions don't have any idea of, And that's why t cannot get a high paying job. So do the work it's worth it that way you can differentiate yourself from everyone else and obviously I want it to go to the topics, Because I want to teach the new CCNP and that's something that I will be doing in the next few months. I'm right now working and creating the new CCNA, And one thing that I'm going to ask you before I forget is for you to subscribe to this channel for you to share this content like I really want to help a ton of people for them to accelerate The process to get a high paying job in IET, Because it's possible many students in my coaching program have done it and many of them, Probably don't even care about experience that you have, But t were able to accomplish a lot more.

Why? Because t know a few things that probably you don't. This is why I want to reach out as a mask people as possible for them to not for me to tell them what to do. I wanna keep to tell you what to do, But for you to decide on your own now t do have options and what to do, What not to do. . So again, That's how I end up getting my CCNP now the question in and I will do another article is what certifications for me are next and why, Right now we have cybersecurity.

It's going up. We have cloud computing, It's going up, You know many people ask you know for . I want to be in cloud a cloud engineer. You know there are many Japs out there.

T'Ve been really good, But I don't know if to go with. You know. Google or Amazon AWS or with Microsoft - I sure I mean it doesn't matter really. I mean it's cloud, You know, But again we have many technologies out there. So I will tell you what will be my next move and why and one of those moves will be my CC ie.

I need to get my CCI infrastructure this year and I'm going all-in and there are another two certifications that I want to get to this year. So just imagine this right and I'm gonna ask you this before I tell you what's the most difficult thing that, For you will be, And you're really getting a high paying job this year? What will that be? I'm asking you: what will that be the one thing that you think it will be the most difficult for you, Because I know if I have a one-on-one with you, I can, And I can assure you completely break that one believe, A story that you have that You think it's what's the one is stopping you cuz I've, I've done it with many students, But again I want our know more about you. So what will be that one thing also, The other thing tell me more about what you're working on right now you know. What's the certification that you are working on right now and why again I want to see what you know the IT community is doing that. I can probably give you some feedback and you know other options that you can probably take.

You know, Because I know there are a ton of people right now. T are doing something right now, It's it will not be under benefit. That means that there are probably other things that can do.

T will allow them for them to get to the destination t want to get to faster, Without doing probably that one thing t're doing right now. That's why I'm here! I want to really help you out. So based on again the process and I'm going to go through the next few months. I want you to be part of it. So subscribe comment share this content as well, And t stay under look at problem.

If it's out there right now or not for them membership site? because I really want to provide you with the best content out there, Not just for you to get a job, Not just for you to get your traffic ation. But for you to be able to live the life of your dreams because IT can give you the life. If you really choose to a lot of opportunities out there, I decided instead of doing consulting, Because I was doing that too.

When I was working a full-time job, I decided to do teaching and he's going really well for me, And I feel so satisfied and me doing this, Because I know I'm helping people. So don't forget to subscribe now. You know a lot better.

How I went through a process of me getting that CCNP, Even though it took probably a month and we're going through and taking that retest. There was four and a half, Maybe five months in the process, Going through all the topics with a lot of laps and it helped right now.

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