I'm gonna, Give you a few points and how you need to study their topics for you to get a new CCNA or any other IT certification. So obviously I'm gonna ask you for you to take notes, Because this will make a huge difference from now on and how you go through and study the topics for you to get certified. Now.

If I come up to you right now - and I ask you, Can you tell me why are you going through that article that you are going through right now or can you tell me why are you starting that book or can you tell me why are you Taking the time for you to do the laps that lapse that you're doing right now, What would you answer me? Probably something like well, Because I want to get certified. You know I want to get my CCNA. I want to get my CCNP. You know I want to get that certification. So that's the reason why you are studying that book or the reason why you're going through those articles? Yes, That's the reason why you know I need to get that CCNA, Certification, ! Well, Let me tell you something, Because that's the way that you are thinking, Because you don't see the big picture.

That means that the way that you're going to go through that topics now, Whether you're gonna go through the articles that research going through questions, Doing some laughs, Anything that you're going to go and study. You're gonna go and do that. How way - and I will tell you this because once again, You are not seeing that big picture now, If I ask you, Why do you want to get your CCNA or why do you want to get that certification that you are starting right now? What would you say probably something like well, Because I want to get my first job in IT or because I want to upgrade that job that I have now an IT to a better one. But why well, Because, Obviously I want a job that will give me more opportunities and obviously, For me to be able to earn more money.

You know for me to have a high paying job. Now we are in somewhere, . Now, In order for you to do that, Jess you have to get terrified, But what else once you get terrified, What's gonna happen? Probably at one point you have to go through that job interview process. So you see when you study that topics are you studying right now for you to get your CCNA or any other certification? You need to think about that that you probably the neck in the next few weeks prior to the next three months.

You are about to go through the job interview process, So what that means? You need to go through the technical topics in a way that it's not going to only help you for you to pass that test, But obviously for you to be able to sell yourself in order for you to be able to market yourself throughout the job interview Process does that make sense, Because that's exactly how you can differentiate yourself from everyone else. You know, I know if probably if you're 90 and I come up to you right up - and I ask you you know, Can you tell me that difference between DNS and DHCP? I know probably you know that answer, But more likely, You're gonna answer that question, Like everyone else, You're more likely gonna give me a technical definition or probably, If I ask you you know, Can you tell me the difference between a router and a switch? What would you answer me proudly once again right, You may be giving me the same answer that everyone else will give me. So how can you differentiate yourself right? Obviously, You want to get certified because at one point you want a better job that will give you more opportunities and more income.

So if you are studying the topics study the topics in a way, That's gonna help you to do that as well, And that's the reason why I'm gonna give you a few points. You know right now for you to do for you to apply from now on, And this is something by the way, Then no one else teaches and the IT community so take notes. Remember when you are going through a process to learn something new, A technical topic.

Obviously, A new technology. You have to see the big picture like . Why am I going through this? Let's say for me: well, Because I want to get my CCNP so . You know I want to passed that exam. You know one other thing, Because you know the next few months.

I want to teach that CCNP as well, And who knows you know a few months from now. I want to get a better job. You know I want to upgrade the job that I have to a better one, So maybe someone is gonna. Ask me something you know related to some of the topics that I'm learning right now and what about once? I have the job.

You know I need to process the information that topics that I'm studying that I'm going to right now in a way t probably in the next few months. Something happened related to something that I'm going to right now that I can recall that information that I can really think in like oh, I have that solution, Or you know I know what's going on or you know, I know what the steps I need to go Through in order for me to fix this issue, For you to probably educate other people about the things that you are doing, Maybe this is related to a project. You see you need to see the big picture and while you are going through the process to learn the topics that you are learning right now, So this is not just only for you to get terrified.

That's exactly what I teach my students and probably at this point you have like an aha moment like oh, This is what I'm gonna tell you to do this. Obviously, And more likely, You are going through some articles right, Let's say for you to get your CCNA and that's great. You know, And I have a article that I just uploaded on how you can get turn five in six weeks. You know the process that I go through and I basically tell you exactly what I do for six weeks, But one thing for sure is that record lists and the articles that you go through.

you have to take the time to process that information nobody's gonna help you a lot more than just for you to know that topic for you to pass the test and how you do that. So this is one thing that I'm going to ask you to do. T would make then the whole difference. .

So when you go through articles, You know go through three, Four articles, The most that's it. You go through three four articles, The most it doesn't matter. If the articles are like five minute articles, It doesn't matter, You go through three four articles and just stop. You do not go to the next article and when you stop, You have to take about ten up to twenty minutes, Not two, Not five. Between ten up to twenty minutes - and you have to do - either/or write this down so from now on, Every time that you go through articles for you to learn a technical topic, You have to apply this , You go through three or four articles, The most just Stop for 10 20 minutes and then you do either or you either put yourself and a position like just imagine yourself that you have to teach it to someone else and what that means is probably you have someone right there with you.

CCNP 300-610 Exam Dumps

So this is not something that you have to go through and do it in your mind, Because it's not gonna work, You that words have to come out out of your mouth. . So again, Let's say that you have one of your friends right there with you. And t are basically asking you about three or four articles that you just went through.

so let's say you know: let's do something basic! You know your friend wants to know about. What's an IP address right, Because that's exactly that three four articles that you went through you know about private and about IP addresses private and public IP addresses right. So your friend is asking you you know.

I want to learn about IP addresses and I will be. This is exactly what you need to do. Let me go to that scenario. Like , So you want to learn about IP addresses good.

Well, Did you know that you know for any computer? You know any device to communicate with one another t need an IP address. Did you know that? you didn't know, . Well now you know, And did you know that we have? You know a P version 4 and IP version 6. We have two versions and the more like the one that you're gonna see more often still is the IP version 4 and we have private and we have public IP addresses. Did you know that or you didn't go now do not so you see what I'm doing.

I'm creating a conversation, I'm creating a conversation in teaching my friend right, Because I mean imagine that I have someone right here and I'm not just teaching based on a technical point of view, By giving a definition, I'm creating a conversation. Ok, Now that's one way for you to do that, The other one right when I told you you can do either teach it or so the other one is for you to imagine yourself that you have a manager in front of you or you probably have one Of the engineers you are going through the job interview process, So you have probably both you have the manager and the engineer right and you're on the spot and t're asking you something related to that three: four articles that you just went through. Ok, So let's say that you just went through the articles about DNS or DHCP right so again, This is not something that you go through your mind.

You have to do what I'm doing right now, Like oh, Tony, So I see that you're the manager for this company. Yes, And you must be David right, A network engineer, , So I'm here! So what questions do you have? You see just create that conversation put yourself there go through that process and then be like. . Can you tell you know? Obviously we need someone that knows a lot about DNS DHCP.

We have any waving having a few issues. You know for the last few weeks, So we only need someone that knows what that is and how to troubleshoot those type of issues related to those topics. So, Can you tell me anything that you know about DNS and DHCP and then I go, And I basically answer that question without giving a technical definition like, I would say: well obviously, That computers to communicate with one another t need an IP address.

Now that computers can get the IP through static or dynamic and as we both know, T end up getting the IP by static. I mean dynamic and that's through DHCP, And it goes through this process called Dora, Discover, Offer, Request and acknowledge and that that computer's not only get the IP. You know t get other tcp/ip settings. You know, Like the subnet mask, To know where that computer to know where back and what net worth a computer belongs to that t for Gateway. Obviously the DNA s, So you see what I'm doing right there, I'm creating a conversation, I'm not just giving a technical definition.

That's exactly what you need to do so from now on that you are obviously studying you know, Articles you probably go into a book. You probably are doing some labs, You probably going through some questions. It really doesn't matter. So let's say that you're going through the book right well go through.

Probably one topic: and be like , I'm going to stop. I'm not gonna go to the next topic. I'm gonna stop right now. Let me take ten minutes and let me do either or pitch it to my friend and just imagine that you have your friend right there and create that conversation or I'm just gonna put myself that right now I have the manager and engineer you know and t're Asking me some questions about this topic that I just went through.

So how would I answer that question? You see it really comes down to on how you're gonna communicate to other people. What you know what you have learned, The experience that you have and the way that you do, That that's exactly how you're gonna be able to differentiate yourself from everyone else. It's not just based on you.

Knowing the answer that way. Did you answer that question? So obviously, If you're going to your CCNA right now, That's more likely because you want to get a job in ninety or to upgrade the job that you have right now to a better one, And this is a way that you have to do this like right. Now I'm really giving you gold most people, Don't do that and other trainers. T teach the CCNA. T just go based on technical definitions.

You know giving you a just a technical scenario. You know t don't know how to teach that topic in a way for you to process that information that it's not going to only help you for you to know what that is, But for you to be able to sell it for you to be able to Market that to other people, - and that's exactly what really comes down to I'm you getting the job or not or looking like everyone else, And you don't want to look and sound like everyone else. You want other people to see you as a high performer and a lot of it has to do on how you communicate a lot of it has to do not just on during the answer for how you answer that question. So this is again one thing that will make a huge difference from now on, You learn and you take 10 20 minutes after you go through a few articles after you probably go through topic, After probably due to relapse, Probably go through five ten questions and be Like , That's it no more! I have to take ten 20 minutes and I need to process this in a way.

That's gonna help me later on. You know. This is why you see a lot of people are very smart out there in IT, But t cannot communicate. T cannot sell, Then sell out of the paperback. Why? Because no one told them that that's needed in today's market.

So now you know better. So I'm going to ask you for you to obviously to take the time to subscribe, So leave a comment and for you to share this article and obviously for you to sign up to my membership site, Because I have a lot more than technical articles. A lot more than just technical knowledge, T will make that that difference in your IT career and obviously in your personal life.

So again, Don't forget to subscribe, And I will talk to you soon.

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