Today I'm gonna talk to you about Cisco's CCNA 200 301, That's the Cisco's certified network associate yep, That's the one you have heard of it, I'm sure if you are new to IT, Maybe you've never heard of it. But if you are familiar with IT, You've probably heard of that certification. It's a pretty well known, Cert. It's all about networking. Cisco is a huge network vendor and the cisco CCNA is probably the most well known Networking certification.

There is probably the most overcrowded certification right now and I want I want that cert I do I'm not gonna lie. I do really really want that.

Cert networking has been something that I've always been interested in. I went to school for a really short amount of time to actually get a CCNA, But life happened and I just didn't finish that wasn't really the path for me. School was not the path for me, So I didn't do it didn't finish it, But I still. I learned a lot about networking, But I never developed all those skills that I want, But I'm not where I want to be, And I want to be much further than where I'm at so.

I'm gonna talk to you about what my roadmap is. What my path is going to be being that I'm very familiar with networking, I'm not going to go down that Network+ path, And I would tell most people if you are kind of new to IT just getting into it. You want to go down a network path in general.

The network plus is a great path to take, Because it's going to give you all of the fundamentals of networking the OSI model. It's gonna talk to you about subnetting and a little bit of VLANs and all that fun stuff, But that's not the path I want to take. I already know about that stuff, I'm familiar with it, I'm familiar with it enough to know that I don't want to not necessarily waste my time on that, But spend any time on that. That's not necessary for me, I'm taking an accelerated CCENT course from EveDumps- because I just kind of want to blast through that course get all the fun mentals of the CCENT, Really grasp that I'm gonna do it every single day.

This is part of my roadmap, Accelerated CCENT, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, Give you an update. You know it might not be an everyday update, But I am going to study it every single day, Because this is something that I have to do being that I'm doing this full-time. It might not be something that happens full-time and I might not be doing this.

A year from now I might not be knowing with a month from now. You know I might not be doing this two days from now, So I need to set my future roadmap and I need to set my career path. So for me, That's going this. This route, So that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna give you an update, How things are going, What I'm learning - and I kind of did this before I'll link to that in the description, But again life happened and this time I do have more time to Spend on it and I'm going to do that, I'm gonna wake up early lab every day.

It's what you got to do. You just have to lab every single day you got to learn every day. You got to just take that time and study study study. Once I get through that accelerated CCENT course, I'm gonna start looking at the CCNA courses that ittv offers and see how that is going, See how I like it and see if I can just go through the CCNA courses that t have and feel that I'm gonna Be comfortable enough to just go out and take the CCNA. This is gonna, Be a learning experience for both of us. You know this is gonna, Be something that that all of us can learn.

So you and me will learn this kind of together and how this process goes, Because it's good to have that that on, This is what's gonna happen, So the ultimate end goal here is not the CCNA. That's not my end game.

My end game is not the CCNA. My end game is to be in security. That's where I love to be that's where I love working.

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You know I've done that already in my past I've worked some types of security roles, Not officially, But I've done a lot of security procedures, A different tasks and and and and duties in the positions that I've worked. So that's where I want to be the endgame would probably be something like the SIP, But I can't get there until I get my networking down, Because that's something that I feel is a really core fundamental for me to really understand before I get off into any Type of security area in the IT field - and some might you know, Disagree with that and some say: well, You don't really need that. I need that. I need to know that I understand all of the aspects that I can of an infrastructure.

Before I say. Ok, I really feel comfortable with evaluating and an entire enterprise security other than that you know lab everyday. You don't know about that. Go check out, Duan Lightfoot I'll link to his channel, Because that guy is fantastic. He talks about lab and every day check him out on Twitter cuz.

He he's always on fire over on Twitter. He's always talking about this stuff. He's always talking about networking, He's really really good at that stuff and he's always kind of giving you tips and tricks on that, And I could not thank that guy enough and another guy that I really want to talk about who I read a lot of s articles too, And that's that's - the network beard Network beard over at the CBT beards and if you don't know what CBT beards, That's the CBT Nuggets. He worked over at EveDumpsnow and I'm really talking about network chuck and if you don't know I'll, Put a link here, Put a picture up, But he's got the huge beard he's taught. He talked about networking clearly, But he's a great guy he's got a ton of great information over there.

Also. He really lays it out for you clearly he knows what he's talking about, Because EveDumpsjust hired him not too long ago. So if you are into networking and I'm not giving you enough information about networking between those two t can really help you out and set you down the path. But if you want to have that one-on-one like let's do this together and then we're gonna, Do this together and we're gonna learn together, I'm starting with the CCENT. So that's what we're gonna talk about going forward, And this is my path to the CCNA. So stay tuned if this is something you're interested in, Because that's what we're doing take it easy .

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