Cisco CCNA was re-issued in February 2020, the new CCNA replaces this certification, if you held a valid CCNA Routing and Switching certification on February 24, 2020, you will receive a new CCNA certificate.

Come on, CCNA can be self-taught, but there are certain difficulties!

Think about which technology is free from barriers to learning? The key point is to find a way and method of learning. We have summarized some of them and shared them with some beginners who are new to the field of network engineers. I hope everyone will avoid detours.

Why choose self-study ccna?

It is mainly suitable for students who are not financially well-off or students who work hard to "move bricks".

How to self-study ccna?

Preparation: Choose a suitable CCNA textbook "CCNA Study Guide (try to choose the new version)"/a set of CCNA course videos that you understand and are comfortable with/a notebook, reference book "TCP/IP Volume 1, Volume 2"/Download a simulator "Cisco Packet Tracer"

Self-study CCNA Methodology:

  • Simulate Middle School Learning Methods: Preview Review Exercises
  • Watch the CCNA course video first
  • After watching the video, I read the book. Xiaobai is still very unfamiliar with some terms of Cisco, so he should take notes and remarks frequently when studying.
  • Experimental part: PT and GNS3 simulators are recommended. If it is the CCNA stage, only CiscoPacketTracer is enough.

How to pass the ccna exam?

The safest way is to download or purchase the CCNA written test question bank. After a series of self-study of CCNA courses, supplemented by the question bank can greatly improve the pass rate of the exam. I wish you all success in obtaining the Cisco CCNA certificate.


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