I just took and passed the new ccnp security vpn exam, The implementing, Secure, Vpn solutions, Implementing secure solutions with virtual private networks, The 300-730 exam. I've actually got a school report up on my screen right here, I took it home, As I have a couple of other exams like palo, Alto and vmware. This is the first cisco exam I've taken from home. I will be taking additional exams from home as well. Actually, Let me adjust my mic so that it's more directed to where I'm at hopefully that'll be a little cleaner on the audio but overall, It was a pretty good experience, No different than any other time that I've gone in, Except for this time I Had taken it two other times, Palo, Alto and vmware in the past, I made sure to not have anything on my desk at all pens, Pencils stuff like that, No can of juice or no water, Or anything like that. I just followed the guidelines as closely as I could any time that I had to be directed to do something the proctor would come on and talk to me.

I was expecting that, But this didn't happen on my third. My third go through because there's nothing that t needed to work with me on to be squared away. So I didn't even need to remove the pins, Didn't need to move anything off my desk that wasn't already there so . It was go through the steps and then I was like sitting inside of a testing center, Like I used to a couple years ago, So the exam itself was pretty tricky.

I spent quite a bit of time on the vpn side of the house for anybody. That's readed this channel for any length of time. You know that it's kind of one of the things that I actually gravitate towards, I really like vpns, T're, Really cool technology, Remote access site to site the whole bit so preparation wise.

I used several different things so initially, So actually it's a funny story. It actually goes back. Probably three. Three and a half years ago I was working for a cisco partner.

I just come back from vacation, My first time to cisco live in 2017 and my manager boss, The guy that ran the company multi-time ccie, He said have you ever worked with any kinect, I'm like, Oh, Like, Like you, Use it to connect to a network Or deploy it and he goes either I go well. I'Ve used it to connect, But I've never used it to I've, Never deployed it. He goes oh, , But guess what never it's never too late or too early to learn. I'm like , So he dropped an indie connect project in my lap, Which was a blessing in disguise, Obviously that it took me a lot of time to learn how anyconnect worked and ssl vpn and all that type of stuff. So preparation.

I immediately dove into ines 300-209 cmos exam that t're the old mobility exam. I'm sure a lot of questions and a lot of topics came over because t're, Basically the same exam. So I went through that exam all the articles for ssl vpn, Anyconnect iv2, Like v1 pkI the whole bit that in and of itself, In my opinion, Is not enough for you to go through it. But it's a really really good start and it covers a lot of the topics that you need to go through. I also went through a lot of lab minutes.

Um metha is really good at sp, Specifically focusing on the lab portion of things just checking in see. If there's any messages and all that good stuff, So he was really good about going through pardon me, While I just double check some things: real, Quick and that really helped. So that was both ike version one. He did a deep dive on flex vpn.

If you have not gone through his content, I will link it in the description below go through ines ccnp security stuff, Their ccI security version, 4 content force, The vpn stuff go through. All of that. That was really good. You can skip the easy vpn stuff because that's not covered easy bpm is replaced with flex vpn, So go through all of that, Because I definitely leverage the high availability portions of ipsec. I readed a lot of ines articles on that and get vpn dm vpn flex, Vpn site-to-site vpn remote access, Vpn, Pretty much anything any variation of vpn that you can think of definitely dive into it.

300-715 Dumps

There was a lot of troubleshooting on the exam that I wasn't expecting and that really requires someone if you're studying for the exam - and you want to go, Knock out the vpn exam. If you are just labbing it up and at a minimum lab it up. Go through the go through whatever articles, I recommend ine and lab minutes, Make sure to lab it up, But also make sure to debug the crap out of this stuff too, And intentionally break things. Don'T just configure something and go: oh . It works great and then get all good feedback.

I'm very, Very fortunate that I was taught early on to debug, Both good and bad, So have the debug running, There's no wireshark outputs. Fortunately, T wouldn't help you anyway, Because you're going to see nothing but isocamp and esp when you do wireshark captures, Because it's all secure connectivity right, You're trying to encrypt data, You need the debugs on the routers and the asas more routers than asas. So definitely debug stuff out, So you want to so you when you're looking at something you can correlate it. So if you're gonna do when you're doing your debugs make sure you're debugging your ikev1 phase, One and phase two, So your isocamp, As well as your ipsec, Make sure you're debugging all that both good in bad configuration see exactly what the outputs look like make sure You you're familiar with them same thing with, Like version two make sure you debug those remote access, Vpn, Make sure that you go through and not only can set up a single user, But you can set up two users and that you understand how the asa firewall Works at the firewall level, Not just at the vpn level. So I'm fortunate that I went through the asa firewall piece before I went through the vpn piece and it worked out really really well, Because there were some questions in the exam where, If I did not know how the asa firewall itself worked, Then I would have Been like well, I'm not sure what does that command do so make sure you understand the firewall component of it and how that process works.

Trying to think there was a couple of other stuff that came. , I have not been successful in deploying remote access vpn with any kinect on the csr 1000 v it just. I can get the config to take, But for whatever reason it just doesn't work out. Well, I've gotten it to work to some extent on an ios router, So the ios v router, Both ssl vpn and any connect, But it's still very, Very buggy so, But make sure that you understand the syntax and how stuff works.

If you just read through the ssl vpn config guide on the ios router, I think that would be sufficient without having to go actually go test. It - that's just my opinion on that, But when it comes to like side to side, Vpn flex, Vpn all the different variations get dmvpn like flex vpn make sure that you have not only configured it and verified it in all of its glory. So make sure you can do just not only the hub and spoke, But you can also do the spoke to spoke communication so dmvp and phase three. If you're going to go flex, Vpn make sure that you understand pkI make sure that you can differentiate the differing authentication method mechanisms so appreciate key on one side certificate. On the other, Make sure you know the difference between a the spoke and the server config and the differentiators between those two.

But beyond that, That's really the main things that were like standouts to me in the exam, And I actually was surprised at how poorly I scored in remote access vpns. That just tells me I need to spend more time on it. That's the bottom line with that and there's nothing wrong with that.

Um I've spent more time on site-to-side vpn. I did really really well in those areas and not so great. In remote access, Vpns, That's ! I mean I passed the exam. I was pleased with my score: I'm not going to post what I actually scored, But I will, If you follow me on linkedin I'll post on there and on twitter, That I passed the test but beyond that it was overall. The exam experience was good.

I got my results right away and stuff like that. My goal is to I'm in the process right now of recording content for basically the entire ccp security vpn exam right now. I know I've covered a lot of it in the past, But it's older, Older content, Which I'm probably going to take down the older stuff and focus heavily on getting through this.

I'm also going to be diving into some other areas. I have a couple of projects coming up that are going to be vmware related, So desktop mobility deploying horizon view, So I'm going to be spending some time in horizon view over the next couple of months, But I'm also going to be studying for the I want To dive into firepower more and now that I have the vpn exam knocked out, That's like one more checkbox one more thing: there's one more item on my list of things to knock out. That's off my list, So I'm gonna plan on going through a few months of deep dive on firepower and all that good stuff.

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