Welcome back to this article is slightly different. The article is different, Because this is the first time up coming on camera and the reason I had to record this article is because it's been almost three months since I've been part of the last article and a lot of people are writing in to me asking When is the next article coming? Have I abandoned the series? One answer? No, I haven't abandoned it. I will be coming back.

I understand and I really apologize that it's been almost five years since I started the series. My intention was never to delay the series, But I always knew that this was never my full-time gig. It was more like a part-time gig. I started a article and it became viral and a lot of people liked my content and t kept requesting, And I and I started series and its been in five years. I recorded about 52 or 56 articles roughly about 10 articles a year, Which is a pity.

You know it, It is actually very slow and a lot people have, I think, Have got my fair share of criticism for that. I don't do this full-time, So it is not easy, But there are few things that's happening in my life, Which I think is going to help the series. I should be able to complete the series very very soon, So one of the main reason I want to record this article is one I wanted to give you an update, A status update of why our articles are delayed and if we will be coming back so, Like I said, We will be coming back very very very soon, So that's one second thing is: I keep. I keep getting a lot of questions from a lot of people asking if I will be completing the series.

Yes, I will be completing this. So that's another another question again: did I keep getting questions like? Is the series still validt go see my first article, Which was recorded in 2013 end of 2013 so technically, 2014, And now it's 2019, So t ask. Is this series valid after five years? Yes, It is valid and it is valid because, When Cisco changes, The syllabus of CCNA from CCNA version 2 to version 3 OR version 3 to version 4 80% of the content tend to remain right. So OSPF is going to be OSPF.

Eigrp is going to be EIGRP. These technologies, Not gonna change. There are all technologies, There are new technologies or there are evolving technologies. The technologies that's been used for a very very long time. So if t're teaching you those technologies exist, Really, Then those technologies on there.

So what if you learn a CCNA if you learn OSPF IH, Not be using Maya, Please go on any article on EveDumps. Even if you do start when your world article, If t talk to ERG RP, Then it is going to be the same EIGRP now so technically. That question of whether it is valid is wrong because those technologies are not gonna change unless those technology go away from your syllabus right. So, Like I kept saying in like right, I'm going to tell that again.

This series is always going to be valid because, Let's say from now from version 3 to version 4 change or from version to version 3 that were changed, Syllabus changed and I updated whatever the 20%. Your Cisco changed. I updated in the syllabus on down to the series so now, When we go from version 3 diversion for hopefully next year, I will update whatever changes that happens I will be. I will update it into the series.

So let's say we finish the series before. If, Let's say the original series before Cisco, Does that update of version 4 - and let's say we finish the series at day 7, I am giving an example day. 70. We complete the series.

200-901 Exam Dumps

Six months later, Cisco updates were CCNA for version 3 - version 4. We will come back, I will add another 10 articles, Maybe - and I will cover the difference of 3 percent of if it all squads new topic. 70 percent, I'm gonna have to see the topics into the series, So you'll have day 75. Somebody want to obey. Maybe next 10 more articles that will update.

So you can add you're gonna learn view I mean you might have learned few technology over the course of that the series which is no more in the city in the syllabus, But those technologies are going to change. So it's good that you have knowledge about those technologies and you will have the series and maybe next year and because some of the articles, When I started this series five years ago, I wasn't it was new. For me, EveDumps was a new medium recording was a new medium order technology, No, Not my cup of tea.

So a lot of reviews in the first few I mean first few articles of the series had terrible module because I was recording it all wrong. I thought I would record at maxim so I kept input audio at maximum a lot of what you got clicked right. So I had to speak to a couple of my friends or audio engineers, And this is to clip the audio because you're reaching a lot of data. And now I added quadrat about seven five custody. Listen so that all my audio data is captured and then I depression a normalization whatever that I need to do that.

I do audio processing later, So this is something that I've had added. Maybe the last ten articles 20 articles right. So what would change is? I would I'm independent. This is something that I am not done.

Just just telling you now I either I would go and change the first few articles where audio is bad or I might rerecord. Let's say when I start in a car when I finish this. Article of this Co comes up with question 4. I will record a new article right.

I might not release the article until I record the entire series, So that gives you what I have this problem. So I will record the entire series and then I will release one by one. This is what was out of planner five years ago when I started this channel. I never in my. Why does dream think that I would be recording articles five years later for the same series, Because I do not have a plan? I just started that article first article I uploaded and then it caught on people loved the article t started.

Writing to me. T asked me to no man, Add more articles and then I got converted got converted into a series and five years later we are here. So the two short answer. The question is this series is valid and it will be valid, Maybe another five years time right.

So this is something that I have wanted to address and I hope you are going to support me. Also. I keep it on.

I keep getting another question asking if the series is enough to pass pass your test for a lot of people. If I see anyone, Definitely this is more than enough ICD -. You would need little more practice and you some some of you might need to refer a book. There are a lot of good authors. I put some links in the description of this article, But for a lot of you, This article series should be not and now that we're getting into the real meat of CCNA OSPF EIGRP.

I think I will try and put more labs practice labs and more scenarios on our website. You can go to our website and download those labs and scenarios and practice, Because CCNA is as much a practically oriented exam because what stuff? Of course, There is a lot of theory that we learn. We try to learn the technology, But you also try you Cisco, Want you to learn their command line. It's right, So CLI is what Cisco is trying to teach which is in it.

So practice is the only way you're gonna get profit so down a packet tracer free back, Tracer, Janus 3 or if you can get access to physical devices. Now like it practice, When we teach you something practice, You should know these commands by her right. You need to know is, If lexicon students, You get a question on on your on your testers speaking about some technology. You each know where that is no in your. If you accessing it to come online, Where is it in the global config mode? Is it router self come on, So we reach to a level way? You know these by heart.

You know at least, If not by at the entire command, Because of course, In real life you can always do you know what if auto-completion is there? So an obviously good for the question mark me to tell you, But if you know, Have a basic idea of the structure and where certain commands and where certain contributions are done and see what honestly is not expressed. It's not CCIE. We talking about CCNA, It's a associate level program which means that t don't really expect you to be an expert. T do want you to know everything that is there to know a lot of things at UCC in a level a lot of things. That's there in in your command line in CA lines of your device.

You won't even touch because you don't even know I mean t did. Cisco does not expect you to know that and you won't really need it right. Of course, When you go to CCNP level CCIE level, That's a whole different ballgame. You know if you will CCIE, You need to know everything about your CLI, But access in a level you don't need to so don't worry too much, But practice is important.

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