The difference between Huawei certification and Cisco certification, in fact, there is no difference in learning between the two. You can choose it according to your own development prospects.
1. Certificates and skills.
First of all, let me talk about a point of view, research and study skills, these are two concepts. The skills are learned, and the textual research is no problem. Passing the textual research may not necessarily master the skills.
The company recruits employees mainly to generate value and implement technology. As a network technician, if you don't want to know the stakes of technology and certificates, many people who have passed the certificate will not find the ideal job and it is difficult to understand.
2. How difficult is textual research?
The layman thinks that the textual research is difficult, but the industry thinks that the textual research is simple.
Mastering skills is impossible without a lot of time accumulation.
Certificates are mainly divided into CCNA (HCIA), CCNP (HCIP), CCIE (HCIE)
CCNA (HCIA), CCNP (HCIP), these have nothing to do with how much technology I learn, I want to prepare for the 10-day exam.
CCIE (HCIE) needs to master a lot of network knowledge and a lot of experimental training (some people pass in a speculative way, but his later career needs lessons).
3. How to learn skills?
In any industry, there are two ways of self-study and training. Self-study itself is not reliable. There are many roads in the technology industry, which require masters and disciples.
The biggest problem of self-study is self-consciousness and doubts. When problems arise, when they get lost, when they cannot continue, and when they indulge themselves, it is easy to give up.
Training is related to interests. What I want to say is that it is necessary to find me.
4. How do people get confused after learning?
Speaking of the students brought over the past few years, each student has his own story, and it is no exception to obtain his own "success" through his own hard work and perseverance.
Of course, I know there are also inside. It's not mixed well. Have you seen the first-line 5k? Have you seen the second-line internship 2k?
5. Good mixing characteristics.
Qualified technology, high emotional intelligence, and rich family background.
When it comes to irritating topics, many families have a rich bottom line. Since childhood, the family is educated and the lover is generally good, but I want to master the skills. The final outcome money, no money, no money.
I’ve heard a few words before, do you think some people’s success is really simple? A person’s success is often achieved through the efforts of two generations. The previous generation’s efforts have reached the level of well-off, at least the right to expand the structure and free choice.
Starting from scratch requires getting rid of difficulties on your own, looking at luck and opportunity. Sometimes people have a lot of opportunities. Maybe they missed an opportunity. This generation can no longer catch up.
6. Some suggestions.
Don't worry about being a human being, bear with loneliness, and calm down. All the speed is fake.
Some things have to be thought of, but there is no way to think about it. I really can’t remember. Please take a closer look at the origin of this matter. Some things are inherently difficult, and when you can't do it, others can't do it either. Please choose beyond.
The above are some of my personal experience of learning network engineers. Network engineers are engaged in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of computer information systems. They have certain requirements for their own capabilities, but they will also have certain gains. Since I choose If you do, you have to persevere.

Although no system is ever 100 percent protected, the ability for differentiating between typical network traffic as well as potentially harmful malware is considered crucial and provides the focus of this associate-level certification path. Also, if you wish to acquire this certification, you should gain the CCNP Enterprise 350-401 Dumps, which are being offered at the EveDumps.


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