Cisco Announced that t're completely changing the CCNA certification program and moving to a consolidated, CCNA exam. So in this article I want to talk about what that means for you and what type of new exam topics you can expect on. The next version of the CCNA exam so February, 24th 2020, Is when the new exam goes live. And if we look at some of the details on their website, We see that the new exam is going to be 200 - 301 and the biggest shocker to this announcement is the migration to the new program. So all the CCNA certifications you see listed here are going bye-bye and everything is going to be under one CCNA brella, So no more CCNA security, Cyber ops and even CCENT.

So don't panic if you are currently going for your CCNA and maybe you're already studying for CCNA data center or service provider, You can still pass any of these exams listed here and obtain the new CCNA certification. So, As you see listed here, You have until February 23rd 2020 to complete your current CCNA certification exams. So you have plenty of time and you might be better off if you're already studying for one of these exams, Maybe it'll be easier to pass one of these ones than the new version that's going to come out in 2020 and also, If you already have a Ccent certification, Then you also have until February 23rd, To complete your CCNA certification in that current program.

Alright, So now that you know when the new exam is going to be released and what certifications it replaces now, Let's take a look at the exam topics for the new CCNA certification. We can see the sections are network fundamentals, Network access, IP connectivity, IP services, Security fundamentals and automation and program ability. So let's drill into these and see what we're dealing with here.

So first, Of course, We have network components that covers things like routers switches, You'll notice, That a throws in Cisco DNA center, Which is part of the new Cisco SDA solution, So that's kind of exciting to see and that it covers, Of course, Things like IP addressing Ipv6 and you'll notice that there's a lot more wireless topics in this version of the CC than previous versions, I'll check out, Network access, Layer, 2, Switching and more wireless topics, The IP connectivity section is focused on routing, As you can see here and what's interesting, Is That the only dynamic routing protocol that it includes is OSPF version 2, So may be Cisco's going down more of the standardized path. As far as routing protocols go. I don't know, But it's strange to me not seeing a ERP listed as an exam topic.

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Then we have IP services which is pretty similar to what you'd see on the previous CCNA exams things like ntp, Dhcp SNMP. Then things get a little bit more interesting and in security fundamentals. It almost looks like to me that t took some CCNA security and CCNA cyber ops topics and merge them into this section here. So we have things like threats, Vulnerabilities and site-to-site VPN s, And then the final section is automation and programmability.

I'm pretty excited about this. One because actually just the other day, I was wondering how long it would take for Cisco to add things related to SDA and DNA Center, And you can see that t're definitely focusing on showing you how to automate and efficiently program your network devices. So there you go now you know what's going on in the CCNA world.

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