So Cisco's CCENT, It's no more that's right! Cisco, Has removed the CCENT certification, So you will no longer be able to take this certification coming up next year. So if you're still looking to take that right now, You can still take the certification, But it's gonna be looking towards 2020, Where t will actually remove this certification. So make sure you pay attention to this, But no more CCENT.

So what does that mean? For you, No more CCENT, So there can be only one CCNA t've removed all of the other subclasses of CCNA, So that you'll no longer see the CCNA security, CCNA RS, For instance, There's only going to be one CCNA certification and it's going to be a very Broad certification, So it's going to cover many of the areas that the other CCNA certifications that you have previously seen have covered. It's just going to be in this one or maybe two exams. I haven't gotten the details on that yet, But one CCNA certification, Very broad, Covering many different things there, So you are gonna, Have to pay real close attention to that t'll be coming out in 2020 as well. But that is big news . So I would imagine that many people are going to start comparing the new CCNA to somewhat of a CCENT in many ways you may often hear that, But we're not sure on all the details of what the new CCNA will totally encompass so make sure you stay Tuned to the details, It could be a very complex exam, Just not quite sure yet at this time, But this is huge news, So CCENT CCNA CCNP. T made a few changes to this exam as well.

There is no longer a prerequisite to get CCNP certified, Which is crazy. If you think about it, The CCNP is actually a pretty in-depth certification and before you would actually have to be CCNA certified to go and take your CCNP. So I've actually already heard people comparing the new CCNP to being the new CCNA, We're just again not sure on those details yet. But it is pretty crazy that t remove the prerequisites to get CCNP certified. So you can go out study lab every single day and get CCNP certified right from the get-go.

DevNet 200-901 Exam Questions

It's crazy news from Cisco. What are t doing? Other changes with the CCNP. There are five flavors to the new CCNP Enterprise, CCNP security service provider, Collaboration and data center. So those are going to be the different flavors or different CCNP certification exams that you will be able to take coming in 2020, So t removed all those from the CCNA and CCNP. Now has those and you will be able to take those more specifically and dive deeper into those specific areas of the CCNP.

So before we go to the next certification, Which is a new one from Cisco, What do these changes mean to you? Well, Nothing right! Now, But come 2020, You are gonna, Be looking to study for new certifications, So it Mangin many of the learning providers out there are gonna, Be scrambling to get content ready for these new certifications as cisco starts, Releasing some of their exam objectives, And things like That it's gonna be getting pretty crazy, Because I really think this is huge news now nothing changes currently, If you are still studying for the CIE sent or CCNA or the CCM P's. Now nothing has changed just yet just this moment, So keep studying for those certifications, Keep going down that route and get certified before 2020, And you should be just fine. I think it's kind of crazy that cisco removed the c-- scent and t've broadened the CCNA. We'Re gonna hear many different thoughts and opinions on this going forward, So make sure you pay attention to different tech news sites on what people are saying about this what's happening with us more specifically.

Obviously this was just released today, So you are definitely gonna. Keep hearing more and more about this as this news and these dates move forward as we get closer to 2020, So just pay attention now. I want to go and talk about the next certification, Because this is something new from Cisco, Something a little bit different and that is their dev net. Associate certification I'll, Put a link in the description below, So you can read a little bit more about it.

But this was just a quick little blurb that I'm gonna read here from my screen that I again pulled from the website: a first-of-its-kind at Cisco, The dev net certification program validates the skills of software developers, DevOps engineers, Automation, Specialists and other software professionals. The program certifies key emerging technical skills for a new kind of IT, Professional, Empowering organizations to embrace the potential of applications, Automation and infrastructure for the network, IOT, DevOps and cloud. This is an absolutely crazy certification and it's an associate certification, Meaning it's more of an entry type of level certification and t compare it there on the website when you go and look more towards that CCNA type of level, So make sure you pay attention to That look into that, But it is huge.

It's a great certification from the sounds of it. So it says the certification requires one exam: that tests your knowledge of software development and design, Including understanding using apI's, Cisco platforms and development, Application, Development and security infrastructure and automation. So really relying heavily on the DevOps, Obviously with the certification.

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