In this article you're going to find out if the cisco ccnp certification is worth it. And this article is all about showing you how to become a highly paid it pro fast. Let's get started what is ccnp, Ccnp or cisco.

Certified network professional is a networking certification offered by cisco ccnp offers various specializations for candidates. It has one core exam and one concentration exam. The core exam covers the basic fundamentals of the specialization you choose, While the concentration exam enables you to go more in depth. Currently, Cisco offers the following tracks for the ccnp certification, Ccnp enterprise, Ccnp data center ccnp security, Ccnp service provider and ccnp collaboration.

The demand for this certification is increasing, As companies worldwide move their systems to the cloud. According to robert haff's technology, Salary guide report of 2020 ccnp is one of the most valuable certifications in the world. According to global knowledge, One third of it, Professionals in north america, Identified cisco to be their favorite company in 2020.

As a result, Ccnp has become one of their favorite certifications, Each ccnp exam core and concentration costs 300 us dollars. The exam contains multiple choice. Questions drag and drop questions fill in the blank and scenario-based questions in the scenario-based questions. You will be given a detailed case, Study or scenario, And you will be expected to choose your answers. Based on that scenario, This type of question is meant to check your practical approach towards the networking concepts covered in the certification.

Ccnp is valid for three years. Have you decided to get the ccnp certification in the comments area below this article leave a comment of yes if you've already decided or I'm thinking about it, If you've not yet decided. Now, Let's look at the skills measured by the ccnp certification. Ccnp covers a wide range of topics depending upon which core and concentration exam you choose.

Let's take a look at the skills measured by each core exam, Ccnp enterprise architecture, Design, Principles in enterprise networks, Design, Principles of wlan deployment, On-premises and cloud infrastructure deployments, Principles of the cisco sd access solution, Wired and wireless qos, And switching mechanisms, Virtualization virtualization technologies, Hypervisors and Network virtualization concepts, Infrastructure, Layer, 2, Troubleshooting, 8021 q, Trunking protocols, Troubleshooting static and dynamic ether channels spanning tree protocols, Routing concepts of eigrp and ospf learning, Ospf environments, Configuration of ebgp between directly connected neighbors, Wireless and layer 1 concepts such as rf power, Rssi, Snr, Interference, Noise Band and channels and wireless client devices capabilities network assurance, Diagnose network problems using tools such as debugs conditional, Debugs traceroute, Using device monitoring using syslog for remote logging using netflow and flexible netflow using span rspan er span, Ipsla and learning to describe cisco dna center workflows security Device access controls using infrastructure security features, Rest apI security and wireless security features, Automation, Python components and scripts, Json encoded files and interpreting rest apI response codes and results in payload, Using cisco dna center and rest conf for a more complete curriculum download.

The latest ccnp enterprise exam objectives located in the description area under this article ccnp data center network, Routing protocols, Analysis of packet flow cloud, Service deployment models, Network configuration management, Infrastructure, Monitoring such as netflow and span and network assurance concepts such as streaming telemetry, Compute, Cisco, Unified Compute system, Rack servers, Hyperflex infrastructure concepts and benefits firmware, And software updates and their impacts on b series and c series servers, Compute configuration management and infrastructure monitoring such as span and intersite; automation, Automation and scripting tools and evaluation of automation and orchestration technologies, Security, Applying network Security acI contracts and micro segmentation, Keychain authentication and storage security storage storage network describe nfs and nos concepts describe software updates and their impacts and implement infrastructure monitoring for more complete curriculum check out the latest ccnp data center exam objectives located in the description area.

Under this article ccnp security security concepts, Common threats against on-premises and cloud environments, Common security, Vulnerabilities, Cryptography components such as hashing encryption, Pki, Ssl, Ipsec, Nat, T ipv4 for ipsec vpn and remote access, Vpn deployment, Types, Security, Intelligence, Authoring sharing and consumption, Northbound and southbound apis in The sdn architecture dnac apis for network provisioning, Optimization monitoring and troubleshooting and basic python scripts used to call cisco security appliances, Apis network security, Network security, Solutions that provide intrusion, Prevention and firewall capabilities deployment, Models of network security solutions and architectures netflow and flexible net flow records.

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Configuring network infrastructure, Security methods, Segmentation access control policies, Avc url, Filtering and malware protection management, Options for network security solutions and configuring aaa for device and network access, Securing the cloud cloud, Security, Basics, Public, Private, Hybrid and community clouds. Cloud service models, Sas pass, Iaas patch management in the cloud application and data security in application and data security in cloud environments and cloud logging and monitoring methodologies, Content, Security, Traffic redirection web proxy authentication, Cloud-based email and web solutions and ciscobrella, Endpoint protection and detection.

Compare endpoint protection platforms and endpoint detection and response solutions; anti-malware retrospective security, Indication of compromise, Anti-virus, Dynamic file, Analysis and endpoint sourced telemetry endpoint based security importance of a multi-factor authentication strategy and endpoint patching strategy, Secure network access, Visibility and enforcement management and secure network access network Access device functionality such as 8021 x, Mab web auth and network access with coa for a more complete curriculum download the latest ccnp security exam objectives located in the description area.

Under this article ccnp service provider, Architecture, Service provider, Architectures, Cisco network software architecture, Service provider, Virtualization qos architecture, Control, Plane, Security management, Plane, Security and data, Plane, Security, Networking, Isis, Ospf, Bgp path, Selection, Algorithm, Routing policy, Language and route maps, Routing protocols, Ipv6 transition and high availability; Mpls and segment routing implementing mpls traffic engineering and segment routing services, Vpn services, Configuring l2 vpn and carrier ethernet l3 vpn multicast services and qos services; automation, Programmable apis used to include cisco devices in network automation, Configuring a cisco device using a rest apI network services, Orchestration Data analytics and model driven telemetry in service provider and snmp for a more complete curriculum download.

The latest ccnp service provider, Exam objectives located in the description area. Under this article ccnp collaboration infrastructure and design, Licensing sizing security, Edge devices in the cisco collaboration architecture such as expressway and cisco, Unified border element, Cisco collaboration solutions and troubleshooting network components in a cisco collaboration solution, Protocols, Codecs and endpoints troubleshooting elements of a sip conversation. Configuring codec negotiations deploy sip endpoints and troubleshoot collaboration, Endpoints, Cisco, Ios, Xe gateway and media resources.

Configuring voice gateway elements, Configure isdn, Pri, Bri, Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting, Isdn, Pri, Bri, Identification of media resources for a given scenario, Call control, Cisco, Unified communications manager, Digit analysis process, Root patterns, Translation patterns and mobile and remote access, Qos, Understanding problems that can lead to poor voice and article quality, Qos requirements, Class models for providing qos on a network and diffserv values as it pertains to collaboration, Qos trust boundaries and their significance in land-based classification and marking, Location-based cac bandwidth requirements and llq collaboration, Applications, Cisco unity, Connection, Mailbox and mwi, Cisco unity, Connection, Sip Integration options to call control, Cisco unity, Connection, Call handlers and deployment of cisco jabber on premises for a more complete curriculum download. The latest ccnp collaboration exam objectives located in the description area under this article. Now, Let's look at the prerequisites for the ccnp cisco announced important changes to the structure of the ccnp certification in 2020.

These changes removed the requirement of prerequisites for taking the ccnp exam. Anyone can attempt the certification exams whenever t want. However, As ccnp is an advanced level certification, It's recommended.

You have at least a basic understanding of the concepts covered in the certification. According to cisco, Ccnp candidates usually have a minimum of three years of experience in a domain related to the ccnp certification track chosen. We would suggest that you first get your ccna before attempting the ccnp how to prepare for the ccnp certification exam. There are several options which you can use to prepare for your ccnp exam. Next, We'll take a look at these options: self-study resources.

There are ample self-study resources available to prepare for ccnp, For example, You could use youtube if you prefer to read articles to learn. You can also use guided training, Quizzes self-paced courses and books. Let's take a look at some of the best self-study resources for ccnp books. Using books to prepare for the ccnp exam will give you an in-depth understanding of the exam objectives. Cisco has published its own books for the core and concentration exam. You can find links to cisco, Ccnp exam prep books in the description area under this article.

If you don't like reading books, You can choose other self-study methods. Article training article, Is an excellent option to prepare for the ccnp exam. The best thing about article is that it helps you understand difficult concepts in an easy way. Cisco learning network has paid article training that covers all ccnp exams.

However, These programs are expensive, For example, A training program for the ccnp data center exam costs over 2 000 us dollars. You can find free article training for ccnp on youtube. There are several people with proven expertise who have made articles for this certification.

If you're using article training make sure you have the ccnp exam objectives in front of you, This will ensure that you don't miss any important concepts in the description area below this article. You will find a link to affordable expert instructor-led article training to help you prepare for the ccnp exam instructor-led training. If you want live training by an expert cisco offers instructor-led training courses too cisco partners with third-party training providers to deliver instructor-led classes. If you don't want to prepare for the ccnp exam on your own and want to ask questions to an expert, You can consider instructor-led training, Keep in mind that instructor-led training is often very expensive.

For example, One ccnp class delivered by the cisco learning network that runs for four days costs four thousand us dollars. This could be out of budget for many people practice tests. Ccnp has many practical and scenario-based questions. It's very important that you utilize practice tests before the actual exam using a google search. You can find several websites that offer ccnp practice tests.

You can also use the learn cisco website for free ccnp practice tests, Practice labs, The ccnp exam extensively, Utilizes lab questions. The exam has several questions where you have to solve a given problem, Based on a scenario you can use cisco's practice lab bundle, Which also includes instructional articles for the labs. However, The cost of this bundle is over a thousand dollars using bosin and gns3 are also helpful for preparing for cisco ccnp labs questions in the description area below this article you will find links to the bosun as well as gns3 practice labs. Now, Let's look at what jobs you can get with the ccnp certification.

You can become eligible for many it job roles with a ccnp certification. Ccnp has evolved significantly over the last few years, With its many flavors. Ccnp enables you to get jobs in areas like data center, Cyber security, Automation and software-based security systems. Here are some of the job roles you should be considering after getting ccnp certified network administrator cyber security expert, Technical support, Engineer, Network engineer, Network desktop support, Engineer, Network security, Associate system, Administrator security, Architect and network architect.

Let's talk about how much money you can make with the ccnp certification ccnp could lead to a career with high salaries and growth according to ziprecruiter, The annual median salary for ccnp related jobs is around 113 901 us dollars according to pay scale, Ccnp related jobs. On average, Have an annual salary of 95 364 salaries, However, Vary a lot based on geography, Skill set experience, Company and market circumstances. Let's see what other people think about this certification here are a few observations from successful ccnp holders in the industry.

The best advice comes from people who have passed the certification, Let's see how t prepared their experience and changes t observed in their career. Here's a comment from reddit user fuchsia. Lobster: here's a comment from reddit user kwiltc123: here's a comment from reddit user debaran54. Here's another comment from reddit user k2jsv the truth about ccnp certification.

The ccnp certification validates your skills in the in-demand fields of networking security, Data center, Software-based data center, Software-based security, Network architecture, Automation and cloud security. However, This certification's main purpose is to solidify your resume. Help you get interviews and eventually land a job. Having some practical experience will go a long way in helping you land, A well-paying job is cisco.

Ccnp certification for you, Ccnp is one of the most popular and in-demand certifications. That's because the objectives it covers are relevant to the industry. If you already have your ccna and are interested in advancing your career in the area of it, Networking, Then the ccnp certification is definitely worth it check out the article on the right to discover the top 10 tips and tricks to help you pass the ccnp exam

Now that you have known about the fact, you must be attracted to achieving it. If you wish to have it, you must have to do lots and lots of studies, unless you have a good and reliable 300-420 Dumps provider like that of the EveDumps.


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