The new version of the CCIE exam made a big change in the Cisco CCIE team at the beginning of this year. If you want to get a CCIE certificate, you still need to pass the written exam first, and then take the LAB exam. The exam format and content (except for DC, SDX has been added in other directions) has undergone major changes. Understand the changes, be familiar with the previous exams, and prepare carefully, let us sprint the new version of CCIE together.

The relatively big change in the written test started in February this year. The CCIE written test takes the form of choosing the NP Core course in the direction. For details, please refer to the cisco website. Let me just say that the HCIE exam here is very closely related. Recently, its NP-level datacom written test is also divided into core written test + direction selection. Here are some common questions about the CCIE written test in the six directions. For example, the most frequently tested EI is 350-401. You will find that compared with the previous 400-XXX written test, the questions seem to be simpler. After all, it’s just a question. For np-level exams, what's more terrible is that this question is inconsistent with the content of the future LAB. Therefore, the choice of np core as CCIE's written test, one is that the content difficulty, breadth and depth do not match the CCIE LAB.

After taking the written test, you are eligible to choose the LAB date. As of today, December 30, 2020, the penultimate day of 2020, few real candidates have registered for the lab exam. Everyone knows, they are all waiting for the lab to stabilize.

Here is a prediction. In the spring and summer of 2021, due to the epidemic and the version changes, everyone needs to pay special attention to the CCIE LAB exam. First, be prepared. I heard someone say that they have many years of experience and 10 years of experience as an engineer. They are confident and easy to pass. , I frowned. Experience tells me that this kind of thinking is very dangerous. You can ask me to set up a written test, do it yourself, and see how you are doing. In fact, I prefer Xiaobai who doesn’t understand anything. Have time and energy, basically pass CCIE LAB properly.

Here is how to prepare for the CCIE LAB exam, especially the DOO (Deployment, Operation and Optimization) part of the exam. Everyone must follow the steps, first go through the theory, then start to break down the exercises, and then start the version sprint. If you want to take the test in spring and summer, you must practice according to the recommendations. After the summer, I believe that the version is stable. At that time, relying solely on muscle memory is enough!

The CCIE LAB exam is the same 8 hours, but the allocation of 8 hours becomes 3 hours for the design. The embarrassing thing here is that there are 30 questions similar to the written test. If you are familiar with it, you can finish it in a few minutes, like a written test, but this Part of the time is fixed for 3 hours, and this part of the time cannot be borrowed to LAB, but at present, it is estimated that the design is still a difficult point. The test here is the design of LLD. The test format is similar to the previous Diag, but the amount of information is more than the previous CCIE The amount of diag for the exam is small, here is a design background and a small number of configurations with equipment. This part of the problem, let us handle it in 37lab. It can be expected that when the future version is stable, students who hand in papers at noon will become the norm. You can focus on DOO.

DOO is the knock version that everyone understands, or lab, or cfg. Different from the future CCIE LAB configuration, there will be several written test questions in the DOO section. When the version is mature and stable, I believe you don’t need the design and DOO written test questions. waste time.

Understand the form of DOO, and then look at the content of DOO. From the EI, DC, and Sec that are about to be developed, see what is special:

CCIE EI V1.0: It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the lab3 of the next version of CCIE RS. The whole topology is similar, and then you are familiar with SDW, finally SDA, and use scripts to open access ports on IOS XE. It is the traditional lab3+SDA, SDW and a small amount of programming.

Preparation for CCIESEC V6.0: Familiar with CCIE V5.0, the ASA, VPN, and second-generation firewall of the CFG test will be tested in V6.

CCIE DC V3.0, here DOO is divided into three parts: NXOS, UCS, and ACI. Our theory class has been explained in this way. The DC can be said to have not changed much, but the rack adds a set of ACI. Fabric. We spent a lot of time and energy on this when we were testing. After New Year's Day, everyone can start to make an appointment for the lab part of the practice.

CCIE EW1.0, Collab V3.0, the topology of these two exams is estimated to have not changed in about 10 years. After laying a good foundation, familiarize the old version, and then run the new version of the software practice.

ISP V5.0, this will be the most Cli in the test version at present, only NSO has a few graphical interfaces, which is an enhanced version of the CCIE RS that everyone is familiar with before. If you just want to test ccie, you can focus on this. It will also be the favorite of traditional net workers.

In summary, when you prepare for the spring of 2021, the preparation work becomes particularly important. You must complete the theory and decomposition according to the requirements. If the assessment is OK, you can start the DOO part of the preparation work. This document is for warriors in the spring and summer of 2021 and students preparing for the exam in 2021. This step is very important. On the one hand, it helps everyone pass the CCIE, and on the other hand, it can cope with the complex network environment at work.

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