I just want to make a quick article on passing the CCNP, The Cisco Certified Network professional exam. It was the three part test that Cisco provides to networking professionals to make sure that t can stay in stand in line with the technologies and the protocols that t use for their ticket for their their hardware and so on and so forth.

This exam took me five hundred and fifty nine days or one year or six months and ten days I really didn't, Take any breaks in between the exams extensive breaks. I mean I took maybe a couple weeks off here and there in between the exams between my rounds switch exam. I got my CCNP a that took me a couple months, But I did not take actual.

You know long extended breaks in between them and that really helped me to get it done faster. Hmm, I moved into a new position at work, Though, Which which still does focus on routing and switching and such, But it has a huge focus on cellular technology as well, And that in itself is its own beast. It is really complex and really confusing either. If you know a lot about routing and switching there's so many systems and all of those systems do have, You know a router within them, But t are there in themselves. It's it's just a it's just a totally different type of network that I have never experienced before, And it is pretty confusing, There's a whole new set of acronyms all these all the the technology works in such a different way than it would from an enterprise environment.

You'Re basically doing the networking for all the cell towers and you know all the roaming clients and and so on and so forth, For out-of-state, Roaming and and things like that, You know as a focus on you know. You know IMS bolte, LTE, 3G and being administrator for that. It's it's an uphill battle. It's definitely a lot harder than than what I was the position I was in before there's still a lot of routing and switching going on, Though I'm currently on a project where I'm moving all of our our network from OSPF into ISAs, We're converting it all over. So it's it's, It's a pretty big project, But it's kind of shows you that we're doing a lot of a lot of running and switching still CCNP is a huge milestone now, And I use all the concepts that I learned in it in my day to day My day to day life, All the all the protocols and all of the concepts are that were presented are being used every single day at my job, Which is which is awesome to know that I was not studying in vain. I think my next step will probably be to go to university.

To finish up my degree. I do have a great career now, I'm making good money and such, But I just feel like I want my degree it's it's. It's feels important, So I am looking into the CCIE right now. I think I'll probably finish my degree first before I do that.

However, I might I I know it sounds kind of weird, But I might just do the written. I'Ve overlooked the written exam and it looks like you would learn so much in the written just by doing the written in itself. It you're not gonna, Have the full badge number, Of course, But doing the ridden it's it's more like I've always said that it's more than just getting the certification.

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It's about learning what you learn from the certifications, It's about getting the getting the information absorbing what you can from it. It's not just about getting a piece of paper, Because at that point that's all you're going for then you're not really gonna. Be able to do your job very well, So that's why I feel like getting the written . It's not like. I said it's not really getting a full badge number, But you're still learning so much you're, Still learning so much from from doing that that that written exam, If you're, If you're, Really studying the book and you're really doing the labs and you're really taking it to Heart that you truly can become an expert from from just doing the getting really comfortable those take with those protocols and those technologies that t present to you there, Because I've seen things in there that I we have in our network right now that I that I Don'T that I don't understand - and I feel like if I was to take it to that level and at least get my written, I would be able to do that, And you know at that point: I'm not really just going for a piece of paper. I really just want to get better at my job and I feel like getting the CCIE written would take me there, So it would be, It would be.

Nice don't get me wrong, But it's extremely expensive and it seems like unless you're working for somebody who is going to sponsor you through that it's gonna be really really hard to do. You know I live in Anchorage Alaska, So it's it's a it's pretty far away from from California, From Sam San Jose or North Carolina. You know it's possible. I suppose I have heard that. Might the company that I work for has done that for people before, But I think that I would need to have more experience, Probably a few more years in the job before t even considered it. That's my assumption.

But who knows, Let's see now that I'm CCNP certified? I I really need to get more into some Linux, Some Linux. I need to get some Linux time under my belt, Because I'm really not too comfortable Linux and a lot of our systems run Linux. You know t have routing images on them and and and and and switching images on them and so on so forth, But there's a lot of behind the scene of Linux. That's going on with all these systems. Like our IMS, You know LTE LTE, You know the HSS, The isg, The EPG, The sgsn, The you know, There's just so many so many systems that t're all running Linux and I need to really get get get a little more comfortable with that.

I truly just wanted to to tell people that I September buddy supported me out there all around the world I've so many subscribers now and so many people viewing my articles and looking to me for support, And I want to say thank you. You know people have have you know written me, So many messages and asks for advice, And I try to answer as many of you as I can. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming because work, But you know trying to get to as many people as possible, And I just want to say thank you for that. You know, And and and looking at me for any type of advice that that you need. I can.

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