This particular article, Which is a ccnp, Frequently asked questions article. I have worked with thousands of ccnp candidates and ccnp s around the world and the same questions do tend to come up now. I know you're probably familiar with the exams that make up the ccnp, But one thing you might not be familiar with is: there is an option for a couple of those exams, So you've actually got two paths to choose from and we're going to discuss that and What has worked best for most of my students and the ccnp s that I've worked with and then after that, We'll talk about the order in which you should take the exams. There is no required order, But again there's an order that builds on your CCNA skill, Set that we will discuss and then relating to the CCNA.

It's another question that I'm frequently asked and that's what we call it frequently asked questions right. Should I take a break between completing my CCNA and starting on my ccnp? I'm also going to give you some study tips here that have worked well again for thousands of CC NPS around the world and we'll start this discussion. Then, With a look at our two paths and again, We do have two options: the traditional path, The ccnp, Is a for exam pass and you're familiar with these exams. Most likely. I'Ve also put up the latest exam versions of each one of these tests. BscI is more intermediate and advanced routing.

It builds on your CCNA studies nicely. The bc msn is intermediate and advanced switching techniques which again builds on your CCNA skills and the ifc w ont exams. Follow that for the three exam paths you can take, What Cisco calls their composite exam? It's the 642 9 88 92 exam, And you take that in place of the BFC I and the bc msn exams. Now I've worked with plenty of successful ccnp s over the years that have taken the composite exam and that's fine. I salute you believe me, It's a great bushman generally, I recommend you stick with a for exam pass I'll.

Tell you why the bscI exam has more than enough material to keep anyone busy for one exam, Not trying to scare you about it, Because it's an exam that you know it's passed every day. It's a difficult exam, There's a lot of information, But it can be done. I just feel that that's enough of an exam for one day that you don't need to add the switching material to it because in the BSC eye exam, Among other things, You're going to be studying advanced ospf, Including multI area ospf and route redistribution scenarios. You'Re. Also going to be studying border gateway, Protocol bgp, Which is a big big topic.

Cisco 350-601 Dumps

So again, I would recommend you stay with the four exam pass again, Certainly nothing wrong with going after the composite. I always admire people who go after the bigger mountains, But here I do think that the BFC eye exam is a big enough mountain for anybody at one tom. There is no required order in which you have to take these exams.

But having said that, As I mentioned, The bscI and bc msn material builds nicely on the skills that you acquired when you earned your CCNA, So many students do choose to take those two exams. First and again it's not a required path, But it does tend to be a preferred path. Now, Should you take a break between completing your CCNA and beginning your ccnp studies? No, I don't mean you can't take a day or two, Because the CCNA is a tremendous accomplishment. When you earn it, You should be proud of it, But you've also done some other things beyond getting certified. You have developed the confidence and you have developed the self-discipline to study and once you're in that groove you really don't want to come out of it.

I'Ve seen ccas over the years say you know. I got the CCNA and we'll start the NP in a month or so and or two months or so or next year, And then you see them 18 months later and t still haven't started. You want to keep that moment because you've really got two different kinds of momentum. Going at that point. You'Ve got your study. Momentum and you've got your success momentum.

You have succeeded at a cisco exam. You pass the CCNA. Keep that rolling. You know when you get one victory, Just keep on rolling to the next one: don't stop for too long after the first one celebrated again, Nothing wrong with taking a day or two, But keep that momentum rolling, Very, Very important toward earning your ccnp, Something else I Want to offer you as far as the ccnp goes and if you're working on your na certainly plenty of free resources here for you as well. I'Ve got over 200 CCNA and CCNP training articles much like the one you're reading here.

I'Ve got some that are more protocol specific, That you'll enjoy fully Illustrated tutorials and practice exams for you on the tutorials page of my website. Again, I congratulate you for making the decision to go after your ccnp. It's a very valuable certification out there in today's networking world and by following the tips that I've given you here.

Even if you go after that composite exam, I wish you all the best in your pursuit of the ccnp.

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