The new version of the CCNA exam model is 200-301, the exam time is 170 minutes, the total score is 1000, and the passing score is 825 points to pass! Exam reminders are mainly multiple-choice questions and drag-picture questions.

The current exam is about 102 questions. Except for about 10 drag-picture questions, the rest are multiple-choice questions. The new version of the CCNA exam does not have experimental questions, which is a bit thinner for the basics. Said it is also a kind of gospel.

Pay attention to the first exam

What you need to know before the exam

1. The beginning of the exam , There is a pre-test questionnaire, which is to ask how long you are preparing for the test, what textbooks you read, how do you know about cisco, whether you are self-taught or training, how far away is your home from the test site, your education level, everyone Just choose to fill in. Remember that there are two items that must be noted. If you are under 18, you must choose YES, and if you do not agree with the CISCO agreement, you must choose "Agree". If you don’t understand, you can ask the examiner, and the examiner of Weisi will give detailed answers.

After filling in the survey questionnaire, there is an END option in the lower right corner of the page, click the END option

2, note that there is an animation demonstration before the exam to guide you, you can You can choose to see or not, and you can also use this time to adjust your mood. Some candidates are nervous in the exam, which can ease the tension a little.

The test taker clicks START and the test begins. The exam officially begins, and everyone can concentrate on doing the questions.

3. As long as you finish one question in the CCNA exam and click the "NEXT" button, the questions you have done before can no longer be modified, so you must pay attention when you click the "NEXT" button. Especially when there is a lag, don't click continuously and quickly, it is easy to skip a few unanswered questions in a row and affect the test result.

4. The single-choice questions in the exam are circle prompts, and the multiple-choice questions are box prompts. Pay attention to the difference.

5. If there is a crash or other unexpected event during the test, directly raise your hand to signal the examiner, the examiner will deal with it in time, do not panic or make a loud noise. Generally, after the computer restarts, before The completed exam questions will be recorded.

6. After completing all the questions, choose END EXAM. After the test, you will get the results on the spot, and you will see the test results immediately. You can see your test results directly at the top! The examiner will hand over the printed transcript to you, and save the transcript as much as possible, especially when you forget your Cisco account password, it will be super useful!

7. Register after the test. You need to register on the Cisco certification tracking system within 3-7 working days after the test. For the first time, you can choose a paper certificate or an electronic certificate. Choose one of the two. It will cost a certain fee. If there is no option for more than 7 working days, the system will automatically default to a paper certificate. The paper certificate is mailed from the United States by ordinary mail. There is no phone but only the address. In this case, it is easy to be lost by mail. It is recommended that you directly choose the electronic certificate, which is recognized.

Examination certificate

First certificate within the validity period of the second-generation ID card with photo

Second ID

1 Credit card (name on the front and autograph on the back)

2 New version of the medical insurance card with photo

< p>3 Passport

4 Driver's License

5 Student ID (currently a student with official seal)

6 Work ID (with name, in the signature column Signed, stamped, and titled)

Candidates must bring two valid certificates: main certificate + auxiliary certificate on the day of the test. Original and photocopies (take several copies for the exam). All certificates must be within the validity period. Expired certificates are invalid. If the certificate materials are not sure whether they are qualified, you must contact the test center 2 working days in advance.

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