We have been thinking about why we must take the CCNA first to obtain the CCNP certification of Cisco, why the CCIE LAB failed to pass the test, and the written test is of no use, etc.?

Cisco in February 2020 The new Cisco certification system will be released on the 24th. The scope of reform is huge, involving a comprehensive reform from CCNA to CCIE. Cisco calls it: Next-Level Cisco certification

This change mainly includes Several major changes are worth paying attention to:
1. CCIE RS certification is about to withdraw from the stage of history and will be replaced by CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification)
2. CCIE Wireless Certification is changed to: CCIE Enterprise Wireless (CCIE Enterprise Wireless Certification)
3. The CCIE exam model is transformed into: written exam (300-401 and CCNP certification core exams are the same as written exam) + design (3 hours) + deployment optimization (5 hours)
4 , It is no longer necessary to take the CCNA to obtain the CCNP certification. The CCNP exam has changed from the previous 3 exams to the 1+1 model, namely: a core exam (300-401 and CCIE EI certification with the same written exam) + an elective exam
5. The CCNA exam no longer distinguishes multiple directions and is collectively called CCNA. The exam code: 200-301, the CCDA certification is renamed: CCNA Devnet
5. The recertification form is changed to 120 credits before it can be activated. (Requires engineers to continuously learn new knowledge systematically)
6. The time for CCIE re-certification has become 3 years.
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The new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification) will require network engineers not only to have traditional after-sales implementation technical capabilities, but also Possess a certain network programming and scripting language ability, which will bring several changes:
1. The routing and switching knowledge learned in traditional universities is far from enough. You need to learn more new technologies systematically to improve yourself
2. The certificates of engineers who have obtained the new CCIE EI certification have higher gold content and greater social competitive advantage, which invisibly improves the return on investment in CCIE learning
3. Because of the greater learning knowledge Comprehensive, the direction of future CCIE engineers will develop into: a super-multi-strong development path, that is, traditional network as the bottom proficiency, SDN, automated operation and maintenance and network programming as auxiliary means , Assisting engineers to deal with the increasingly complex network environment
4. As the content upgrade rate is as high as 40%, a batch of workers will be eliminated. Pampered practitioners only have some configuration commands, and they want to learn by themselves and read a few books. Those who can get a high salary can take a break. The future will belong to those engineers who have studied the network in a complete system, and the gap will continue to grow due to basic reasons and market changes.
5. There may be new paths for the promotion of network workers in the future, such as research and development and design, instead of traditional after-sales engineers and pre-sales engineers.
Due to limited space, in this article, EveDumps will give you answers to some common questions for your reference.

  1. Now I have taken the CCIE RS Certification, do I still need to get CCIE EI certification in the future?
    A: No, it will be migrated automatically.
  2. Is it too late to prepare for the CCIE RS certification now?
    Answer: Participate in EveDumps training, you can complete theory courses and get CCIE RS certification in 5-7 months with 0 basics. Friends with basics can get CCIE RS certification in 2 months, so time is enough of.
  3. Should I start learning now or wait for the syllabus to be changed?
    Answer: It’s best to start learning now, because: 1. There is enough time, and there is enough time for certification with zero foundation, and because the Internet is a fast-changing industry, a large number of people want to enter this industry every day. Entering the industry later means less work and a lot of money, and less students accumulate a lot of knowledge and experience. Similarly, due to the greater changes in certification, the later training fees will also rise to a certain extent.
  4. Is it better to get the CCIE RS certification now, or wait for the new certification?
    Answer: If possible, it is obvious that the test is good now, because the test is stable, the difficulty is low, and the time is sufficient. Assuming that the test is waited for after the syllabus changes, there needs to be a longer period of turbulence, and the comprehensive time expenditure is huge Due to the waiting time, the cost performance is extremely low. You can get a smaller CCIE number in the early exam and occupy a position. It is good to match the new CCIE EI certification later.
  5. Will the content of the current study course lack a lot of content than the syllabus changed?
    A: No, EveDumps has fully updated the course syllabus. From now on, those who sign up for EveDumps, CCIE RS through train, will upgrade the CCIE EI course for free (EveDumps has fully upgraded the course syllabus to cover the CCIE EI exam test points.
  6. I feel that I have good skills and rich work experience. What is the pass rate?
    Answer: Almost 0, mainly because I don’t have enough time to read the questions, I’m not familiar with the test mode, plus the test There are many knowledge points and many techniques involved, so the skills and experience are hardly used here, and it is difficult to pass the test without training.

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