in this article, We will go through ccnp security, 350 701 score, Implementing and operating cisco security, Core technologies, This exam tests, Your knowledge of implementing and operating core security technologies, Including network security, Cloud security, Content, Security, Endpoint protection and detection, Secure network access, Visibility and enforcement. Let's look at question one: what does the cloud log apps firewall do to mitigate security concerns from an application perspective now cisco cloud lock is a cloud native cloud access security broker that helps you move to the cloud safely for app security. The cloud lock, App's firewall, Discovers and controls cloud apps connected to your corporate environment. You can use a claw source community trust reading for individual apps and you can ban or allow list them based on the risk, So it discovers and controls clock apps that are connected to a company's corporate environment.

So we're going to choose a to be the correct answer for question. One question: two: what is the difference between deceptive fishing and spear fishing? The deceptive fishing is the most common type of fishing scam. These scams occur when a recognized source emails you in order to compromise information, Whereas a spear phishing is more sophisticated version of deceptive fishing, Which uses your information in order to trick you into thinking, You have a relationship with the center, So deceptive phishing campaigns don't target Victims individually, T are sent to hundreds, Sometimes thousands of recipients, But spear fishing, In contrast, Is highly targeted and targets a single individual. So the main difference is a spear.

Fishing campaign is aimed at a specific specific person, Whereas deceptive phishing targets a group of recipients or a group of people. So we choose a for this question question three: what is the function of cisco cloud log for data security for third security of a cisco call? Lock the function is drp data loss protection or I'm sorry, Prevention and dlp for short d, Lp prevention, And this technology that continues monitors cloud environment to detect and secure sensitive information. It provides countless out-of-box policies as well as highly tunable custom policies, So we're going to choose dlp. So d is the correct answer for question three question.

Four, There are individual sites specified to be blacklisted in ciscobrella, All right for cisco and brother. When a domain needs to be blocked, We can reveal the destination list under the policy settings we'll go to this policy settings and then we go to a destination list. So those are the lists you or your administrator in your organization has created and you can use them to blacklist all the objects. You don't want them in.

CCNP 300-410 Exam Questions

So we choose b, Destination list, Question five: how does cisco stealth read cloud? Provide security for cloud environments for hybrid network security, The cisco stealthread cloud extends your visibility to detect threats across your cloud. So b is the right one. It delivers visibility and threat detection and a a stealth read cloud, Provides secure, Clock analysis, Alerts for dns abuse, But not protection c. It prevents exfiltration of sensitive data. Stealthread cloud can only provide detection for excel its filtration of data, But cannot prevent it.

So c is wrong, Not prevent it can only detect, And indeed it facilitates secure connectivity between public and private networks. Now stealthread cloud detects included threats in the private network, And the public cloud also provides public cloud monitoring and private network monitoring, But no facilitation, Secure connectivity between the public and private network, So it does not so b, Is the only one that is correct for question. Five question: six: what is the primary role of cisco email security appliance? So this is a esa, So the esa, For short, It can protect the email infrastructure and employees who use email at work by filtering unsubs solicited and malicious emails before it reaches the user. Cisco's esa can easily integrate into existing email infrastructures within a high degree of flexibility.

It does this by acting as a male transfer agent mta for short mail transfer agent within the email, Delivery, Train, So c mail transfer agent is the one for question six question: 7: what is a characteristic of storm? A traffic storm control, Behavior? if enable the broadcast and broadcast traffic exceeds the level within the interval. Traffic storm control drops all broadcast traffic if we enable multicast and modica traffic exceeds the level within the interval. Traffic storm control drops all traffic if we enable broadcast and monica the broadcast traffic exceeds within the interval. Traffic.

Storm control drops all broadcast traffic if we enable broadcast and multicast and multicast traffic exceeds within the interval. The traffic storm control drop all the traffic. To be brief, Question a is the right one. Traffic storm control drops all broadcast and multicast traffic if the combined traffic exceeds the level within the interval, So we are going to choose a for the correct answer: question 8, Which policy is used to capture host information on the cisco firepower. Next generation intrusion prevention system, Ips the firepower, Ips, The firepower system, Uses network discovery and identity policies to collect, Host application and user data for traffic on your network so b is the right one. We use network discovery to do this to capture the host information and a access control can be used to protect others from disruption, But not as functional as capturing host information intrusion.

It can provide maximum protection for your network as assets, But not this capturing host information correlation can trigger and generate correlation events where the system generates discovery, Events or detects user activity still not as functional as this capturing so b is the right one. For question. 8 next, Let's look at question 9, When web policies are configured in ciscobrella, What provides the ability to ensure that domains are blocked when t host malware command and control fishing and more threats? The answer is a security category blocking so ambrose security categories are categories of security defense.

These categories are used in creating policies and in viewing reports for when things are blocked, We also have file analysis. This one is the feature that provides file, Inspection and thread grid malware analysis, So this is not very related to the questions and c application control. This one allows blocking of curated list of applications from across the web, So it's not very relevant and content.

Category can block and custom our own list of categories to block to be blocked. So this is not the correct function or feature regards to the questions. So a is the right one, And this is it for the question 9 and we have this question 10, Which information is required when adding a device to firepower management, Center, F and c for this adding a device when we add the fmc as a manager, We will need to supply a registration key.

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