Next, let's take a look at the knowledge contained in the data center outline.

In September 2012, Cisco released his -DC CCIE. It can be said that this certification is quite mature, and his focus is also on the hot technology of data center construction at home and abroad in recent years. After studying CCIE DC, you can master: data center network solutions. And master a variety of network technologies, including the traditional large layer 2 technology FabricPath, the overlay large layer 2 technology VXLAN, the VXLAN-based EVPN technology, and the OTV technology for data center interconnection. Also familiarize yourself with the advanced features of NEXUS switches. They can also master data center-level storage network solutions, virtualization and automation solutions, data center-level unified computing solutions, and more.

Of course, certification in this direction is actually not as difficult as imagined, and even simpler than many second- and third-tier network applications in many enterprises. The reason is that the more core part of the network infrastructure requires more stable operation and demand The simpler the technology, the more mature the technology, the higher the compatibility, and the fewer features. Therefore, the data center technology is more operational and better to master than other types of networks.

Is the CCIEDC certificate useful? In general, taking the CCIEDC exam will help you get a higher salary in the industry and give you a better space for development in this industry. You will not be trapped by some old technologies. They are all cutting-edge technologies. When your level is high, the stage you are facing is also completely different. The future of Cisco's data center development is unquestionable in the industry.


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