Today, We're going to talk about new certifications that is coming from Cisco in in next few months, Cisco introduced new tracks of certifications a few months ago and we're going to talk about those today, I'm going to show you what are t recommend that the exams and Training for each exams are and the prerequisites for each certifications. So let's go to the slides and look at these. The exams that t're going to introduce right now are t're introducing only one CCNA. We used to have CCNA routing, Switching wireless collaboration and and different type of flavors of CCNA, But now we're gonna have only one CCNA and if you look at it, Then we're gonna have CCNP an enterprise, Security service provider and collaboration and data center. And one of the nice thing that t did this time t introduced a new tracks of certifications and that's definite, Which is designed for developers and we're going to talk about that in a second.

So, Let's look at the prerequisites and what are the required exams for each one of these certifications? The very first one is CCNA certification, So the CCNA covers a range of topics. So when it comes to network fundamental network access, IP connectivity, IP settings and security, Fundamental and automation, So these are all the topics that is going to be going to be covered in CCNA track. Now, As far as the prerequisites, There is no formal prerequisites for the certifications. Obviously, There is a recommended that people that t're going for this type of certification - t have at least a year or two of networking experience and t have a knowledge of basic IP.

Addressing is required for this certification is just passing one exam and that exam is 3:01. The recommended training for this exam is implementing and administrating Cisco solutions. So it's pretty simple and straightforward. You just pass one exam and you get your CCNA now when it comes to ccnp or Cisco network professional.

There are some changes here we used to have to take three or four exams, Depending on track to get our CCNP certification. Now, When it comes to ccnp, There are some changes here: the old tracks you had to pass three or four exams, Depending on which track to get your ccnp on the new version. You just have to pass two exams, One is core and the other one is adjust a concentration exam or an elective. If you have started working on your ccnp right now on the old tracks, Don't worry about that.

Continue because you're gonna get credit toward the new track one once t come online. Now the CCNP we have different flavors or different tracks that you can complete with you, Have the CC & P Enterprise, Ccnp datacenter, CCNP security, Service provider, Collaboration and certified definite professional. Let's look at each one of these: the CCNP Enterprise. This is basically is gonna, Replace the CCNP routing and switching CCNP Wireless and CCNP assistant, AP certification.

Again, If you have already started working on any of these ccnp, Don't worry brother continue. You'Re gonna get credit for those exams that you've already passed. There are no prerequisites for ccnp, There's no formal prerequisites but recommend that experience is three to five years of experience when it comes to networking solutions or implementing network solutions. Now, As you look at here, Our CCNP Enterprise, As I said earlier, You have to pass one core exam first and the core exam for enterprise is four zero one and the recommended training is implementing an operating system and a prize network core technologies.

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And as you look at down here, You have a concentration exam that you need to choose. You have about six of them here. You choose one of them.

Once you pass that exam, You get your ccnp and enterprise. Now, When it comes to c c and p data center again, This is going to replace the coordinated CCNP data center and, If you're working toward the ccp data center continue with your exams and then you're gonna get credit for the everything that you've completed up to The time that t're gonna go on the new certifications, I'm prerequisites again. There is no formal requisites for ccnp data center, But you should have a good understanding of the topics and cisco recommends three to five years of experience in implementing a data center solutions.

The required core exam for ccnp data center is 6:01 and recommended. Training is implementing an operating system, Data center, Core technologies and, As you see, You have five options for concentration exams. You can choose any of these and you pass that exam. You complete that and you get your ccnp and data center now CCP security, That's gonna, Obviously replace the currency.

C&P security same deal. If you are working toward your CCNP security continue working on that you're gonna get credit for all completed exams and again there is no formal prerequisites for CCNP security, But you need to have about three to five years of experience, Implementing a security solutions within a network. Same day as the other ones are you'd pass one core exam for CCNP security. The exam is 7:01 implementing an operating system.

Ologies, That's a recommended training for this exam and then you have six options when it comes to concentration, Exams or electives, And you choose one of these once you pass the exam, You get your ccnp CMP service provider again the same thing as Cobra is replacing the Ccnp service provider, And if you are working toward your existence, The CMP continue doing the doing so once you complete any exams, You're gonna get credit for it as same as the other ccnp tracks. No prerequisites but recommended experience is three to five years of implementing service provider solutions. The core exam is 5:01 implementing and operating systems provided network core technologies, And then you have three options as of now for concentration, Exams or electives. Again, You pass any of these along with core exam. You get your CCNP service provider.

As you see there, It makes it a little bit easier to take to pass this exam, But it doesn't mean the exams. Are gonna be easy. Now, When it comes to CMP collaboration, It replaces the current society collaboration and same thing as the other ones. If you have started working on your cmp collaboration, You can continue and you're going to get credit for any completed exams.

The required exam is 8:01 and recommended. Training is implementing an operating system, Collaboration, Core technologies, And you do have for concentration exams that you can choose one of them and once you pass that one exam plus the correct technology, Exam you're gonna get your CCNP in collaboration. Now we're getting to a new era now cisco introduced a definite certification, And this is something that's going to be new to cisco tracks. It is designed for people that t have skillset as a software developers, Programmers people that t understand apI's and t understand network automation. Now there are three tracks for definite certifications.

There is an associate level, There is a professional level and there is a specialist level certification when it comes to definite. T are talking about the definite experts it's not available as of now, But t're gonna introduce it pretty soon. So when it comes to associate level again, It's a one of the kinds of first of its kind at Cisco. It requires one exam once you pass that exam, You get your cisco certified definite associate level. This exam covers topics as of using apI's cisco platform and developments, Application, Development and security and infrastructure and automation, And there is no formal prerequisites for definite associate but candidates who are thinking about going this route.

T should have one or more years experience when it comes to software development, Especially what Python programming, As I said, There's only one exam that you have to pass nine zero one is the exam and the recommended training as developing applications and automating workflow using Cisco core Platforms once you pass this one exam, You get your associate level certification now when it comes to professional level, And this is obviously a little bit higher level than associate so with this one again, There is no formal prerequisites, But people t have to have at least Three to five years of experience when it comes to software developing and python programming, So you need to have a little bit more experience to go for this level of training. There is a one core exam and one concentration exam that you have to pass to get your definite professional certification. And, As you see here, The core exam is nine zero one again developing applications and automating workflows using Cisco core platforms.

And then you have quite a few shows quite a few options to choose when it comes to concentration. A lot has to do with automation. So once you pass these two exams, You get your definite professional certifications. I hope this was useful and informative.

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