Think back to CCIE Security Written and Lab certification, maybe because I am a girl, maybe because I am not smart, it is not easy to go the CCIE Security Written and Lab certification journey.

The experience of the winners is undoubtedly very important to us. After experiencing failures and knowing which roads are not going to work, these experiences have good reference value for the upcoming CCIE candidate. Friends who have already passed CCIE are very willing to share their experiences and share with you. I collected some of my experiences today and sorted them out. I hope I can help my friends who are preparing for CCIE.

This article mainly introduces the process of preparing my CCIE Security written and lab, including the following:

First met CCIE security

Preparation process and Security CCIE Dumps recommendace

CCIE security exam experience sharing

CCIE security test preparation advice (3 Tips)


First met CCIE security

As for the certificate that can obtain CCIE security, it is already shared by ccie security lab exam certification. He made me full of fantasies about cisco certification, and also had unlimited embarrassment for CCIE's certificate. So when I was a sophomore, I embarked on a journey of cisco learning. Although I know that after many years of hard work and study, I can have the capital to report to CCIE, but I also want to try hard to try it. After all, it is a proof of my ability. In this way, I started the CISCO CCIE Security lab journey with the enthusiasm for CCIE.

Originally, I planned to finish CCIE before graduation. Therefore, I mainly ran to listen to CCIE Security courses in my spare time, and did experiments when I had time. Learning Security CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE were all relatively idle. Relaxed state.


CCIE Security Preparation experience and Security Dumps Recommend

I remember that during my review period, it was a cold winter. The teacher often accompanied us to do the CCIE Lab experiment at night. The one that impressed me the most was the night of the certificate verification of the hardware client of EZVPN. We have been trying this experiment many times, but the client can't dial the server. In the end, there is really no way, please ask the teacher to help you troubleshoot. We started the screening error one by one from the very beginning. When we finished the experiment, look up the time, "Oops! More than 3 in the morning!" Hurry to pack up the good things and hurriedly ran back to the dormitory.

Although it is very hard and exhaustive to do experiments in a boring laboratory, but fortunately the teacher and the ccie study team and care, we are not working hard, but very happy and very happy. When I was learning Cisco, I was able to find a long-lost feeling by experimenting with ccie candidate preparation and discussing it. I gradually became interested in the network. When I started to contact cisco, I couldn't even figure out what the network was. Moreover, I only studied C and C++ in school. When I first came into contact with CCNA, I was very uncomfortable, but slowly and in-depth study, everything was suddenly clear.

I remember when I started to learn CCNA with my teacher, I listened to it two or three times. Who made me lazy and stupid, the basic order took a long time to remember. However, the deeper the learning, the more aware of the importance of hands-on ability. The experimental command not only needs to be knocked on one side, but also knocks on everything when it is ok. CCIE Security still follows the teacher. He likes to interact with the students when he is in class. Let us think about the problem ourselves, so I always like the teacher's class very much, and he has 12 points of passion for technology. If you encounter any problems, he will be very helpful to answer. Slowly began to be a bit emboldened on the Security CCIE lab exam goal, knowing that Evedumps has a complete set of CCIE security written and lab dumps, cisco ips4240, two ASA5520, and 28 series routers, and the CCIE course is followed by the teacher. I learned the security ccie dumps at Evedumps with the ccie security lab study group.


CCIE security exam experience sharing

At the beginning of the CCIE, no matter what experiment, you can use the rack topology experiment as long as you don't bother. From October of October 17 to March of 18, it took almost five months for the teacher to sort out all the relevant CCIE-related knowledge points. During this time, I did have a deeper understanding of the configuration of VPN, ASA, and IPS. During that time, the teacher gave us lessons during the day, and at night we did experiments together.

In retrospect, when I was learning CCNP Security, I was too lazy and owed too much. So in the CCIE stage, I spent a lot of time and energy to make up for the things I owed before, or I should have the sentence: Come out, sooner or later. To be returned.

To say that you have passed the test experience of Security CCIE written and lab, nothing more than a word: look at the document, knock the experiment, and summarize. I am able to pass Security CCIE Exam, I am most fortunate to find a very good learning environment, very reliable Security CCIE lab workbook, and a special cattle partner, thanks to the notes he has compiled to benefit himself.

CCIE security test preparation advice ( 3 Tips)

In fact, CCIE Security exam questions are not difficult, mainly to understand the knowledge points, find a more stable Security CCIE 400-251 Written Dumps before the exam, you will feel very relaxed after the exam.

Choosing what CCIE security information is very important for the success of the exam, if you buy the relevant Security CCIE training workbook from EveDumps, it may not be a problem, if it is self-study, Need to get the official information of cisco, you need to collect a wide range, to understand that the CISCO exam is still very broad.

CISCO's teaching materials are best to find some authoritative, the examination materials are subject to CISCO. The book must be carefully read, and there must be no luck. The concept should be clear and not deviate from the principle. Every option from Cisco is easy to be vague and uncertain. If you don't have a clear concept, such as some details, it's easy to see that every option makes sense. It's not easy to choose.


Therefore, we must pay full attention to the key concepts and the details mentioned in the textbooks when preparing. In the choice, we must have confidence in our own memories, and do not arbitrarily change our first choice. The other point is the ios operation, the commands will be listed to let you choose, remember some of the customary syntax of the ios command and the general order of the parameters is easier to choose.

The last point is that you can't go back after the exam. It is impossible to look back after a question is over, so you must read the questions and read the questions. The characteristic of the concept questions is that the scenes he describes are not the key to the problem. The key point is The actual test of the problem, he will not tell you in a clear language to rely on this concept, but to regard him, but to choose the right answer, you must first see the key concepts it actually designed.

In the process of learning, we must pay attention to methods, and more importantly, we need perseverance. It is the first priority to think more and more. Remember that everything is also orderly. If you have relevant work experience, it may be easier to learn. Otherwise, you need to work harder.

Although I have passed the Security CCIE, I don't think there is anything special. The man who passed CCIE said that "CCIE is just a number, I am still the original." I want to use CCIE to create a good starting point for myself before I graduated. There are still many things to learn and supplement at work.

In the process of preparing for the Security CCIE, those little bits and pieces are precious. It is in these little bits that I am slowly growing up that I finally pass the CCIE security lab journey. If you have a set of learning methods that suits you, and CCIE Security knowledge points have been integrated, the CCIE Security Lab workbook version has been very familiar, and the mentality has been experienced, so there is still a good chance to pass CCIE Security written and lab.


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